Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Tha Portait of a Mack as a Social Creature

What do readership! TopSoil, did you miss me? Keeping all my bitches slippery. Oh yes, today is another great day in Compton, USA. The sun is shinning and bitches is out and about. You know out here where I'm at, you gots to keep your car or truck clean and sparkling daily. Everyday dudes is just flossing super tuff, it's floss world. You know out here bitches on the bus top look at you funny if you in a bucket.

As a Mack your social skills must be excellent, you cannot be an introvert or completely anti-social. As a Mack you want muthafukkas to like you, without kissing ass. As a general rule when you encounter a bitch in daily life, compliment the hoe. Every bitch pretty much has somthing about her you can compliment her on. I'm only shitty to bitches when they are shitty to me. I am always positive when I talk to bitches, I never discuss negative things. As a matter of fact according to my bitches I never have a bad day. I would never tell a bitch I was depressed, or upset, with out putting a positive spin on that shit. I'm always optimistic, never pesemistic. When I talk to my bitches I always try to lift'em up with inspirational words, always. Now I have witnessed niggas with one bitch who they swore they loved, do nothing but shit on the bitch, shit on her dreams, Ideas, everything. I never shit on dreams, a bitch tells me her goals or aspirations, I tell a bitch, I believe you! You can do that shit! You Go Bitch! I have to be carefull when I talk to certain bitches, cause I inspire all bitches, so I'll get to talking to a bitch, and she'll be like damn, I been married 10years and my husband never talk to me like that.

I also never discuss negative stable problems with other niggas, espeacially niggas who can't control they one and only bitch. Up and Comming Macks listen, you let a dumb nigga give you bad advice and you fuck around and ruin your whole stable. It's cool to be open to alternative ideas, however, as a Mack it's very important to think for yourself. A Mack is really alone, you are your own best person to talk to, do not make it a habit to confide in other niggas. Macks are in competition with each other at all times, keep your ears open and mouth shut around other niggas, learn from thier mistakes, and conceal yours. Bitches make the average Nigga weak, as a Mack you are vibrating at a higher frequency level, You easily control many bitches and believe me other niggas are jealous, Niggas wanna see you fuck up. You walk into a resturant or club with about 3 bad bitches, even if they not your bitches, and watch what type of effect that has on the room.

Even now as I write this, Muthafukkas wanna see me fuck up, but I can't fuck up. I am supposed to be a Mack, It's in my DNA, It's always been there. I can loose every one of my bitches today and it would not phase me, I would replace them, I am extremely confident. What's really funny to me is this, Bitches know they are ruthless, and they laugh at weakness they exploit in niggas. However, they hate it when an enlightened nigga recognizes game and reverses that shit.

In closing Macking is not easy, Niggas will be jealous, Bitches will be jealous, you must be intelligent, You must be strong & when necessary you must be ruthless. I just can't embrace sucka-ism, you one bitch dudes out there, do ya thang!

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