Monday, June 06, 2005

The Stoic Position Of Mackman in Compton

What it do Readership! TopSoil the Great, My Bitches feed me Cake! Once again comming off a great weekend of hedonistic fullfilment and bitch fluctuations, TopSoil is vibrant. Too many bitches and not enough time, thats what its looking like for this summer, But I will up hold this Macking.

I told my Nigga Wind Demon yesterday "Bitches are people too", This is after he was telling me how a bitch got mad cause he locked her in his house. Shocking? To the uninitiated maybe. He locks new bitches he's added to the team in his house while he's sleep after he fucks, you know at least until the morning. He thinks most bitches are theives and will skim his bankroll for a few dubs while he's sleeping. I don't do that shit, If a bitch takes a dollar out my house she's fired.

I was at Hoodrat Fridays yesterday sippin' cool beverages at the bar, it was extra packed. I was sitting next to this dime piece bitch named Tiana and her homegirl. These bitches were getting fucked up on Kronick Iced Teas and going through niggas, literaly. I watched this bitch give her number out to at least 5 different niggas, It was funny as fuck, I started talking to her, I got a feel for her, then a better bitch caught my eye, then I got at the better bitch. The reason I did this? Tiana had a pumpkin head, she was a superbad bitch, I just could get in line with the rest of them niggas, when I shifted gears on that bitch it disturbed her. I meant to get back at her but I was caught up with the better bitch, her name was Jasmine. I told Jasmine that her beauty had a Dabilitating effect on me, she smiled and told me "I'm going to have to look that word up" I said you do that. Thats somthing that happens to me often, bitches looking up words I used, And not just hoodrat bitches but smart bitches too. Jasmine was beautifull, she had a deep mocha complextion, a brilliant white smile, with deep dimples, taut facial planes, the most magnificent onion ass, and titties up and firm. I told her "You know what I waited for you to come here, I was patient" she was slippery between the legs, words are power up and comming Macks out there. It was a wonderfull aquistion for me, It's always good to pull a new bitch, it's refreshing.

Saturday Night, I was out at the SkyBar Beverly in Beverly Hills. Me and my new bitch Katera, it was lovely, I let her be my driver and roll me around in the Benz Truck, while I blew purple kush, and listened to that new Common CD. I was off of the Moet Nectar and Shrimp Scampi, it was a good night. I had to give to that bitch, we had a soild session that night. When we walked into my Condo in Belmont Shores, she stripped naked and fell supine on my couch, I sat on the edge of the couch fully dressed, and smoked another taylor of that purple, she pulled out my swipe and massaged her tonsils with it, I sprayed her face with sticky semen. I stripped and the session began. The enthusiasm and sound effects were the key, I pulled her hair till she screamed when I beat it up doggy style. She wanted control so I let her get on top, she rode the dick long, when I began to choke her out like I was killing her she had a euphoric orgasm, I threw her on the floor. I called her all kinds of bitches & whores, when I was done I told her not to touch me. She tried to start a conversation, I kicked her out, she cried and left. Around 2am I got a call from a different bitch, Tineka, She asked what I was doing, I said smoking weed, She asked if I wanted some pussy, I said I'm cool on your pussy, Her tone changed Oh??! you got some bitch over there, I hung up in her face and put my phone on silent. In the morning I received a call from Katera, she said she had a great night and she was sorry for making me mad, I was like "It's Cool". I got a call from Tineka next, she wanted to take me to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffels, I laughed and said "Naw I'm solo this morning".

There are three kinds of intelligence "That which understands things for it's self and can be considered excellent" there is "That which Understands things after they are explained by someone else which has some excellence" then there is "That which cannot understand for itself and cannot receive explaination and has no excellence". God bless what I know about these bitches out here.


Cockslinger said...

yo, another great entry. I just gots to ask you... do your bitches know that they're featured on this website?

spankmewithaspoon said...

YOU are excellent. YOU are helping me to understand and increase my mackvalue to MY Mackboss, Number 5. Honey, I am not a wage earner BUT when my ship comes in, I'm tithing to you. Until then please accept my humble cyberpraise.

spankmewithaspoon said...

p.s. After you said "Don't touch me". What would you have liked best to happen? Did you want her to cry and leave? If she had behaved differently would the outcome have fared better for her. I mean who wants to drive home at 2 am, thinking you've displeased your man? It's a minor hell. I can see myself in this situation, and I would just want to be pleasing and leave in the morning. I would like to do everything "right" including sleeping on the sofa if necessary. Anything to avoid driving when I'm tired ( I won't drive with any alcohol), and feeling like I caused the man I love any grief or displeasure. Feel me?

BossMack said...

Cockslinger, I feel funny writing that, anyway thanks for the props, Yeah some of my bitches know and then some don't. If they found out it wouldn't make any difference. If they were upset, so what, fuck it! I would get a new bitch, dig? I don't post explict photos, these bitches know I'm taking thier picture. Also they know I have more than one bitch. All of these bitches you see here are competing daily for higher rank in my life, for real

Spankmewithaspoon, It sounds like number 5 should be number 1. In response to your query, I kicked her out just to fuck with her mind. You know a minor form of psychic torture, I don't break finger nails on bitches. She wasn't tired or drunk either, I knew she would make it home. I also knew she would call and kiss my ass, and when she did I told her it was cool. It's good to keep bitches off balance.

Anonymous said...

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