Sunday, May 22, 2005

Up Close

As TopSoil tha Sapient Visceral Nigga! I embrace Mackism. Spankmewithaspoon I see you Bitch! Soak in this Macking Suckafolk.


spankmewithaspoon said...

I just spent the whole morning devouring your archives. You, combined with a couple of things that have happened this week, have changed my outlook on things. While the truth will set me free, I am taking some downtime to nurse my disillustions. It can only strengthen me. I'm macking my boys and getting macked by my men. Which I cannot afford, financially or emotionally. I need to turn my getting macked game around to work FOR me, and for my guy, and for his other girls too, without anyone being wise. Which is difficult in the power dynamics, cause ultimately a woman wants her man to be in charge so she can submit.

Anonymous said...

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