Thursday, May 19, 2005

To Stalk a Bitch or Chase a Bitch Which is Better?

What it do Readership? TopSoil treated royal, Speaking to yall from my native Soil. Another day another dollar, Check a bitch and Pop a Collar.

Todays topic is as stated above, To Stalk a Bitch or Chase a Bitch which is better. Well I say this: Stalking is a covert activity and chasing is an overt activity. Covert is always better, It is secrecy thats the charm. When you chase a bitch you devalue yourself. You chase a bitch until she catches you, if you get her at all, and once you have her you will have no power. You'll have a weak bitch aquisition.
Stalk a bitch and get a strong aquisition. Now lets say you Stalk a Bitch, That means you use various strategies to put the bitch in situations where you trap the bitch, That is trap her without knowing you trapped her. A simple stalking routine is knowing where a bitch works at, lets say a coffee shop, you would basicly figure out her schedule and drop by from time to time, dressed impeccable, looking and smelling good. Spark conversation, aquire info about her, don't force it, drop compliments (Compliments are like kisses through a veil), The Mathematical process of attraction will kick in. The stalking manuvers can be way more complicated and extravigant with respect to the lengths you are willing to go for the bitch. I know Macks that have stalked certain bitches for years, and the bitch never knew what was happening. As a matter of fact I have at least 10 on going projects like this. Oh and I might add there are bitches trying to do that to me also, the game goes both ways.

One such project I have in the works right now is a young Phillapino Bitch that just graduated with a degree in computer engineering. She's the manager of a chain of gift shops that are located in major hotels like the Hilton and the W. Her name is Sherrie, of course Sherrie is very square and green, yet her pussy jumps like every other bitch. I have been wearing down this bitch for months, just by stopping by to see her and conversating. Over time she comes to expect me to come and see her, then I do the ruthless and begin to talk to some of her Prettier and younger employees. All the while I still conversate with her also, my similar relationship with her employees causes her to become jealous, and that is where we are today. She is ready to kick it, all I have to do is pull the trigger. what about her younger prettier employees? They are cool but they are still to young, Sherrie never realized she was the primary target.

Stalking to a Mack is not about looking in bitches windows on some peeping tom sucka shit. Stalking is not following a bitch home knocking on her door uninvited. Stalking to a Mack is an Art form, a strategic learning of a bitch, using that knowledge against a bitch without her being aware.

Tonites activity I'm going to run through my nigga's club tonite and see if I can put two or three new prospects on Team TopSoil. I'm going to do some speed Macking, I intend to spend maybe a 1/2 hour up in there. I got to smoke one of my bitches out tonite, let her suck my dick and shoot warm sticky semen on her neck and face.