Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Whoratorical Insights & Mackman Wisdom!

A true Mack is always alone and his thoughts are secret. Being alone is somthing that must be mastered because it's not really natural, yet nothing gives you a greater advantage over a bitch. Somtimes it's best for your bitches not to be able to find you, somtimes you have to disappear. Even though you might just be sitting in the house blowin' some Kush, Looking at the phone ring. Being alone is like a "perverse inner joy" it's a truely beautiful thing. The reason for this behavior pattern is to keep bitches off balance and confused, bitches must not be allowed to understand you.
Another serious issue: Cops & Blows as I discussed yesterday. When a Bitch wants to go you must let her go, It's very important to understand this. Never have a "Suka Attack" which means never have an emotional episode. Instead be like, Cool, It,s been fun. Even if it's killing you on the inside, this is the essence if good Macking. Trust me, you have a Suka Attack she will leave anyway and her and her friends will have a great laugh, and that Suka Attack will be your legacy. Somtimes bitches leave without telling you, thats even better, because you keep stepping like nothing happened. The important thing is to keep stepping, making money getting better and stronger and when you come accross them in the future you like "What's your name again? Oh yeah What up witcha?" and you keep it moving. Don't be affraid to Mack, Stay ahead of these bitches, when you done with a bitch you should be able to look back and say I came out ahead of that Bitch for real.
Now another thing is this, when a bitch leaves the stable to test your pedigree, you know to see if you fall apart, and you don't, then the bitch wants to be reinstated, what do you do? Well if she is a good bitch thats a good earner, you got to let her come back, with a little chastisement, but let her come back. If it's a bitch that was a problem all the time then fuck her she really did you a favor, some bitches are just toxic.
I just wanted to touch on some philosophies. Especially since I passed out at about 6 or 7pm last night. I got that 10 mile run in and was kind of burnt out, But I feel good today. So with that readership TopSoil is out like Das Efex.


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