Wednesday, June 29, 2005

TopSoil Aphorisms

Waht tha Fuck it do Readership! TopSoil is Mack, and this here ain't no Fuckin' Act! Man so much shit has happened since a Niggas last post its rediculous. Fist and foremost Los Angeles is lit that fuck up by the BET Awards, Many, Many parties. Lots of Niggas flossing, bitches is trying to get picked up by a Superstar, Oh and Niggas is getting robbed! I don't know why niggas come here from all these other states wearing millions of dollars worth of diamonds like they are safe. As soon as a muthafukka walks out of a club, niggas is lurking, making dudes lay down. I wears my diamonds though, and I keeps that heater close, feel me?

My ex-Boss Bitch Tacoya calls me up, and being the Bossbitch she is, she had damn near front row tickets for the BET awards for a Nigga. The War is on! I told you Muthafukkas!