Friday, May 06, 2005

Portrait Of a "Pull Artist"!

Readership don't trip, In this I promise not to slip. On the real I took last night off to respect Cinco De Mayo. It's not like I give a shit about that holiday, It's just I didn't feel like getting into it with any Mexicans behind their bitches, feel me. Needless to say no new bitches last night. However, I did engage in the usual stable manuvers. Of course I had to deal with my hood bitch Kiffany who is ready to get out of line with me because I skipped a day talking to her. She's still tripping off of the good dick she got that night. So she's wondering who's getting the good dick when she's not around. These hoes are funny as fuck! So I'm talking to her and she's ready to question me on my where abouts, like an interogation. Right here I want to make a point, whenever a bitch steps up with a negative tone in her voice, I'm checkin' that hoe on the spot, we could have just shared a joke and had a good laugh, a bitch hits me with that tone and I snap. So here she is ready to talk shit, I start clowin' her stupid ass, she backs down. This is the type of shit I'm talking about, I ask her, "What you got going this Sunday, are you hooking up your people?" which means are you doing anything for your Mother cause it's Mothers Day, or are you doing anything for your Mama stand in. Dumb Bitche's response "No I ain't doing shit, what you taking me somewhere?" No retarded dofus Bitch I'm taking my Mother out on Mothers Day, Man. Then the bitch kind a got mad. I'm like Bitch! I love my Mother I'm taking her out to whereever she wants to go. Come to think about it I might have to put this silly Bitch on punishment for a week or two, until them tones is gone. That is a bad sign, the pure audacity of a Bitch to think she has equal or more clout than your Moms. That bitch is on the thin Ice and it's Crackin'.
Tonite I'm supposed to kick it with Undrea, Conversation over drinks. Now this is a vindictive ruthless little bitch, I like her. Like I said yesterday this bitch will get no dick tonite. Witness my technique, I will be Krispy which means all new cloths on my back, I will be stinking of Curve cologne, My Diamonds will be exploding frozen fireworks, she will see the Benz on Doves, Her nose will be open, I'll let her watch other bitches flirt with me in her face, I'll send her back home to her Suckaman. Then I'll act like nothing happened, and then tomorrow I'll be with a certified dime piece Layin' up naked, ya heard!