Sunday, June 26, 2005


What it do Readship! TopSoil feeling extra good, Checkin' Bitches like I should. Sunday is Mack Day out here. I'm about to link up wit my peoples and see whats really good. I'm lettin the readership know I'm starting out the afternoon at Venice Beach, with a follow up at Majic Johnson Fridays. Us Macks is in competition today, My Nigga Onion called me up talking big shit this morning about pullin' bitches, Wind Demon is on deck to, It's cracking.

"Beware of a Womans tounge, sooner or later you'll get stung"

You tell me Macking ain't understood, through the ages! TopSoil is going hard on these bitches.


dressa said...

baby, if you need a boss bitch u can count on me... im known for my power and for being a boss bitch.. pluss i'd be the best sex u'd ever and ever will have!

Icylyrics said...

Wow Boss, there seems to be a real market for brotha's like you. I tell you what though. I can't be your bitch, cause well, I'd redefine the whole 'referring to a queen as a bitch' but anyway, you'll get a chapter in my next book cause something bout you just screams...sellars market...much love again, and thanks for checking out the blog.