Friday, January 20, 2006

Tha Mausberg Annecdotes Part 2: Mausberg Tha Superior

What it do Readership! Tha light doesn't shine on Tha BossMack, Tha light comes from within! Tha Pic above is Johnny Burns BKA Mausberg Tha Superior, this pic was taken right after he rocked a bomb show at USC. Boyz to Men had gotten booed off stage prior to his performance, when he hit tha stage it was anarchy!

It's cold as fuck outside, when I went out on my balcony in my boxers this moning it was 42 degrees, thats snow on tha ground out here. Last night, me and Kiffany up late watchin' "Truck Turner" yall ain't knowin about that movie, an Issac Hayes blacksploitation classic. Weekend logistics? Man I don't even know for sure, I definitely think I might fuck with tha Getty Museum on Saturday, then I'll follow that up with tha Grand Lux or maybe tha SkyBar, I'm rolling with Zee on that day. Tonite? Katera and her homegirls might provide some wild bitch entertainment, we shall see.

Tha Mausberg Annecdotes Part 2: Mausberg Tha Superior!

Well yesterday when I left off, My Nigga Mausberg had just gotten signed to ShepardLane Records, it happened just after his 18th birthday. I remember because he viewed that moment as his High School Graduation, he had graduated from amature rapper to professional. Mausberg saw his first bit of paper from tha rap game, then immediately went about recording his first album. Tha first 10 to 15 songs he recorded were average to say tha least, I still felt he wasn't quite ready, none of those first songs were produced by Dj Quik. Tony Lane & Stan Shepard were tha business, Quik was tha Quality Assurance over tha product, when Quik heard that Mausberg Album up that point he was disappointed and sent berg back to tha lab. Mausberg was distraught, he use to come and see me every morning and we use to smoke out to start tha day. At this time Quik had started working on his album "Rythmilism" and was doing all of tha production at his home, I think he was living in San Fernando Valley. I told Mausberg to stay on top of Quik, I told him to stay in his face, Hang out in that Niggas Studio, Keep writing, and when that Nigga thows on a hot beat, be ready to flow immediately. He listened and started doing that, next thing you know Berg brought me some songs he had done with Quik, and I put this on everything I love, This Niggas skills had jumped like a muthafukka over night. Tha songs he played for me appear on tha Sugafree & Mausberg "Konnectid" album. Then he played me a song that was called "Down, Down, Down" with Mausberg, AMG, Dj Quik and Sugafree, I was like "Nigga, this is a hit, Mausberg, Nigga you are ready". After he played me those songs, his confidence went to a super fucking human level. "Down, Down, Down" Put Mausberg on tha map. This Nigga was absolutely convinced he was tha savior of tha WestCoast, and it was within tha realm of possibility.

I am trying to describe this Nigga to you, Dude was 6-4, 350 and looked like a monster. My Nigga Smoked Purple, Black & Milds, Cigarettes and drank Hennessy all day, then recorded all night everynight. When Quik was to busy to fuck with him, this nigga recorded with other Niggas. When tha Konnectid Album came out Mausberg had a hit called "Shut Up!", a song in which he was trying to battle Ice Cube, But I don't think Cube knew about it tho, I asked Berg "Why?" he said "Fuck it, I need publicity". That song "Shut Up" was not promoted as a single by tha record label, this nigga promoted that shit by his self, he continuously called tha radio stations, and made all tha hoodrats he knew call, he called all tha major Dj's back then, he stayed in thier faces, they were intimidated by him, and he knew it. Niggas started feeling "Shut Up" and Mausberg started blowing up, this was his signature song. Now by this time I think even Quik was becoming kinda jealous of Mausberg's potential, as a matter of fact I think everyone in thir camp was starting to feel tha presure my Nigga was creating. His work ethic was forcing everyone around him to step up they game, I was amazed.

Tha final installment is forth comming!

In closing you Muthafukkas have a good Weekend, I will!


Jaimie said...

I put the first part of the post up. Sorry for the delay but reports cards were due this week!

Peace said...

GREAT chronicles Boss... you need to publish this! This is my first time here... i will be back for more!!

Miss Ahmad said...

A bossmack who goes to the Getty, now that's the most impressive shit I've read. I lived in Compton when I first moved to LA and I could barely get folks to leave the get to Hollywood or Inglewood.

Eventually I just had to move my damn self.

TheOneandOnlyInsanely said...

Enjoy ur weekend!

T-gress! said...

I agree with Peace...i have a hard time finding something to post and you seem to have a book ready daily! Kudos to you! Have a nice weekend!!

Nay Nay said...

Yeah i heard about Mausberg. I got a friend from compton and he put me up on him.


Thanks for stopping by my spot :)

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I know about "Truck Turner". Classic!

My first time here and I'll surely be back for more. Thanks for stopping by my place.

Zeezy4Sheezy said...

Ok what's the difference between Guerrila Black and Mausberg.. they look alike

BossMack said...

Jaimie - Thank you baby, I appreciate tha luv for real. Even if tha intelligent people that frequent your site try to dichotomize tha BossMack TopSoil, It's to tha good. I'm send you and your dude out to dinner on tha BossMack.

Peace - Peace!

miss ahmad - I'll be seeing you baby.

I/S - I'm holla at you this Weekend while I'm blowin' Purple.

s. girl - There so much dramma around me, I swear tha readership is getting 10%.

Pink Dymonds - Keep fucking wit me baby.

TOSG - Please fuck with me baby!

Young Zeezy - Mausberg was my little Homie from my Hood, I can vouch for that, and so can a thousand otha Niggas. Guerrilla Black? I don't know WHO tha fuck dude is, I don't know what Hood he's from, and I never heard his name in tha streets. If claim to be from Compton, You are from a Hood, beacuse the entire city is a Hood. There is no way for a Muthfukka to come out of Comton and ain't nobody ever heard of you in these streets. sop I guess tha difference between them is Mausberg is real, Guerrilla Black is not real.

Zeezy4Sheezy said...

that's real talk.... thanks for checking out my site..

Now since you seem to know what's really going down in Compton.. What's the deal with Lil Eazy E?? Is he legit or what?

BossMack said...

All I can say about dude is he is Aristocracy, Whatever crimminal gangbang shit he's talking about is fiction. How tha fuck is Easy E's son gonna run tha streets for real? Easy E had Millions. I think Lil Easy E spent a lot of time in Las Vegas. Also I don't even know if that Nigga can rap good, Tha streets are saying nothing about that Nigga.

nikki said...

i can't wait to read the ending, although i know how it ends and that shit just pisses me off. im glad he got a taste before he was taken, though.

AlwaysSweet said...

Thanks for stopping by my site, again. Be patient, a sista stay on the go; and I got to keep my head in the books this time 'cause I've been slippin.

Cutie Cola said...

You have a very interesting way of blogging. Very captivating. I usually don't read through long-ass blogs, but yours, I can't stop reading!

Thanx for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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