Friday, June 24, 2005

I never give a Bitch a Break, But I won't cross a Good Bitch!

What it do readership! It's TopSoil on the scene, like OutKast so fresh and so clean. TopSoil is tha business, people, I'ts another great day out here in sunny southern California, It's summertime for real yall. I'm riding around at 11am truck and rims on gleam, gear is krispy, and diamonds is skinking, about to go shopping. I'm also smelling extra good like I should, feel me? Bitches is checking in with they Mack, they wanna know what they can do for this young Macking ass Nigga TopSoil! Thank God for Macking! I can't imagine being a Suka-Ass dude like some of yall out there. These hoes is trying to book up every minute of my time man. My itenerary is loaded, I'm trying to add some bitches, plus I needs to review some these applications for stable positions thats on my desk.

This Bitch Tacoya is going all out for TopSoil, She wanna feed a Nigga, She wanna keep a Nigga geared up. she wanna drink tha babies, She wants that top spot back. Tenika wants that topspot to, we gots to see what she's willing to do. It's fucked up people but the sad truth is this: Hoes need competition & preasure. It's going down, these bitches must go to war, I wanna see it. Also these weekend I'll be rolling around with my young phillapina bitch Kay, I also need to fit Katera in also.

For the record TopSoil does not put his hands on bitches, TopSoil mentally tortures bitches, I'ts more effective. TopSoil does put his hands on bitches if they request such, as in Sado Masachistic episodes.

You know Good Bitches are really rare. This is why a good Mack cops and blows a great deal of females. A good Mack must be able to dicern a good bitch out of the multitudes of weak & faulty bitches. A good bitch first of all must know how to treat a nigga and if she doesn't be willing to learn how to treat a nigga. A good bitch should respect her nigga to the fullest or get a nigga that she does respect. A bitch can love you and not respect you, If your bitch doesn't respect you theres no foundation. A bitch should let her nigga lead unless he proves beyond a doubt that he's incapable of leading. A bitch should do everything to satisfy her nigga, a bitch must take care of her nigga. A bitch should never try to break a niggas spirit, a bitch needs to keep her nigga strong mentally. Bitches need to stay looking good for they nigga at all time, and bitches should make sure they nigga always looks good. Above all a bitch should not try to cripple her Nigga financially. A Mack with a strong BossBitch is like Superman times a thousand.

A Bossbitch is the "Boss" of the bitches, she is first. Whenever the Mack makes a drammatic public appearance he comes with the BossBitch. The BossBitch knows more about the Mack than the other bitches. She is the on he depends on the most, the BossBitch is the Queen. The BossBitch is usually the Bitch the Mack gets married to. Oh and just because a Mack gets married don't think the game stops, it never stops. Macking goes beyond institutions like marriage, you can be married to a bitch and she still treats you like a trick, or you can be married to a bitch and you get treated like a Mack. Other bitches in the stable may recognize the Bossbitch or they may not, It really doesn't matter, all the bitches spiritually feel the presence of the other bitches they can't see.

I will elaborate more on that BossBitch status inmy next post. TopSoil is a Great Man!


Anonymous said...

"all the bitches spiritually feel the presence of the other bitches they can't see."

Now this is very very true. Impressive Top.

Noah said...

Nice words bro...I whole heartedly agree.

Anonymous said...

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