Thursday, June 02, 2005

Why are there Macks on this Planet?

What it do Readership! TopSoil is the Business, Acting bad like Dennis tha Menace. It's a overcast rainny day in Compton, USA. I'm feeling good, I'm Up today, Usually the Sun light gives me the energy, today it's comming from the inside.

If this site is offensive to some of the Readership, I don't give a fuck, this is not a candy coated literary situation. What you are reading is a virulent aspect of an inner urban area lifestyle. To abandon the use of foul language would be harmful to what is being depicted here. The one thing that is ultimately offered here is pure realness, uncut, presented to the world undiluted.

The character of the Mack has it's roots in slavery. As Slaves, African American Men were forced to watch the slave masters not only have the most beautiful white women, but also the most beautifull Black women, Even if they were married. White Men have always enjoyed the most beautifull Black women, a practice that goes on to this day. Black Men in reality could never really compete financially with White Men, so thus we faced perpetual inferiority, in the face of Black Women. White Men love to fuck black women, however, they really only like to do it behind closed doors. Oh and also to go along with fucking Black women, White Men love to have them around. This is why it is easier for Black women to get good jobs. The Sapient Black man observed this psycology long ago and reasoned, the only way to make money was to manipulate Black women who had access to White men's resources, or to be a gambler, or run the Black underworld. These Men were early Mackmen, they were brilliant, they wore the best clothing, had the best horses, and inspite of the most horrible money making conditions, they had money. In the face of affluent White men, Black Women cannot help but to view Black men as weak, until they prove otherwise. Now how could the Black Man who has less resorces than the white man influence a Black woman to manipulate a white man and procure resources from him? By Being a Mack, utilizing extreme disipline and survival skills. The white man created the word Nigger, We embraced that, flipped it, and it became the word Nigga, then when used amongst ourselves it becomes a term of endearment. All of these conditions that I have discussed here continue to this day. A modern day plantation owner Dr. Jerry Buss owner of the Lakers, never goes anywhere without at least 3 or 4 extremely fine Black women, none older than 23yrs old. Shaquile O'Neil said somthing about it, and everybody told him to shut the fuck up. I wish I could send my bitches with Jerry Buss, I'd at least regulate some venture capital out of dude, without him knowing of course.

Therefore what are we left with? A war of sorts between Black Women and Black Men, With regards to who controls the relationship, which is based on Money. Most Black Women make more money than Black men, they have jobs that are more prestigous and more dignified. African Americans are the second largest minorty group in America at around 35 Million, Yet Black Men make up the largest part of Penitentary system and are the most unemployed. Yet the view is still that a Black Man must take care of everything, finance a majority of the dates and entertainment, have a nice car, a nice home, nice clothing, nice jewlery, and be able to give a female money when she needs it etc. Oh and in return for all of this you get to have some pussy, which she rations to you, and when you come up short humiliate you and talk shit.

I am proud to be a Mack and if Muthafukkas don't like that shit fuck you! When you eat I don't shit, feel me? I have been to the Mountain top like Martin Luther King, I know Bitches inside fucking out. A bitch will destroy you if you are weak, that's tha Business.

You know on the real I love all of my bitches. There is somthing about each one of them that is totally unique thats beautifull, My bitches need me. I keep all of my bitches on thier toes you see. I don't keep my bitches down, I keep'em motivated to do better, I praise thier acomplishments, and pat'em on the back when they suffer disappointments and set backs. I just don't give'em any Money.


Anonymous said...

First and foremost I have to give you props on how well you handle yourself brotha. There aren't too many cats out here representing for the fellas that can tell it like it is and still be extremely articulate and concise.

Aint too many dudes who can talk shit and swallow spit and then flip the scrip with the vocabulary and literate ability of an accomplished writer (or english major)

Just keep doing what you do and make sure you come up north to the Yay Area cuz we do it real big too!

BossMack said...

Gook looking out dude, I fucks with tha Yay area for real. I use to run through Richmond, V-Town, and East Palo Alto real tough. Thanks for the feed back, I get a lot of petulant comments, but I gives a fuck really. Stay up Peoples!

Anonymous said...

hello... humm cool site..i can see your reasoning but do u respect ur 'bitches'? humm...kool pics though... talk to ya later...guess who!

spankmewithaspoon said...

YOU are brilliant. You are letting me understand you so well. And that IS a gift. If I were there I would be massaging your legs, Runnerman, and twenty minutes each foot with quality lotion, while you work the remote. After a BIG suck, I'll just let myself out.

fck u said...

i'd slap u and tell u to stick something waaaaay up there!

BossPlaya said...

Topsoil, thanks for helping me understand the game a l'il better mang. My bitch has been trying to test me in similar ways to the situations you describe. Thanks to you I'll know not to be a sucka and stay on top through my mackin' techniques.
Thanks again! You really know your shit.

Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

You da man!

Seriously, I saw some really big words on your blog and was immediately convinced you are a really really intelligent guy masquerading as a nigga...;-))

So, you tell me Mack!

BossMack said...

Naw dude I'm not pretending to be a Nigga, I am a real Nigga. I am from Compton, California. Just because you see a twenty dollar word here and there don't get it twisted. Oh and I'm extra real about this Macking, If you think this game you see here is in valid, try it out on your own bitches and see.

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. » »