Friday, June 17, 2005

Tha Icey Dispostion Of TopSoil in the Land of Suckas!

What it do readership! TopSoil wit paper going up, checkin' bitches wit hands that look like tin cups! Oh yeah baby, yeah! Naw this ain't Luda or Austin Powers, It's ya boy Top Sizzle. Man I'm feeling good today, Southern California is tha shit. A, I think its tha end of the world, for reals, tha other night we had a Tsunami warning, and yesterday we had a flurry of earthquakes state wide. Guess what tho? Niggas don't give a shit, Niggas shot up Long Beach Poly's graduation (The number one sports school in America according to Sports Illustrated), Niggas and Mexican's are going at it super heavy and bitches still out on them bus stops naked. Welcome to my world!

I would like to elaborate on Nigga and Mexican relations in Southern California. First and foremost I like Mexicans, they have good hustle, and I like some aspects of thier culture. This is what is going on, Mexicans are taking over period dot. Mexicans control the flow of all drugs (Weed, Cocaine, Heroin and Meth) into the United States, They also take all of the low wage paying jobs. There are cities in Los Angeles County that are for the most part 100% Latino, there are no cities where Niggas come close to that. Compton's Latino population is almost 55%. It also should be mentioned that a huge part of the Latino population in Los Angeles county are illegal immigrants. Which ablolutely crushes the county's infrastructure. There are no census statistics that could possibly come close to the actual population numbers of illegal immigrants. About 10 to 15 years ago the phenomena of extreme racial tension began to raise it's horrible head in the formof race riots in schools and jails. The tension between races has it's own bizarre energy that I have witnessed first hand. The primary driving force of this tension I belive is economic. Latino's have considerably more money than Niggas. A Nigga will be hard pressed to work at McDonalds, even a Nigga in high school. A 45year old Mexican man with 5 kids will work at McDonalds with pride. A Nigga cannot be a drug dealer in Southern California without a Mexican connection for drugs. There are Mexican families that are drug dealing dynasties, I have not seen one African American family like that. A good example of what I'm speaking on is depicted in the movie "Collateral" with Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise. In the movie Tom Cruise plays a killer hired by the Mexican Mafia, which is real, You fuck with the Mexican Mafia's money or threaten thier existence and they send mercenaries after you. The dramma between Niggas and Mexicans starts here with drugs, Niggas primarily buy drugs from Mexicans wholesale at discout prices and then turn around and take the drugs to differnt states where the market is different and prices sky rocket. What happens is this Mexicans are guarenteed thier money, Niggas go out of state and anything can happen and usually does, Niggas take losses, Niggas get desperate, Niggas end up robbing the Mexican wholesalers, the Mexicans are not having it and wars begin. This drug dealing culture that exists with Mexicans has a complete music genre to compliment it which is similar to gangster rap. It even has Tupac like heros like Chalino Sanchez, who sang songs about Smuggling cocaine and murder, then was actually murdered in 1991 in his home state of Sinaloa Mexico, which is the place where these Dynasties emerge. Chalino Sanchez is still the most popular artist in this genre of music. There are clubs which play only that type of music, and the patrons are completely intrenched in that life style. I know you have heard of the new Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaragosa? Well back when Bill Clinton was giving out his get out jail free cards at the end of his presidency, Antionio asked Bill to get the son of a powerful Mexican drug lord from Sinaloa out of Federal Prison, and guess what? Bill did it!

Now me? Hey I love mexican bitches, I really like the ones that are into that lifestyle I just described. As a matter of fact I have two mexican bitches on the team. The thing about dealing with them, it is very difficult to go out in public with them, you are regulated to certain places, also if they live in one of those predominatly latino communities forget about going to post up where they live, you will have to shoot you way out of there.

Well tonite I'll give my bitch Katera some good dick, I think we'll get out and bend some good corners tonite, Yall might catch me at that Aesop Rock concert in Hollywood tonite. Tomorrow It's looking like I might fuck with that Vivian Green Concert or maybe that Slick Rick and Dougie Fresh show, ain't no telling, a nigga just having fun pulling bitch after bitch!

I wanna give a shout out to my freak bitch Spank, Big Who, That Nigga L-G, Mill Gates!, Tha Wind Demon, Big Hawk, Big Unda, D-Scrilla Stacks, Relative, Them Milwaukee Niggas, Campanella Park Piru, The Westside, Them Yay Area Niggas, and I can't forget That Nigga DJ M-Walk AKA Walk Dosha doing a show with DJ Quik tonite in San Diego!


Trine said...

Bad attitude, dude!! And very good grammar!!

BossMack said...

Thank you Baby, I'm Ying & Yang like that.

spankmewithaspoon said...

BossMack, My Prime Educator, Lifting the Veil so that those with eyes can see.

GoBetty said...

This SquareWhiteSucka's enjoying the TopMackNigga.

spankmewithaspoon said...

T.S. Got himself a bucket full of white babes!