Friday, January 13, 2006

Bootleg Movie Review & War: Get Ya Weekend On!

What it Do Readership! You are reading tha magnificent words of tha BossMack TopSoil, Yeah! Oh my fucking goodness, I woke up and it was SUPER Foggy outside, but guess what? It's still a great day, that shit will burn off in a minute, tha Sun will hang in tha sky and beam down on your Mackman Hero. Wasn't that a fucked up story I told you yesterday readership? There are some ruthless bitches out here, thats why I recommend going hard on bitches until they prove themselves. I'm immune to Hoe Lacrimations, ya dig? Last night was a beautiful night in tha life of tha BossMack, I kicked it with Yessina. I've been kind of missing that bitch lately, her hair smells like fresh flowers everytime I see her, I love that bitch. Anyways, Yessina calls me up around 5pm yesterday and informs me she has tickects to see tha old school group War at tha Vault 350 in Downtown Long Beach, I was like "Cool Baby, lets roll". She's at my house in a little over and hour, when I let her in, seeing her in her krispy yellow Ugg Boots, and True Religion jeans gave me a quick erection. She of course attacks me, we get in a good healthy session, you know like a tail gate party before tha game. After tha ropes of semen were cleaned off of her face and neck, we went to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in Long Beach. It was packed, quite a few bad bitches up in there, I had my usual "Scoe Special" and I listened to Yessina clown serval of tha bitches up there, Yessina could be a fuckin' comedian if she wanted to. After laughing like a muthafukka we left and made it to Pine Street, We got some drinks, walked around a while, went back to my truck blew some purple, it was now showtime. We got up in tha Vault 350, I was surprised at tha size of tha crowd, apparently War still has a huge following, the demographics of tha crowd a trip to, mostly Hispanics, Gangster ones. All in all tha show was good, War is still tight, we didn't stay to tha end, we left early. Back at tha house, we blew more purple, Yessina put on my Polo Pajama top, then I threw in tha bootleg of tha movie "Hostle".

Bootleg Movie Review

Yessina was not ready for this film. I had heard some storys about this film, they were all true. What good about this film, is tha fact that it seems possible for shit like this tio happen. It's about 3 College dudes traveling through a European Country looking for bitches to fuck, yet instead end up getting fucked. They get tricked into going to some obscure town for wild bitches, which is really a trap for muthafukkas like them. In this town they have muthafukkas pay to torture muthafukkas to death, real talk. This film is a must see, Yessina was squiriming tha whole time, by tha time this film was over she was exhausted from her jactitations. Tha bootleg quality was excellent, some of tha scenes I had to review over and over to absorb the extreme graphic violence I was experiencing. This movie is a must see! I highly recommend this film, Bitches do not watch this film alone!

In closing, You Muthafukkas out there reading this, don't fuck around have a good weekend, get faded for Martin! Yall do know Martin Luther King Jr. was a Mack to? Yeah, Check it.


Danielle said...

I took Martin Luther King day off. Don't laugh! It's a holiday! More people need to acknowledge it! Not every place got it off though.....ANYWAYS.....Do what you do and have a crunk weekend.


Dee said...

Dam now I want Roscoes..........I haven't been to the one in LBC it just as good???

BossMack said...

D - You supposed to take that day off.

Dee - They all are tha same!

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

We are off on MLK day, thank goodness! If its a holiday, every one should be off!

Unfortunately, I'm coming down with the flu or some shyt so I'll be laid up all weekend!

Gosh this sucks!!!!

GoBetty said...

Dude, I want you to wee Wolf Creek for some scary shit. It's a small Australian movie, you have to ask for it, your bootleg dude can't hook you up probably unless you ask. Shit is scary.

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