Friday, February 24, 2006

Pharrell & Friends: An Overview By Tha BossMack TopSoil

What tha Fuck it Do Readership! Tha BossMack TopSoil is Great as Fuck, Don't hate on a Mack cause yo Game is on Stuck, Nigga! A Nigga is feeling Good as Fuck this here Friday Morning, Ya Dig? I woke up this morning in my King Sized bed like I always do, I could smell tha fresh ocean air gently wafting through my domicile, I couldn't help but observe my beautiful bitch Yessina sleeping peacfully at my side, when bitches be sleep and they dimes it's beautiful, Man! It's great to be a Mack, You sucka ass Niggas reading this, don't be afraid to check your Bitch, just close your eyes and pretend you was me. When your bitch tells you "Bring your ass home, you need to baby Sit while I go out with tha Homegirls" think, "What would tha BossMack do right here?", Naw you better not do that you might end up Bitchless, LOL.

Last Night it's obvious what I did, I went to check out your boy Pharrell & Friends at tha Anahiem Pond in Fuckin' Anahiem. I was amazed that this show didn't sell out, It was packed don't get it twisted, it just didn't sell out. Tha BossMack TopSoil & Yessina is a Celebrity Couple Period Dot, we are some Fly muthafukkas for real. Yessina smashed all bitches with tha Powder Blue and Yellow BAPES, tha True Religion Jeans and tha Matching BAPES jacket. It was a great fucking night. Readership, I really didn't know what to expect from Pharrell, I was worried he would come out there on some Rock & Alternative shit with a Band or some shit, but it didn't happen. I must say for a Nigga who has no Talent as a Rapper or Singer, Pharrell Rocked tha fucking house. That Niggas clothes, tha Chain, and tha overall show itself was tight. as a matter of fact I don't even really think he performed but 2 songs by his self. He came out on that New song, I don't even know tha name of that, then he did "Frontin" in which he rocked like a muthafukka, even tho he could not sing, it was fascinating. Pharrell brought out tha Clipse, they were wack because they rapped over a vocal track, then he brought out Omarion, who asked tha bitches in tha crowd to see him as a "Grown Ass Man" he received moderate response. Then Pharrell brought out tha big dogs, Snoop Dog came out and did "Beautiful" & "Drop it like it's Hot", then for tha encore Your Nigga brought out "Nelly" as seen in tha pic above. Me and Yessina of course floated between tha backstage area, and tha general population, I have no back stage pics because I have a "No Swing Policy" meaning I'm a Star so I don't jock stars, ya dig? Anyways, Nelly walked in that muthafukka with his Bitch Ashanti for real. Ashanti is not fly to me, That nigga is trippin to me.

I must say I was surprised at tha skills of Robin Thicke, dude came out with his band and put it tha fuck down. Bitches was going crazy up in that muthafukka, keep your eye on that White Boy right there. Bobby Valentino was also on tha bill, dude was "Okay", I feel he should have done better. Tyreese came through and crushed all of tha minor acts, even tho his show seemed kinda dated, or at least tha songs seemed dated.

In closing tha Major let down came from Keisha Cole, that bitch didn't even show up. She let a lot of females down. I saw an incredible amount of Keisha Cole fans that came just to see her, that bitch does not care about her fans. Bitches were hella disappointed.

Well readership, Make sure you do it big this Weekend, Don't fuck around, Live in tha Present, put some fun in along with all that work!

17 comments: said...

Hey! Looks like you having fun.
I don't see how you can keep up the energy every night to be kicking it. Vitamins or something?
Jogging and Purple? Just a chick know SOMETHING!!!

And D and Insanley Sane...HOLLA AT YA GIRL! You know its bad when you have to go to someone else's blog to check on ya peep's!

Ladynay said...

Man screw Keisha Cole! I would have cried in pain if I heard her "sing" that Love song live!!!! The studio version is cringeful!

Tyrese is touring? Why it's been a minute since he dropped an album, if he did it didn't do ish cuz I haven't heard not one song from it!

Anywho, glad you and Yessina had a nice night out.

jen said...

Sounds like you had a good time showing off your new BossBitch (can I assume you made your decision between the 2?)!
Pharrell is hot as fuck, that's why the place was so packed! He knows how to dress, and he's just cute as can be.
Omarion is a joke. I don't care if he is a grown ass man, he was in 'You Got Served'. Enough said.
And Snoop is amazing. The best show I've ever been to was Snoop in the Eagle Ballroom in Milwaukee. He was late cause he got pulled over and got busted for obvious reasons, but it was still the best show. I don't know if he can put on a bad one...

Anonymous said...

Nigga you never cease to amaze me. Boy you and tired bitches. You ain’t no celebrity, where the fuck did you take those pictures. Didn’t look back stage to me. And please don’t comment on Nelly’s choice of woman. You can’t be real because no motherfucker in the world is that motherfucking weak and simple period. Otis you is to much. What show are you writing for? Come on man spill the beans!

Anonymous said...

Dam if i had to pretend i was you. that would be to much, i would have to cancel my order for the vlj and all glass cockpit( use google to learn nigga)move in with baby mama get her car become a sucka , become a dope head and loser

AlwaysSweet said...

And that has been another daily public service anouncement
(read: haterade)from Mr. or Ms. Anonymous.

AlwaysSweet said...

Haterade.....have you had some today?

Miss Ahmad said...

you know although I don't think Mack and I would ever be an item I gotta respect the dude for representing a bunch of dudes who don't even have email, much less a blog! That's real spit!

Some folks may hate, but I assume they read this blog for the same reasons I do, because it's fucking funny!

I can't believe I just defended you Mack. I don't even really endorse macking, but I do endorse folks that write their own truths!

Miss Ahmad is officially leaving the blog now!

AlwaysSweet said...

I guess that's why your blog is so green, 'cause niggas be envying you like a mufucka.

Anonymous said...

First of all I read this blog because it is almost impossible to believe a nigga is this asinine. Having a blog ain’t shit in my world. I live in and breath rarefied air. Its very obviously that James did not grow up with a father or should I say a man in the house. Any so called black man that takes advantage of black women with low self esteem and other emotional issues is a punk ass nigga for real! Its taking candy from a baby or pushing an old woman down, takes no courage. Most street niggas not all but most ain’t shit and can’t bust a grape in a fruit fight. They watch the gangsters on hbo and of course the prerequisite scarface remake not the original. So it is not about hate because James only gets my pity. Hating him would be like hating a blind man because he cannot see.

And any women that would be his defender. Run don’t walk but run and get some self respect!

AlwaysSweet said...

To anonymous: Contrary to what you may believe, I am one of a very few number of STRONG black females. Many a men have approached and TRIED to run game on me, but that has never happened nor will it ever happen because I can see that shit a mile away. Weak and insecure are two things I am not.
I defend Bossmack cause that's my nigga and seems like a real ass nigga to me, unlike some of these otha bustas that try to be macks by runnin lame ass game and tellin lies and shit. I appreciate the Boss for his honesty and realness. I think those bitches already know what they gettin into before they even get into it. Just like that stalker bitch Tinkea(she already know yet she continues to stalk).

When I first came to this blog, I was a bit offended by what was said on this blog; but you know what, why hate on a nigga for gettin his. Shit, I'm a hustla too so I can't hate. And those bitches know what's up. A MAN CAN ONLY DO TO YOU WHAT YOU WILL ALLOW HIM TO DO. So obviously, they must like it cause they keep comin back for more.
Not that I'm defending macking but it really just don't make sense to hate on someone you know nothing about. He's gettin his and I can't be mad, 'cause them bitches are giving it to him cause they want to. Maybe some people just like being used or don't give a fuck cause both people are gettin what they want from each other.(kinda like "cut buddies") I said it before and I'll say it again: Boss ain't forcing them women to be wit his ass. If anything, they tryin to force him to be with them.

Anonymous said...

Always sweet,
You may be what you consider a strong black women, but I doubt it. I don’t as you put it hate on mack. You like him probably grew up without a good male role model. When you create a blog and allow people to comment on it that is your decision . Can’t stand the heat get the fuck out of the kitchen. Mack is not a hustler and neither are you. Like many ghetto folks you have no ideal what time it is. At first reading his blog was funny , however it quickly became contemptible. It is really sad to see you come to his rescue. Dam and they wonder why black people are so fucked up.

AlwaysSweet said...

First off, whoever the fuck you are, you don't even know me, so fall back muthafucka. Secondly, my mom and pops have been happily married for almost 40 yrs. I've always had strong male role models in my family which is one of the reasons why no nigga can play me.(they schooled me to the game, ya dig) If you want to leave a negative comment on somebody's blog go ahead. I won't lose sleep either way. I'm still gonna do what I do. You have no clue who I am just like I have no clue who tha fuck you are ANONYMOUS! So who are you to tell me I'm ghetto and ignorant and I'm not a hustla when you don't even fuckin know me. All you know is what I type. I was just lettin you know how ignorant you were in the first place to be judging folks you don't even know. First you judged Boss and now you're tryin to judge me. Quit worrying about what people write in their own fuckin blog and get a life. If what he writes hurts you that bad, why do you even come here? I damn sure wouldn't waste my time reading and commenting on a blog that offends me.

Anonymous said...

always sweet I am laughing my ass off, you stupid young hillbilly hoe.

I was going to give a coupon for a chicken sandwich and a grape kneehi but you don't get that.

AlwaysSweet said...

I could go on responding to your silly ass with the name callin and shit but I won't. I'm much too mature for that and unlike you, I have a LIFE to live. So have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

always sweet, I am still laughing my ass off. And you do have a life a sorry one but you have a life.

Anonymous said...

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