Monday, May 23, 2005

When tha Mack God Smiles & Tha Path Of A Whip Cracker

What tha Fuck it do Readership! TopSoil wit Filet Mignon on tha fork, Macking Bitches from here to New York. It's a beautiful day in Compton I must say! I love tha fuck out of my dangerous surroundings, when I stand on top of the soil in my hood and look out over the enviornment I feel it embrace me. It makes me strong beacuse I know so many that fear where I'm from and could never understand my life style, and Still I'm on Top of all these Dangerous Niggas, Because my Macking out shines them all.

When tha Mack God smiles how do you know? I know the Mack God is smiling when I pull a brand new beautiful Bitch, and she catches on to the program, and she respects the Game, and brings a Nigga Up. I know tha Mack God is smiling when I blow a Bitch, and after a while that bitch realizes she's lost without my particular brand of Macking and returns to me begging for her former position, only to find out she's been demoted beacuse of insubordination. I know the Mack God is smiling when I look into the eyes of one of my bitches and I see reverence and total respect. I know tha Mack God is smiling when I'm getting my Dick sucked at 2pm in the afternoon driving down the street in broad day light, Feel Me?

When is the Mack God frowning? When your Bitch talks shit to you in front of your peers. When your bitch drives your car over her ex-niggas house and let's him drive your shit, and one your people saw that shit. The Mack God is frowning when you eat a bitches pussy and she won't suck your dick, hell she might not even let you fuck. The Mack God is frowning when your bitch leaves you, and you hunt her down begging and crying for her to come back. Then the coldest blow and one of the hardest to digest, The Mack God is frowning when you give a bitch dick everytime she wants it. I could go on with many more examples but you get the gist of my discourse. I keep the Mack God smiling, I flow and Glow.

Friday Night was excellent, I went on and inducted my newest little bitch Undrea into the fold. I was very suprised her pussy was suculent for such a young bitch (21yrs old). She is also a rider for a nigga's behalf, I could aim that bitch at a brick wall and say run through that for daddy bitch, that bitch will wake up in tha hospital asking if she did good, feel me? Huge firm Titties, flawless skin, Pretty feet & Hands, The most supple lips, and tha most magnificent jet black hair that leaps from her temples in waves and hangs to the center of her back. I took my time and fucked her slow and long, When I busted a nut it was enough to create a billion Black Macks like me. What a way to start a weekend, of course she want to fuck more but hey, I'm only sweet as tha paper comming in & or gifts.

Saturday was a little slow, so I took it slow. I chopped it up with a few bitches, you know stable logistics. I Let a few bitches pay homage, you know, bring a nigga Breakfast and Lunch. A few begged for some dick, and tried to book me for saturday night. I was like I'm cool on all yall bitches, It was my aim to hit a spot like the Grand Lux in Beverly hills, sip on a Mojito and let my diamonds skink. However, I got some Kush (Weed) and a copy of that new "Star Wars" movie "Revenge of the Sith or Return of the Sith" anyway one of them names, and kicked it at tha house. I would like to add I was fortunate and got a Block Buster Quality bootleg in which the sould and picture was awesome. "Yoda" stole the show.

Sunday, Big Macking was Cracking. I hooked up with a Mack buddy Wind Demon and we went up to the Carson Jazz Festival in Carson, California. Which is really down the street from Compton. First of all it was a beautiful day, The sun was bright and the sky was blue (Not grey like it is somtimes), It was what I call Diamond Skink weather. I was in the Benz Truck with rims shinning, and Wind Demon was conservative yet flavorful in the Lincoln Town Car. Needless to say the Top of the Food Chain L.A. Niggas and Bitches was out in force. Several of my Bitches were in attendnace and several of Wind Demons Bitches were there also, shit we top of the food chain niggas and so are our bitches. Anyway I love Black people, when Niggas are out like that, I'm filled with love and admiration. Nobody can do it like real niggas, as hard as this world is niggas still get money despite all obsticals. Niggas was out there looking good. Niggas was deep on they Harleys, Niggas pulling up in every vehicle imaginable. But me and My team we are the shit, I let the diamonds skink, My Nigga Wind Demon had on his Ice too, It was lovely. Of course I ran into a few of my former bitches. What do they do? They see I'm maintaining and start checking for reinstatement. One in particular Deondra, Deondra was looking pretty good. Well actually I call her DeDe, DeDe is a crazy bitch yet she's a cup cake, meaning not violent. She's a Compton Bitch to the fullest, I have a special affinity for Compton Bitches, they are close to my soil, she use to really suck my dick good. She jumped out the stable back in 1999, I guess she was about to get married to some broke Sucka ass nigga, well then again he might not had been too much of a Sucka cause he got some type of inheritence and became a baller in whitch he quickly fired her stupid ass. I think she had a nervous breakdown behind that shit. I told her she could have stayed on the team and been happier. Dede is the type of bitch that keeps me abreast of shit going on tha streets, on her side of town, meaning the Crip side. Oh shit I almost forgot, I ran into another bitch I use to fuck with, Tosh. I didn't even recognize her, I'ts not that she didn't look good, I just didn't recognize her, she felt that shit to. But hey what can a nigga say. Anyway she was with Wind Demon's main bitch Shaquae who he has on punishment for some reason. We kicked it briefly and kept it moving (Photo was included). A special note: When Macks are at events like that where there are large amounts of bitches, we don't kick it with one set of bitches to long, it's important to keep it moving. So the day was going good, I identified some new prosepects and had begun stalking manuvers when Gunshots rang out and everyone started stampeding. Gunplay is pretty much the standard outcome of events like these, Niggas are violent, Oh and the Caron Sheriff department was out there deep, However that makes no difference Niggas will still kill you with them around. Another important note: at events like this you have to hurry up and talk to as many females as possible before the Dramma unfolds, because it's gonna unfold. Oh well it was still a productive day overall, Feel me?

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spankmewithaspoon said...

This is a beautiful piece you've written. The glimpse you are giving me into your world and environment, people, and weather is a gift. You are painting your canvas exquistively, and it is a pleasure to watch the master at work. I am sure I am not your only fan. Do you mind that I "comment" so often?