Thursday, May 26, 2005

Something Wicked This Way Cometh!

What it do Readership! TopSoil still Mackin' and not Actin'. I gots to keep it real, I feel strange today. I had a good night sleep, on the king sized bed, with the goose down zebra patteren comforter. The Birds that congregate in the morning in the tree directly outside my balcony woke me up as usual at 5:30am (It's like they have a big morning meeting everyday at that time talking like a muthafukka). It was the latest in a string of overcast mornings. I have a gut feeling somthing is wrong, yet I don't know what the fuck it is. Oh well, I'll just wait and see whats cracking.

I got talk to one of my peoples today, My Nigga Sleep, Sleep is a filmmaker from the Compton Streets with serveral Scripts under his belt. He let me know Big Who one of my Macking buddies was in Jail, I knew somthing was wrong because I hadn't seen or heard from dude in a minute. Shit, thats how it is out here, you just stop hearing from a dude, next thing you know a nigga is in the Pen. Shit even my Moms dude is looking at a L (life in the Pen) right now, on some dumb shit because it's his 3rd strike. Moms dude is like this smoker type dude (Someone who smokes rock cocaine), and has been in and out the pen over the many years of his sorrowful life. A great many older Black women with decent jobs deal with these types of characters, It's like some type of phenomena. Every one of my buddies who's mother is alive, working, and not married has a man like this, it's amazing. To be a Nigga in America and to have wealth on any level legal or Illegal requires you to be dam near superman, literally. This is why the charater of the Mack is force of nature. Due to the petulent forces of this society, mixed with the instinct of survival and competition, within and without the race, the Mack must exist. Blackmen are a endangered species, The easiest of targets, the most unemployed, the least educated, the most imprisoned, the most murdered and the most envied of men. So when you see me it's like discovery channel when I drive through the urban sprawl that is Los Angeles. I might as well be a Lion, and this is the dangerous plains of Africa, shit is real. Niggas Die & go to the Pen in droves, and we keep going like nothing happened.

The Sun is hanging high in the sky now, It's heating up, I still got that feeling, but hey maybe I'm trippin'. Tonite I might stop by and see my nigga Tray at his club in downtown Long Beach, It might be flavorful. I feel talking to a new bitch. I just got off the phone with Tineka, It's always good when your bitches check in, especially with that special ass kissing tone. You know you gots to pay attention to them tones when you talk to bitches.

In closing I would like to say, I know today's entry was a little different than what I usually put on the board, forgive a Nigga for embelishing. Tomorrow we will be back with that good action packed Mack Talk. Shout out to My Niggas D Scrilla, Way Back, Big Who, Sleep and Johnny B. If you reading my words and you like'em or you don't leave a Nigga a Comment, Out.

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