Thursday, June 30, 2005

TopSoil Aphorisms Part 2

What it do Readership! TopSoil is tha TopMackNigga, BossMack keeping hard for Bitches to Figga! It's an overcast day out here, Just heard some gun shots, you know Niggas put in work in the morning out here, regardless I'm chillin". Oh man as usual, My bitches is checking in, Making sure I'm getting off to a good day. A special note here, if your bitches don't call you in the morning to make sure everything is all good, then you don't have any bitches, feel me?

Man, I'm active this morning, I'm on my way to the Compton Swap meet, I'm picking up a few pair of Krispy sneakers, TopSoil will be on a Mini-Tour of the MidWest this weekend and part of next week. I'll be coming through Minnesota, Milwaukee, and Chicago. If any readership is out there and you wanna see TopSoil tha Mack leave me a good Email, and I'll let you know where I'll be appearing.

Well today My little bitch Katera got my name Tattoed on her back, thats a good thing, Oh and more of you Suka-Folk is hating on this Macking. You know TopSoil put tha M in Macking, befo me they called it Acting! I'm chillin' yall, I ready to go a blow some good purple in minute, tomorrow I'll be writing live from Saint Paul, Minnesota the first date on the Tour Stop, I will be unleashing vitage game!


the peregrine said...

Okay superstar...

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