Friday, June 03, 2005

Live On Tha World Stage: Top Muthafukkin Soil!

What tha Fuck it do Readership! TopSoil is live on stage, God Bless the Miami Heat, Shak is keeping me paid! I'm feeling great today, I alawys feel great when I'm countin' Scrilla. Oh yeah, It's a lot a hurt feelings out there, close minded individuals shocked by this Macking, Square People. You know square bitches Mack on square dudes daily, but thats okay. When I spit this good healthy game muthafukkas is offended. There's a saying in Zen Philosophy "The Heart must be as a finely polished mirror, reflecting what ever appears in front of it" what does this mean? Well it means you present people the same shit they present you, you dig? Example if one of my bitches talks shit to me cause she's having a fucked up day, I'm check that bitch on the spot, and remind her who the fuck she's talking to. In short if you do not respond to bullshit thats being presented to you, then you will continue to receive bullshit. I know a lot of dudes out there who just let they bitch say whatever, whenever, in front of whoever, I hear that shit and just laugh. One of my bitches loud talks me in front of people, I don't break a finger nail on that bitch, she just gets fired on the spot, with no communication privledges, I'll turn my back on a bitch like I was God shitting on the Devil. I'm Immune to Hoe Tears so a bitch crying, begging and pleading her case is insignificant. I'll replace a bitch instantly. Other bitches see my particular style of ruthlessness and take notes. Now if you a CupCake type a dude, you scared to loose your bitch, so you accept bullshit, and she knows it.

I was watching Oprah Winfrey last night smoking some kush, I saw a dude on there talking about how his wife pussy rations, I was laughing like a muthafukka. Here's a guy providing his wife with a bomb lifestyle, nice home, nice SUV, plasma TV's, all that good shit. He asks for some pussy she says help me wash cloths, he gets to fuck once a week, what the fuck is that? Bullshit.

Live On Tha World Stage? Life is a stage, if you think it's not you tripping. Everytime I get dressed to walk out of my home I know it's lights, Camera, Action! Everyone is watching you, They are watching your clothing, your jewlery, your level fitness, your teeth, your car, everything. People only see what you appear to be, very few actually get close enough to know you. Niccolo Machiavelli said this in his book the Prince "People judge you by thier Eyes". Since thats the case always look your best, always. Always wear new shoes fresh out the box, Its not hard to cultivate a krispy image. Bitches are looking at your shoes first, then they looking at your finger nails. Fuck that metrosexual shit, I get manicures, as a matter of fact I've pulled quite a few bitches getting my nail done, Bitches love to see you doing that shit. Niggas need to put cologne behind they ears, one of my bitches told me years ago when I was a Mack Novice behind the ears stinks. Niggas need to get thier teeth whitened, If your teeth are yellow then you not a Mack, Yellow teeth means your mouth smells like dookie. If your bitches see you taking care of yourself, they know you'll take care of them, they will also assist you in taking care of you. Sometimes bitches pick out clothing better than niggas. Niggas don't think about how certain colors go with certain skin complextions, also niggas are slow when style trends change, bitches be all up on it. You don't have to have a lot of money to stay krispy, all you have to do is focus, gear management is the key. You can work Three pair of quality jeans, with 10 hot shirts, and some krispy all white air force ones and be cosidered a bonifide player. Macks project an image of excellence in the face of all adversity and money making difficulties, never show that you struggling, everybody loves a winner.

Yeah, It's gonna be a lovely weekend once again. The sun shinning down on TopSoil the Great, keeps my game straight. All my bitches trying to book up every fucking minute of my time, however, we will make time for new aquisitions. Sunday afternoon if any bitches wanna see TopSoil live, I'll be at the Glenn Ellen Day Spa, in Capistrano, California getting a Deep Tissue Massage this Sunday at 12noon curtesy of one of my bitches. Oh I'll also be at the Grand Lux in Beverly Hills, Saturday Night drinking the TopSoil signature drink: The Mojito. All you bitches out there should drink my drink, feel me?

More Game is comming! More adventures with different bitches! Shout out to My Nigga Big Hawk (Happy B-Day Nigga!), That Nigga L-G, Wind Demon, Big Smootch, D-Scrilla, My Relative and them Milwaukee Niggas! Oh yeah can't forget tha whole damn Yay Area!


Anonymous said...

The Yay Area is fa' sho in the house! Oakland, Richmond, S.F, Vallejo and all those good places, feel me!. Keep spittin that, izzm homie becuase it's like a Public Service Announcement.

GoBetty said...

You're right, everyone does love a winner.

fck u said...