Friday, June 13, 2014


I Love Happy Bitches

Bitch I Will Always Love You, Thats What I Tell Every Bitch I Know, At Least Tha Ones im Cool with ;-) It's a Beautiful World, I Keep tha Love Flowing.

It's been a minute, I cannot tell you why

Bitch Relax

Things are changing like a Muthafucka, My Nigga Dee Jay is Home, My Nigga did 10 Straight in tha Feds, Thats Tha Bro. My Nigga looks tha same, Maybe a Grey Hair here or there, But My Nigga is tha Same, Maybe Stronger, Thats That Rare Shit. I almost Cried when he told me He Almost Died, My Nigga went into a Diabetic Coma, Not even knowing he was Diabetic, Then My Nigga Woke Up Blind. He collapsed in front of that Nigga Big Duck, Niggas thought he was Dead right there, They clapped and cheered for My Nigga when he came back to tha Yard after being in tha Hospital for Months, I had to look away when he was telling me this, I almost shed a Tear, That Nigga Dee Jay is A Solider.

Bless All Happy Bitches

Friday, November 08, 2013

Thursday, November 07, 2013







Here's some New Shit to Digest and Vibe to, A DJ M-Walk Beat Mix-Tape Album. Now I am gonna keep it all tha way 100 with tha readership on This here, This album is made up of Beats that were laying around on old scratched up CD's in my closet, Real Talk.

So this is DJ M-Walk Album Mixed and Sequenced By BOSSMACK, And I am never on my own Dick, But I really like this Album, Tha Beats Sound Fresh As Fuck To me.

This Album features appearances by Fat Lip and Slim Kid Trey formerly of The Pharcyde, This work also features Myself and tha Homie BIG WAY BACK and of course a few Playboy Models.

This is a Good Album to just listen and vibe to, It's just Good Music

This is a Only on YOUTUBE RELEASE


 Available Exclusively at

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Joey Fatts X Freddy Gibbs - Need More

Joey Fatts X Freddy Gibbs - Need More

 I Like These Niggas, I would Like This joint even if one of My Hoodies wasn't featured in this Video. Joey Fatts and his Crew "Tha Cutt Throats" have a Nice Movement Developing in North Long Beach. 

Shoutouts To Tha Lil Homie CJ for Rocking That BossMack X Augor Stack Racks Hoodie while Tasting Kush in Tha Kitchen.

Joey Fatts is Managed by ASAP Rocky's Manager ASAP Yams. My Lil Homie Johnathan put me up on this Nigga Joey Fatts about a year ago, I been following this Niggas progress since.

Bitch, Reality is Beautiful


Bitch, Reality is Beautiful

Thats My Motto right there, I woke up this Morning feeling Happy As Fuck to be here.

It's an overcast Morning in Long Beach as I compose this, Just finished flirting with tha Happy Bitches at tha Espresso Shop, Now a Nigga is Tasting Kush and getting ready to make this Downtown L.A. run to Re-Up on Hoodies, T-Shirts, Crewnecks Etc. I Love Tha Streetwear Game, I Love Making Clothing, Or should I say I Like Making Clothing that People seem to Like.

BOSSMACK: Bitch I See Tha Good In You T-Shirt Release at BAD BOY CLOTHING/BALDWIN HILLS Plaza L.A.


It's Been Quite a While since I have composed a Blog post, It seems almost strange to be writing here, Oh well I'm quite sure I'll get use to it again. I have been living and learing like a Muthafucka, I have been bring tha world lots of BossMack Streetwear. I am a public servant, I am just trying to Do Good and earn Good Money. Here's a Good Deed I'm Doing for yall Muthafuckas, I created this T-Shirt right here to help Muthafuckas communicate some Ideas to a Bitch with without speaking to a Bitch verbally, Feel me?

You can Cop this joint Exclusively Online at BossMack Streetwear, Or BAD BOY Clothing in Tha BALDWIN HILLS MALL3650 W. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd #Ste262 L.A. CA 90008

Friday, January 25, 2013


BOSSMACKNOSIS LIVE: Dwight Howard is Gay

A New Episode Of BOSSMACKNOSIS LIVE For Your Consumption Once again, Click Tha Pick To Vibe

Sunday, January 20, 2013



New Episode for Consumption, Click Tha Pick for Tha Fix Nigga

Wednesday, December 05, 2012


This is heartwarming video discussing what I believe were tha true motivations of Jovan Belcher in tha Brutal Murder of his Girlfriend and Mother of his Child.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

LIL REESE Stomps A Bitch On Video and Experiences Great Success

I Think I have been aware of Tha Chief Keef/Lil Reese/Fredo/GBE Movement for approximately a Month or so, It's safe to say, A Nigga like me is very late.

I am very much intrigued by these lil Niggas, As soon as I saw tha first 30 Seconds of Tha "Don't Like" Video I knew these Niggas were Wolves To Tha Max. Every Video of theirs I watched had a similar impact on my consciousness, A few seconds in and I wanted to run out in tha street with My heat out and talk about what "I Don't Like". I make that statement and I am aware that I am a grown ass man, Now when I put it in to perspective, These lil Niggas are tha New Niggas influencing ALL otha Lil Niggas.

This Chicago Musical Movement spearheaded by Chief Keef and Lil Reese Is Uncut Anger Music, It's not Lyrically Clever Music, This is Emotional Fuel Music, I Like it and I don't like it at tha same Time. My reason for Not Liking it is because I know, Niggas will Listen to This Music and Murk A Nigga. This Music is Solider Boy Gangster Shit that is Highly Effective, Their Videos are also highly effective.

Now When I came across Lil Reese's Video for "Traffic", I was Struck by how strong this lil Nigga Lil Reese was lookin in his Video, Like he was really trying to catch some Niggas in Traffic Slipping. Then I heard about tha Lil Nigga Jojo Getting Murked Behind a Diss Song he mad towards Lil Reese and Chief Keef, Then I tripped off Chief Keef Tweeting and Laughin about it.

Now This Recent Video of Lil Reese Stomping Out a Bitch is highly disappointing to me but not Shocking. It was disappointing to me cause a Nigga Could have walked away easy, Bitches Talking Shit is Nothing That Major, Especially If Tha Bitch hasn't insulted your Moms or anything or called you a whole bunch of Bitches, I Thought tha Nigga was Dam Near out tha Door. Then Tha Nigga Lil Reese puts his hands on tha Bitch first. Now I will say this, Tha Bitch should have toned it down and shut tha Fuck Up.

Here is another observation on why I think this Video is Disappointing, Lil Reese has been trending for a day and a half as of this Post on Twitter behind this incident and this Nigga is now Blowing up faster than Chief Keef. This Nigga is experiencing Success after a Video of Him Stomping Out A Bitch is Released, Please Believe there will be Copy Cats, Just Like Muthafuckas Drop Sex Tapes, Niggas is About to Start Dropping "Beat Up & Stomp Bitches" Tapes. Remember I said it here first.

During A Tha Week That Tha Lyrically Gifted Kendrick Lamar's Album is Being Digested and Celebrated by Tha Masses, This Video of "Lil Reese" beating This Bitch is eclipsing all Kendrick Lamar Talk By Leaps and Bounds, Incredible.

In summation, I Think This is a teachable moment for everyone. I Think people actually love watching Lil Reese Beat This Bitch and Stomp her out, It's Deep down inside of everyone, Many won't admit it though. There is something infectiously beautiful about brutal tableaus such as this and this is why These Videos will become more Normal occurances, Shoutout to Lil Reese.

Monday, October 22, 2012

BOSSMACK POP-UP Shop At Tha 2nd Saturday ART WALK in Downtown LB


Ben & Morgan


We Might Just do this Next Month Just Because.


Happy Bitches


I Might do A Collaboration With This Dude, He had Nice Work


Tha Home Gurl Barbra & Her Man Stopped By

Good Vibes


Good Vibes

BOSSMACK STREETWEAR Pop Up Shop Vibes at Tha Second Saturday ART WALK in Downtown Long Beach. This was a Very Successful Event for Us, I Love Tha POP-UP Shop Concept and Vibes, It's Always Good To Get out There With Tha People and Feel Tha Energy.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

BOSSMACK STREETWEAR X The Jean Machine in Downtown Long Beach


BOSSMACK Streetwear is now Officially available at Jean Machine in Downtown Long Beach, Tha Mecca Of Streetwear in Long Beach.



Long Beach Shoreline Optimistic Ominous

Long Beach Shoreline

To Whom it May Concern, This Was some views of Tha Long Beach Shoreline I beheld on Sunday Morning

Monday, August 27, 2012

@JOEMOSESBSM Live At Cohiba's In Long Beach

 This here is some footage from tha Last Show I Sponsored and Hosted at Club Cohiba's in Downtown Long Beach a few weeks ago, A Show featuring Joe Moses, An Up and coming Star from up outta Los Angeles.

 I Thought This was a good event, We had a good turn out of Sexy Ratchet Bitches, It was beautiful. All Tha Long Beach Niggas basically came out to see this Nigga Joe Moses, And them Niggas came with no drama, Tha only drama came when a Real Bitch I Know, My homegurl Stephie Put a Viscous "2-Piece" on a Drunk Bitch that brushed up against her to hard, You can see footage of tha after effects of that 2-Piece at tha beginning of this Video.

 I chopped it up briefly with Young Joe Moses afta tha show and dude struck me as a Cool Nigga, A Good Nigga. I Hope that Nigga gets more shine down tha line.