Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Know Thy Self & Know Thy Bitches; But don't let your Bitches Know You!

What it do readership! Jealous Niggas can't work and scared Niggas don't gamble, there's wisdom in those lines. It's like Zen though, you know Satori, that means you read those lines, meditate, then in a flash of sudden insight you understand.

I been thinking about this Mack Game. My Nigga L Dosha famous Mack from them Compton Streets told me one day: Bitches is Bitches Nigga! What does this mean? That means you cannot be surprised at whatever a bitch does, all you can do is navigate through that shit. Now one thing that can give you a little insight into your bitches is to make sure you know each one of your bitches as thouroughly as possible. Meaning, when you meet a bitch you have to find out everything you possibly can about that bitch so you can understand what you working with. It's important to know what makes that bitch tick, feel me? You got to know if she was molested as a child, did she get along with her parents, did her family have money when she grew up, or were they in poverty, you know everything. Now to do this is really simple, you don't want to interogate a bitch, you want to be subtle in your questioning. The one thing you have on your side is that most people love to talk about themselves, let that bitch talk. Also remember while she's talking you shut up and listen, and you release only small amounts of information about yourself when asked. Once you have a feel for a bitch and who she is then you can taylor your pitch, because you know her likes and dislikes. People mostly like People who like the same shit that they like. Never ever try to play a bitch in the dark, knowledge is everything. Once you have knowledge you have a edge, however bitches are still capable of anything. Another edge is you cannot really let your bitches know you, this is difficult but possible, over years bitches work hard to figure you out, but you can keep'em off balance. Any Bitch will tell you they like Mysterious dudes, a Mack has to be like an unsolvable puzzel, never let these bitches get all the pieces.

Last night I was weak, I let Tineka suck my dick, and I ended up fucking the shit out of her. It's hard on a Mack sometimes, you walk in a bitch's house she drops to her knees and before you know it she's massaging her tonsils with your dick. I ran ten miles yesterday and busted three nuts, I passed out by 10:30pm. Thats why I like to practice dick rationing, now I have to manage to stay away from all my bitches tonite to conserve energy. Then I had to counsel Brii's stupid ass who called me damn near crying talking about getting drug tested, this is the same bitch who begged me two weeks a go to blow some Kush. You know on the real, Bitches love emotional rollercoasters, you know intense fear, then anger, then jealousy, then pride etc. I think a bitch being jealous intensely mixed with fucking makes the experience better for them.

Well readership I'm done, I'll enlighten you squares on the Morrow. Go Miami Heat!

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