Thursday, June 23, 2005

Tha Imminent War of tha BossBitches Part#2

What it do Readership! TopSoil still doing tha damn thang, Rocking flawless Ice like it ain't no thang. Needless to say its another beautiful day in Compton USA, hopefully no faulty bitches come my way.

As I stated in my last post, The War of the Bossbitches is on the horizon. Former BossBitch Tacoya dismissed in 2000 has made an appearance over the past Weekend, a very strategic appearance at that. My most recent BossBitch Tenika who dismissed herself a little over a month ago has been working feverishly to regain her position.

Tacoya comes from a line of BossBitches and Queen Bees, she also has a much more violent and aggresive background. Tacoya being a Queen Bee over the bitches under her has a vast reach in the Los Angeles Area and a great deal of influence. Tacoya, at the time she got fired was growing in power and influence, her head was also getting as big as a fucking watermelon, so many niggas was in her ear she lost sight of who I was as TopSoil, She thought I was a Trick instead of a Mack and tried to check my pockets. She couldn't know at the time I was already gromming a better bitch to take her spot, Tacoya thought she sensed weakness and tried to scream on me, She was fired on the spot. Her over inflated ego was damaged, She was abruptly cut off from Dick, Conversation, and any knowledge of what I was doing. She was shocked beacuse she thought she had my nose wide open. All of her sycophants witnessed her debacle. Tacoya for the most part is a stong bitch, She pushes luxury vehicles, her fashion is on a very high level (Think Sex in the City Ghetto) you know BCBG, Jimmy Cho, Manolo Blanik, Channel. Her home and furnishings strickly lavish, she also breaks white dudes and niggas with money, and she can fuck like a porno star, all while maintianing a very good job in corporate America, she is also ghetto and violent at the drop of a dime. This is how she maintains her position as Queen Bee over the bitches under her. When I fired her it was huge, I figured I would get shot at, or perhaps she would track my new main bitch down an beat the shit out her. Nothing happened. I thought the bitch was gone, no, the bitch laid in the cut. This bitch has so many bitches under her that it is almost impossible to go any where without one of her sycophants catching a glimpse of a Nigga, which is what happened. A few months ago I was at tha Buba Gump Shrimp Company with Tenika, I was spotted by one of Tacoya's homegirls Carona, To make matters worse Carona knew Tenika from high school, I didn't even recognize Carona, Carona said what up to Tenika, then went to her booth and called Tacoya, Now mind you I hadn't spoken to Tacoya since 2002, yet Tacoya was about to roll down on us right then and there. Its a small world, Tacoya went to High school with Tenika, Tacoya was a year or two older, and Tenika was no where near the type of bitch Tacoya was. Fotunately no dramma happened, However the damage was done, now Tacoya had identified who my new main bitch was and sized her up, Tenika of course is oblivious to all of this.

Tenika fired herself like I said maybe about two months ago and is currently fighting for reinstatement. Im still debating if I'm going to let her get her spot back. All bitches test a Mack financially, either they don't wanna kick in Money, Goods and Services or they turn around and try to dig out your pockects under threat of leaving. Tenika's 10year high school reunion happened this past weekend, I of course did'nt go with her, Carona however was in attendence and noticed me and Tenika weren't together, Long story short I received a call from Tacoya exactly at the same time the reunion was happening, like I said I haven't spoken to this bitch since 2002, I can't even tell you how that bitch got my phone number. She immediately gave me an update on her ressume and current achievements, and denounced Tenika as a weak bitch, I laughed in her face. I informed her of Tenika's status, I also reminded her of her status and why she got fired, she then declared her ignorance of how to deal with niggas at the time and the fact she was still a bitch novice when she was with me. I know my bitches and my bitches don't know me, Tenika is no match for Tacoya, However bitches perform better under pressure, Tacoya is poised to make a run for the crown.

I could continue with more adventures, however, I don't want to put the readership asleep. There was a great deal of activity that occured since my last post, I will elaborate soon. I will tell you this I need to install a new BossBitch soon, Next post I will discuss what it takes to be a Good Bitch from a Mackman's perspective!


Anonymous said...

Hey Bro! I was just curious. Don't mean no disrespect but if you are impressing girls with diamonds and Merc CLS how do you get the money for it?
I know it's none of my business and I don't wanna be nosey or anything, but just curious!

BossMack said...

I Work, and I don't use up my resources on bitches. Oh, I also allow bitches to kick in to tha cause. However, I don't make my bitches do illegal things for money, all of my bitches have jobs.

Icylyrics said...

Wow, I was just about to pass on this blog, but once I started reading it occus to me that people like you really do exist. It's kinda surreal, alsmost like we wanna pretend like the KKK is a figment of our imagination, but we know them nigga's is out there somewhere. Thanks for helping me with material for my next book. You sure helped this 'bitch' out in a major way. I'll make sure you get an autographed Get black and strong bruh.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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