Monday, May 09, 2005

TopSoil on Imperfections and Hoe Defections!

As White is the color of Snow, So you never know when a Hoe is going to go. As my hopes for a magnificent weekend of hedonistic fullfilment began with a beautiful Friday evening, so did the weekend crumble into dust with a defection on Saturday then a second on Sunday. I'ts all gravey I lost Jennifer and Tiara, Macking is rough but we keep it going. For all intents and purposes it's important to get bitches one on one, they have to see you, feel you, and smell you. It's very important to pitch Mack ideas to a bitch from your own Macks Lair. I was unable to get these bitches in these positions, Fuck it what can you do. Then my little Bitch Brii had to cancel comming in from San Diego on Saturday. I'll tell you like this I'm not kicking rocks with my head down but I'm sure happy Friday night was good. I sealed a contract on a very nice 21 year old Undrea, a beautifull addition to the team. So it's not all bad, I was kind of burnt out this weekend also. I can't put my finger on it, but I guess in a way it was a blessing, I got some good rest. Now I feel rejuvenated, I'm ready for some new Macking. I feel at this time I need to introduce a great potential bitch, a true feather in tha hat of this Mack, A white bitch named Krysten. Krysten is in her early thirties, Lavish home in Palos Verdes, Former Hollywood Executive turned Resturant Manager at a high end Steak house, Thick, no children, plenty of money and no regular dick in her life. I already know this alabaster bitch is feeling me, she even wants to come and show me love in my next Marathon which is this weekend in Palos Verdes. This is the true essence of Macking to pull a quality bitch like this. So! there you have it, success and failure woven together to create the truth. The name of the game is Cop and Blow, I'm out tha Door.

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mack not slack said...

step litely playa it's a small world and bad news travels fast, especially controversy.