Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Check A Bitch Monday on Tuesday Again: Bitches That Won't go Away!

What it Do Readership! Tha BossMack TopSoil is Energetic, Every Bitch on My Team has Bomb Ass Credit! I'm like Young Jeezy Today, YYYYEEEAAAAHHHHH! Readership! I know I left you hanging yesterday, somtimes I'ts just hard to sit down and write this shit, a Nigga Be Busy, feel? I looked at that pic I put up yeaterday, and I was like, "Naw, I ain't feeling that" that shit was to morbid, this pic right here, thats really my demeanor towards these bitches out here.

Yes, Yes, Yall once again, it's and absolutely beautiful day out here, I think it's like 82 degrees as I write this, LMAO at you East Coast Cold muthafukkas. When I finish writing this, Im going to have lunch with my number 2 bitch Zennia at Houston's in Redondo Beach, What's Good? Tha BossMack TopSoil is Magnetic, I got an over abundance of bitches calling me today, not only my general stable, and potential aquisisions, I even got bitches thats supposed to be gone from my life calling a Nigga on a regular basis. I'm moving into a new zone with these muthafukkas, I mean you tell a Muthafukka, "Leave me alone!" and they call you any fucking way, then get to talking like I ain't never said that shit. Readership, I'm talking about bitches wit Niggas, calling this Macking Ass Nigga 4 and 5 times a day, every fucking day. I don't even answer my phone, I don't even listen to tha messages, and they keep fucking calling, Amazing!

I keep thinking about my Nigga Wind Demon and how his Ex-Bitch shot him recently, I know I'm gonna have to pay some dues like that. I've had Car windows busted out and shit like that, however, I have never suffered bodily injury. Shit like yesterday, I was having lunch at once of my Sushi Spots, and Bam, Here comes Ex-Bitch Tinkea with tha stalker move, I look up and there she is in front of my table. Then Tha bitch wants to Hug and Kiss me and shit right there in tha resturant, and she knowin Im not gonna scream on her in a public place, and I have been ignoring her calls for tha last 3 weeks!

Bitches is cold as fuck, tha Game is deep. I was laid up with this new bitch I'm working with Lenisa, an absolutely beautiful little bitch. Little petite dimer, She has tha little Onion, with tha Size 6 feet, and tha hair like a white bitch but she's black, like I said she's quite tha dimer at 24 years old. Oh yeah, she has tha fly Condo in downdown Long Beach, right on Ocean Blvd. I was watching "State Property" with her last night, laid up in her Emerald green Sucka trap. Damn as I was just writing this that bitch Tinkea just called me, see what I'm talking about. Anyways we laid up, on some cuddle snuggle shit, her Sidekick rings, she picks it up and it's her Man, here is tha conversation:

Lenisa - Hey baby how you doing?

Her Man - Hey Lee, I was just thinking about you, I'm at Vons around tha corner from you, I was picking up some steaks, would you like me to bring you somthing?

Lenisa - Nooo.. Thats okay, I'm fine, How was work today?

Her Man - It was good baby, I was thinking about you all day, Can a Nigga come and see you for a minute?

Lenisa - I was thinking about you all day too, but I'm really tired, maybe tomorrow, Okay Baby? Call me later tonite, Okay?

Her Man - Okay Baby, I love you!

Lenisa - I love You Too...

Then she hangs up, and wiggles her ass nicely on my dick, then she gets up, goes to tha kitchen and comes back with an Ice Cold Peach snapple and hands it to me. Now Niggas reading my words, which position would you rather be in, Tha Mack Position or tha Sucka Position? It's a cold game.

In conclusion, I know I was all over tha place today with this post, I guess I'm Checkin' a lot of bitches today, like 3 of'em, at tha same time. I don't know Bitches don't play fair somtimes, Holla at your MackMan Hero!


TheOneandOnlyInsanely said...


AlwaysSweet said...

Damn Boss, is tha dick really that good that they gotta hold on to you like that? Make me think you got some fiyah down there.
I know it was hard for me to let go of my ex cause I really loved him(and the dick was Good) but when he disrespected me that was IT. I am waaay too fly to be tryin to hang on to any nigga that don't want me. Hey, for every nigga that won't there's a 100 that will.

Ladynay said...

You still adding chicks to your team? Whew!

Anonymous said...

First time to the sight. It's really hard to believe YOU got it like that! Was that a gold chain you had on!? People still wear gold?

mrs.tj said...

Til the wheels fall off...

Anonymous said...

With dumass niggas like you white folks aint got shit to worry about. Thanks for being a fool.

Anonymous said...

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