Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Diamonds, Lairage, Floss Machines, Krispy Gear & Skinny Pimpin'

I forgot to mention smelling good, white teeth and the willingness to check a bitch on the spot, or better yet kicking that bitch off the pedastal that you put her on.

TopSoil AKA Hub City Slim is out and about once again, Bitch update, Breaking news, I'm not one hundred percent certain but I do belive I may have lost a third bitch this week, Kiffany. This is the business, To much dick and not enough straight arm, Maybe this bitch might pop back up for my birthday? Ain't no telling, this bitch recently revealed to me that she's supposed to take Paxil or some shit. I'm like dam muthafukka I kind of knew you was crazy I guess this solidifies it! Anyway Kiffany was cool but she's a dumb bitch pretty much, and an alcoholic. She still sucks a good dick, just not good enough to kiss her ass. Last time I spoke to her she was on some mad I didn't call her shit.

a Good Mack is like the Sun, the bitches are like planets in orbit around the Mack. Depending on the strength of the Mack, the more bitches in orbit. Some of the planets even have moons, these are the bitches that orbit around the one strong bitch, feel me? What makes the Mack strong? His Mind, His Words, His Handsomeness, His physical Strength, Lack of Weakness & Limitations, His Vehicle, His Home (Lairage), His Clothing & Jewlery (Diamonds)and the way he smells. It is very difficult for a bitch to leave a Nigga hitting all of these points. As a matter of fact a huge percentage of bitches will kill you before you leave them if you are hitting all of these points.

Kiffany is a funny bitch, that bitch could be a comedian, just her fucking everyday life stories be funny as shit the way she tell'em. She just has major self esteem issues, I actually like the bitch a little, she just makes that Mack jump all out of a nigga. If the Bitch comes up with a birthday gift for me I'll be kind a nice to her ratted ass.

Tonite I might let undrea come through. Know Undrea, her nose is super OPEN! This bitch might try to tell me she loves me or some shit. This bitch is on me to the fullest, and note, I have not fucked her yet. I kissed the bitch one time, which was really to much physical contact. I want the readership to feel on this point I'm about to make: You can Mack a Bitch even if you cut your dick off, literally. Now I'm not saying cut your dick off, I'm saying Macking really has nothing to do with fucking. Fucking her now would blow her mind. Know a bitches mind and you can have her body, Know a bitches heart and you can have her soul!


Anonymous said...

more fotoz...fellow mack!

spankmewithaspoon said...

Dear Sir, You are opening my eyes. I don't mind being macked, especially if it is done well. I consider it an honor. I am learning so much from your blog about how to be a better mackee. Please keep the info forthcoming, because I want to please my men. I want to be cooperative with the guys who want to play me. You have much skill and discipline, and are such a good role model, that I will consider you the gold standard.

Anonymous said...

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