Wednesday, May 25, 2005

TopSoil is tha Muthafukkin' Buisness!

What it do Readership, TopSoil on the loose, speaking nathan but Mack truth. I make bitches react with high voltage words, I love the explosive emotional reactions. When I was small back in the days, early Compton, when niggas didn't get killed so much, I used to practice calling bitches bitches. I was so intrigued with the word it was like magic. Bitches use to lose composure, and they still do to this day.

I was thinking back to when I got turned out on the Mack Game. I know you're thinking, turned out? Yes, Turned Out! You see when you comming up, you might have the Makings of a Mack, but you still not a Mack. You get turned out and actually start Macking by sacred rules and regulations. I alawys had Mack Makings from day one, I knew fucking bitches too much was bad thing, I knew tricking on a gang a bitches was a bad thing, I just never put the philosophy together. All macks must go through Sucker shit to gain the wisdom and knowledge required to be a real Mack. You gotta get your heartbroken once or twice on some love shit, then you can see the light. I crossed over in 1998 and became 100% Mack no additives or preservatives. No Nigga on these Compton Streets can speak against what I'm saying. I have taken bitches away from famous Athletes, Big Time Rappers, Dope Dealers etc., they had money but they wasn't Macks and they had weaknessess like Tender Dick Syndrome, you see thats when you just have to fuck all time. It's funny when I was a square dude, there were many bitches I tried to pull and got absolutely crushed, then when I turned out and ran accross them same bitches, It was a slaughter, I had not reason to take it easy on any of those bitches, all they got was hard Macking. What I am trying to illustrate here is this, Once you a Mack, You Can't go Back! feel me?
The actual spiritual turning point is when you lay back, fucking a bitch in her mind not the pussy, and you get some type of homage paid in the form of gifts or money, before you fuck. I cannot explain this, I didn't make the rules, but it works, there a different connection between you and the bitch.

Now some Niggas might read this and say, hmmmm, I'm bout to go home and start macking my bitch, Thats cool. However, If you already started out with your bitch as a Sucker on some love tricking shit, you can't turn that shit around, it's too late. You can't start out with a bitch like a sucker and then turn into a Mack in the middle of game. You can start out like a Mack with a bitch and then turn into a sucker, quite a few nigga do that. If you want to put your Mack hand down but you already been doing a gang a sucker shit with your bitch, you might as well practice with a new bitch, Cold Game.

like I told yall yesterday, I hid from all my bitches yesterday, well I didn't hide, I just didn't answer the phone. They are gonna be on me today though, as a matter of fact they already started calling.

I usually don't Mack for other Niggas because I'm to busy Macking for myself, However, One of my bitches said she had a quality bitch for one of my Mack buddies L Dosha. So I gots to politic that, he's thrown me a bitch or two in the past. I think we gonna be Macking heavy up at UCLA this weekend, they having some type of Jazz & Reggae Festival. I'm gonna crush Niggas with some flamboyant soccer gear, Niggas ain't knowing, I always try to seperate myself from the pack.