Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tha Good Game Colloquium: Know Thy Bitches!

What it do Readership! Tha BossMack TopSoil is with you still, Staying on tha Grind to pay these Bills. It's a great morning once again for your Mackman hero tha BossMack TopSoil, you know how I do, Out on tha balcony in tha morning in my boxers, gulping down tha krispy cold air, what a fucking beautiful world. Today I'm lacing tha readership with tha Good Game Colloquium once again we skipped it last week, this week's focus: Know Thy Bitches! You know this is a highly overlooked topic. Most dudes never really find out good background information on they bitches, which is a major oversight. If you are dealing with any person in an intimate relationship, you need to know what you are dealing with. Most character defects in people can be traced back to some type of childhood tramma, or issue. With bitches, I need to know who was tha bitches first sexual experience with? Was it her boyfriend or her fucking brother? Did tha bitch grow up in a stable home with both parents? Or did tha bitch grow up in a foster home? Simple shit. I look at my bitches, take a bitch like Zennia, Zennia's parents are rich, she doesn't have to work unless she wants to, one of her personality flaws comes from tha fact her parents were divorced when she was young, so she has abondonment issues with men. Tacoya's mother didn't give a fuck about her when she was young and she grew up with her Grandmother, so in a sense she was abondoned by her mother, oh and she had no relationship with her father. All of these things give me insight in how to deal with each bitch. Oh and a special note: You had better know your main bitch better than all of your other bitches, period dot.

Speaking of knowing my bitches, me and Kiffany were out in downtown Long Beach last night at Gladstones drinking at tha bar, when she noticed tha waitress flirting with me to much. When tha waitress brought her a drink, Kiffany tasted before she left, told tha bitch it wasn't right and gave it back. Kiffany did that shit 4 times in a row until we got all our drinks free, I was laughing like a muthafukka, I know Kiffany doesn't like bitches flirting with me in front of her.

Shout out to Phil B in Bakersfield, Big Who, Walk Dosha, Wind Demon, Big Unda and My Girl I/S in Chi (Can you say Chi City!).


TheOneandOnlyInsanely said...

Thanks for the shout out Boss, I took your advice and made mention of you in my second post for the day. Holla at me baby.

TheOneandOnlyInsanely said...

Thats real shit though, you need to know your bitches and your niggas too. Niggas who's mama abandoned them or are crack heads, have issues with women in their grown lives. Also if they dude seen they mama gettin they ass whupped or dogged out by men grow up to be JD Walker.....sorry I will be referencing that for a minute, I really like that movie.

Danielle said...

Know thy bitches man I feel you on that,. Background all the damn info......I done messed with so many dudes and what I shoulda done was get to know what they all about before jumpen into sh*t cuz lemme tell you, some of them had some backgrounds.....and a record.....and a lot of other stuff.

What I would do to see you in those boxers on the balcony! ha!

What it do B!

GoBetty said...

I become an expert, an encyclopedia, on all my men.

AlwaysSweet said...

I once dated this guy that came from a good home who grew up with both parents and all of his relatives are professionals. They were basically the Huxtables, but he turned out to be schizophrenic. No joke. And he didn't even tell me he had mental problems. I had to find that shit out on my own when I saw him speaking with "persons" that weren't really there and doing all other kinds of crazy shit. I WILL be doing a background check from now on. Please believe.

Jaimie said...

You have some valid points here. There's a lot we don't know about someone before we lay down with them-or even do more. In your own way, you do make sense. I just don't like the "bitch" thing all of the time, but you already know that.