Friday, February 03, 2006

MackNigga Sanhedrin: Tha Super Bowl Party

What it Do Readership! Tha BossMack TopSoil is in your midst, Niggas get hot because I influence they Bitch. It's once again a beautiful day in Compton, USA! Yes, Yes, Yall can you fucking it feel it, like tha Jackson 5, Man. It's Super Bowl Weekend, My Nigga Wind Demon is hosting tha MackNigga Sanhedrin better known as tha Super Bowl Party, Can you say Niggas and Bitches? I thought you could. I know you ready out there Readership, Put your money on tha Seahawks, thats all I can say.

I'm starting to think my bitch Yessinia engages in Sortilege, for real. This is real, I could be relaxing not thinking about anything, then this bitch will just pop into my mind, then my phone will ring, I look at tha caller ID and it's her. This has happened a many, many times. Also me an Yessinia have the most intense sexual episodes, it's very addictive, I find myself trying very hard not to fuck her all tha time. Whenever we engage in lubricites it's like we gernerate an extreme amount of energy, and when were done I'm fucking drained. Then when you look into her eyes it's like hypnosis, she is exrtremely confident, I love tha bitch. Yesterday she calls me and informs me that she has tickets to see Dj Quik at tha House of Blues in Hollywood. I'm not a big Dj Quik fan beacuse of what happened to my Nigga Mausberg (Final Installment comming soon), but I was like fuck it why not check it out. Yessinia was looking like a Dime she is when I scooped her up, She broke out with some good Orange, and we blew all tha way to tha show. When I valet parked tha Benz Truck, when we got out tha truck a big cloud of smoke emerged dam near like a Dr Dre video or some shit. We was fucked up in there, we got to drinking them Martini's with Absolute Vodka, That bitch was like fuck it we got in one of those booths on tha second floor, she had on a dress, she un did my jeans, sat on my lap and fucked me in there with Muthafukkas watching wondering what we was doing. It was a good 4 minute quikee, that shit was crazy, I was drunk, I don't do shit like that. As far as tha show was concerned, this Nigga Quik came out with a full live band, I wasn't feeling that. Tha only Hip-Hop I like to see with a band is tha Roots, Quik was hallucinating last night. Bitches were still responding to tha classics, he rocked tha fuck out of "Black Pussy" and "Born and Raised in Compton". Other than that, we didn't even stay until the end, Me and this bitch was on some porno shit last night. I don't know if it was tha Orange Bud we were smoking or if it was just how fly that bitch was looking, I think I busted like 5 nuts last night.

Macknigga Sanhedrin

Super Bowl Parties are a thing of beauty. Niggas and Bitches getting together, drinking, smoking, eating, arguing, gambling, and perhaps fighting. I love these events, there never fails to be some type of dramma, this year will be no exception. There is already a build up happening, Niggas like Onion, and Wind Demon have wild bitches that they fuck with, beyond tha wildness of my bitches, it should be interesting. Please believe, I will provide a detailed report Monday, I'm knowing I'll have to Check a Bitch there.

As always Readership, have a good fucking weekend, and do it Big for tha Super Bowl!


GoBetty said...

I was gonna ask you who you picked for the Superbowl. Thanks Top and have a good time.

Georgiapeach said...

Dude, I love Dj Quik! Love him. Atlanta is just like
Anyway, I am writing a post about my newfound respect for California. I just watched my first Treal Tv. Shit is tight as hell, my friend from Oakland put me on to it. I love Cali. I love the fact you all be on that funk music. Cool ass hell. The sideshow? What! Man you all are bout it over there.
I was so crunk off that shit, man, I went to the club that night and wild the fuck out. Dude, I was already on some smirnoff and that greenyellowred *new nickname I gave it* you wouldn't know what I am talking about but it gave me the ability to get real "dumb" okay! Anyway, I was mobbing all over the parking lot, beating hard....shawty I was tripping. Anyway have fun. said...

We will see.
Have a good one Mack.

Dee said...

Quick gave a helluva show here in dago.......i'm with you the band was aiiight he had the band at the house of blues and he was at the 4th and B this summer and it was cool as of the best hip hop shows I had seen in a while!!!!

2 short will be here on wednesday nite!!!! it's only $10..shit if he only does 2 songs that shit is worth it!!!! They are calling it WEST COAST WEDNESDAYS..

Miss Ahmad said...

don't sleep on the Steelers man! A team so hard they don't even have cheerleaders?! You gotta respect that!

Talk about not being concerned with anything but the game, I love that about that.

With the Bus being back home, Rothlisberger being patched up, and Hines Ward on point as always, with a gang of Pittsburgh folks in the house..

whew. don't get me started!

By the way, do these women know that you post pictures of them and talk about your sexual exploits on the in internet!

BossMack said...

Miss A - Some of my brezzy's know, mand they straight, they also know I have a plan too. Tha plan has not been revealed to tha readership. You seem to be playing tha subtle role of antagonist these days, which is cool. You seem sapient.

As far as you handicapping skills, I am uncertain. You are embelishing tha popular opinon, which is Steelerism. Thats cool, but babygirl, keep your eye on Las Vegas. They have a way of convincing tha average man into believing tha hype, then they take tha scrilla. I wish I could bet your sagacious ass, however, we are all shrouded in anonimity. I'll settle for shitting on you Monday.

Miss Ahmad said...

I ask about the women because I sometimes wanna post pictures of folks I know, but I don't want to get sued!

I keep reading because you keep entertaining. I'm still rather new to your site, so i'm just a nosey writer playing catch up!

hope you don't take offense to my questions. I appreciate your answers!

Zeezy4Sheezy said...

What da fuck is a Sanhedrin and what does it have to do with a superbowl Party

BossMack said...

Zeezy - Grab a Dictionary Nigga.

Camy Leon said...

This bitch is hot!

Anonymous said...

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