Friday, June 10, 2005

Bitch!, Bitch!, Bitch!, Bitch!, Make Me Rich!

What tha Fuck it Do Readership! TopSoil is a Muthafukkin Mack, And I Can't go Back!

Back to get Wreck, All Respect, To those who Break, they Neck, to keep they Hoes in Check!
Tupac 1993 I get Around

True words from a real player and BossMack. I don't even trust a man who can't control his bitch, If I witness that weakness in a nigga, my dealings with that man will be limited. What's really good? Another great day in Compton, USA. Big Macking is Cracking. Next week on Tuesday night Young TopSoil will be a special celebrity judge at the San Diego Players Ball, I'll have photos to post, I might take some of the stable I don't know yet, I just faxed the promoters my rider requirments, 2 5th's of Hennesy, a dozen Freshly sliced Granny Smith green apples, 1/2 dozen Stargazers, a Dozen bottles of Fuji water on ice and a 1/2 ounce of Purple Kush. Oh and a Suite with a Plasma T.V., feel Me? I'll be rocking some of my own fashion also, It should be an interesting event.

I got tha Cinderella Man bootleg, Thats a good fucking movie, I had a tear form in the corner of my eye, I love that underdog shit. The dude that plays the trainner in the movie had a oscer worthy performance, remember I said that shit. I heard about James Braddock, I never knew the story. Back to Macking, It's a good morning, All my bitches checking in, once again Hoes is trying to book up my entire weekend. I'll be consumating a Mack to Bitch bond with my Latina Bitch Dina. Dina is a cool bitch I have been bringing along slowly, she has been hooking me up with free lunch for months, she is pressing me to see my swipe, and it's only right. I'm not the one to get caught up on pussy, but fucking her will be fun this weekend. When I consumate a Mack to Bitch relationship, A bitch has to suck my dick and drink the babies, period. Not that dick sucks are better than pussy, its symbolism in getting your dick sucked, its a bowing down to the power of the dick, and the swallowing is the accpetance. If a bitch fails to do this I'm not fucking, fuck it. I like to eat pussy somtimes also, however, I never get on my knees to eat pussy, and never before I get my dick sucked.

Mike Tyson is getting down this weekend, That means niggas might have a fight party. Whats a fight party? Well where I'm from that means Me and My mack buddies have a party at a Macks house and invite a lot of bitches. The Party is like a fashion show/stage show where niggas are interating with bitches and competing with each other on a subtle level. Niggas usually is Dimond Down and Bitches is damn near naked, Bitches are choosing and niggas is loosing, feel me? Its not uncommon for a few a my bitches to start fighting with each other at these events. I usually have about four or five bitches from my stable at these events, Its a show of power, there's tension between all of the bitches, and niggas is trying to steal them, even though we all Mack buddies. Lots of gambling, shit talking, flossing, Kush Blowing, Champaign sippin' and New Bitch Pulling. Mike Tyson brings it out of Niggas, thats why we love him. I'll have photos to post from that event if it cracks.

If I didn't have bitches serving me like I was a Pharoh I don't know what I would do. I tell bitches, Now either you gonna be a stand up Hoe, or a fall down bitch! Now this shit may sound funny to you readership, but its real, SHIT IS REAL.

Here's a beautiful scenaro of fucking with a bitches mind. I met a new bitch a few weeks ago, her name was Renita, Renita is fine as fuck. Renita is 22 and still lives with her mother, yet thinks she's a Diva, she's fine but she's not a diva, not yet. Anyway Renita runs through niggas and kind of fashsions herself as a female mack. She probably has 4 maybe 5 dudes under her wing, meaning, niggas who take her out when she wants, and buys her shit, with out them so much as sniffing the pussy. Well I take that back, she may occasionally let a nigga eat the pussy, on his knees, feel me? Long story short, I met Renita one day, while I was shopping at the Lakwewood mall, She looked at my diamonds and sized me up as a qualified trick. I not a Trick, I'm a Mack, She didn't know that, so I call her up a few days latter, we schedule a date, when date time comes she stands me up. I don't trip, I'm used to shit like that, I probably would have faked on her, I always overbook weekends and end up faking on somebody, anyway she calls me up to apologize, I say It's cool, she asks what did I end up doing, I say I was at the Alicia Keys concert, she says Oh I heard it was tight, I say I didn't see it, I was back stage. Now I have her attention, How did you do that she asks, I say I'm cool with her Manager. Now she realizes she fucked up by faking on me, however readership, I was at home with a different bitch, I never went to the concert. Young Bitches want excitement, the want amazing stories, I give it to'em. TopSoil is a cold muthafukka!

Anglo-Saxon Readership, If you wanna know what a Nigga is dealing with out here as far as bitches is concerned. Read this book "The Coldest Winter Ever" By Sister Solja


dat ngga dee said...

Fucking beautiful!

spankmewithaspoon said...

Everyday I read you, TopSoil. Sometimes I re-read you twice or three times to pick up details or to make it penetrate. Does a Mack have his eyes open? Does he evaluate the potential and the psychology of his ho's? I want to be seemlesssly macked. I want to be macked with kid gloves on an iron fist. I want to be so under his thumb, I don't even know what daylight is. If he can't do that, WHY should I respect him? I'm being fumbled, Topsoil. I'm GOOD ho-put-out. Maybe I don't have the resources enough, maybe I don't live close enough to him, maybe he has a gazzillion other bitches on line ahead of me, I still think, given who EYE am, by a GOOD Mack, I would I would be satisfied in my station. To hear my Daddy say, "You can walk away any time." is offensive to me, because 1. Duh, I can't walk away 2. He can't bring me in any closer, for reasons unknown 3. Loyalty and Suck action like mine SHOULD be rewarded. I can only conclude that he is pussified in some "relationship" and not the Cassanova he would like me to think he is. I cannot respect a man who is pussified. I cannot work my schedule around a man who is working his schedule around some other pussy. This would make me pussified. And TopSoil, Bitches Are CRAZY. Any comments, O Wise Master?

BossMack said...

Spank, It's like this, Its very difficult to tell you tha problem is because I don't know enough about you. Like your age, and how old number 5 is, feel me? I really need to know your story from the beginning, and I need to know the story from the time you met number 5 up until now.

As for how a Mack assess a bitches talent and potential, Well thats according to the Mack in question. I don't even know if the dude your talking about is a Mack, he may be a gigalo, and a gigalo is different (See "American Gigalo" the Movie, Then look at the movie "The Mack"). Maybe you might want to Email me the details if you find this forum to public. As a Mack I know what my bitches can and cannot do, I know where each bitch should be ranked within the stable, And when I loose the respect of a bitch or lets say if I have perceived a fluctuation in the respect a bitch has for me, a bitch is fired or diciplined.

Oh and yes 1. its supposed to be offensive when a dude tells you if you don't like the way things are going your free to go. And 2. A good Mack should have boundries between him and his bitches that seem insurmountable yet invisible. and lastly 3. You had better be a loyal bitch with good suck action if you want to stay on a muthafukkas team.

If you was one of my bitches and you questioned me about my other bitches, just beacuse you weren't getting enough attention, I would have to take a look at your recent contributions, If you were ahead of the other bitches in that respect I may acknowledge that you had a point. If not, then maybe it might be time to replace you, because as your value drops and you talk shit and complain, you become disharmony within the stable. Basically if you love that Dick, you had better come with offerings everytime you get on your knees to worship, feel me Bitch?

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