Thursday, May 05, 2005

Mackin' iz as Mackin' does!

Cinco De Mayo Mackin' today Muthafukkas! I love Bitches and I hate bitches, such a beautifull duality. Only sagacious minds can comprehend my melancoly. Yesterday was a good day, like Ice Cube use to say. All I did was a lot of primer Macking. That means I set up a lot of future shit with different bitches. My Itenerary stays crackin' every day from now until tuesday with a different bitch daily. Now thats some expensive shit if I was tricking. What is Tricking? Tricking is wasting money one way or another on a bitch and the end result is you may or may not get some pussy. All you get after some pussy is fatigue. So, I limit my expenses, and get these bitches to use their resources. My Friday night bitch is paying for that whole date drinks & food or whatever the fuck we do, I'll also make the bitch drive me in my truck to on some bitch you shoffer shit. Friday Night is Undrea my 21 year old bitch. This is a devious cold blooded little rotten bitch, I kind of like her. She's gonna be one of my clean up my house bitches. Now on Friday night shes gonna want me to Fuck, Here's the news, I'ma straight arm that Hoe in the neck, she'll have to wait for this dick. I will however let her see my Condo, and My diamonds, then I'll demonstrate her pussy has no power over me, then I'll make the bitch get out. Then over the next few days she'll wonder what the fuck am I doing without her? Inside her mind she will hallucinate that I'm with a different bitch, and she'll be right! Saturday Night will be a rough night, I got two bomb bitches on deck. Either Jennifer or Brii. Now I scheduled some shit with Jennifer early yesterday, then late last night Brii calls me talking about coming in for the weekend to kick it with me. These are two really special bitches I'm gonna wait and see what developes, I guess I'll lean towards Brii since she's in San Diego. Sunday I had my Latina bitch on deck Dina, But I just realized thats Mothers Day, I'll have to reschedule that activity. I still have to Get at Tiara my stripper bitch also, I'll have to squezz in some interview time with her somtime this weekend. Well, I guess thats about it for today, Take it slow, and check a Hoe!


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