Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Mackin' Tonite It's Tuesday!

Today I'm puttin' at least 2 new bitches on the Team! Readership What it do! TopSoil is Chillin' today is a blessed day, The sun is shinning and I'm reclining. No bullshit, when I get home today, I'm running 15 Miles and I'll be high as fuck when I'm finish. Then I will go to work, working on these hoes that is. I really need to check on every one of my bitches today especially Brii & my potential new bitch Jennifer. Brii is really my number one future bitch, she has tremendous potential for greatness and stength. However, let me be about these stable logistics, Jennifer is a serious prospect, I definitely need to schedule her in for Saturday. Brii I just need to tighten her up with come conversation, I really need to schedule some time so I can roll to San Diego and see her.
I also cannot forget Tiara, my new white bitch from detroit, who let me know she was a stripper, I was very pleased to find that out, she will be paying me. She's a little weak right now, I don't like bitches who don't have cars, I penalize bitches like bitches penalize niggas for not having cars. Anyway I am amazed this bitch doesn't have a car. She had a good story, but then again what bitch doesn't. The bitch lives in Huntigton Beach and Strips in Anahiem, I could definitely work this whore. She immediately began to simp and plead her case to me like I had all the answers, funny, In away I do. This is how all hoes drop their guard for you, by laying out their problems. I would have went to interview the bitch in person last night but I had a session scheduled with my hood bitch Kiffany.
Kiffany is cool but I have to keep a close eye on that little bitch. She knows to stay in a bitches place, my problem is her potentially running her fucking mouth in the hood, we are from the same hood. This can be damaging because if people find out I'm fucking her like that, there could be problems. With other Niggas who wish they could fuck her, and it's not really worth the headache, when I know shit would be smooth if she shut the fuck up about shit. However, I doubt if she'll be quiet because whats the point, fuckin' wit me improves her image. The Hood is dangerous I would really hate to go to war with a nigga behind her, our situation is tenuous. Kiffany sucked an execellent dick last night and had some fairly good pussy!
Jennifer is very important also, I really need her on this Team. Jennifer is a really unique looking bitch. Mixed with black and mexican she is a dime at 24. I have been working with her for a minute but I fumbled the rock a month or to back. I haven't made to many critical mistakes with her yet, I really just need to get her one on one and everything will be straight. Well lets see thats about it, I'll be writing more tomorrow, I will have connected with Jennifer for sure by then.