Monday, April 03, 2006

Bootleg Movie Review: ATL!

"A Bitch is Under Thumb fo sho when she begins to threaten!"

Tha BossMack TopSoil 2005

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Bootleg Movie Review: ATL

Off Top I must say this is a surrising film, I promise you this film is nothing like you think. This is almost a feel good movie, theres violence, sex and drugs, but, not that much. Tha plot was kind of korney and barely believable , but I't kinda worked. Evan Ross is my opinon was tha stand out actor in this film, I know dude is not a thug, yet he was convincing in tha role he played. I believe this young Nigga has a future in acting. T.I. did okay, It wasn't like playing this role really tested his acting skills since he was probably playing a younger version of his self. Tha main problem I had with T.I. in this film was tha fact that he was to old to be playing like he was in high school, my Niggas wisdom was comming through, which was a trip. T.I. and Evan Ross were supposed to be both in high school, but T.I. seemed way older. Also tha lead female actress in this film will have a career in acting, especially with tha change her character made towards tha end of tha film, I had to give her some props. There are also a pair of Twin Bitches that almost steal tha show in this film, they too might have bright futures. Overall, this film was okay, and I was real happy to watch this on bootleg. I understand we gotta support black film, but some of this shit muthafukkas is putting out deserves to be bootleged. Mrs. Tj, I watched this movie strickly cause you brought that shit up baby, Tha BossMack Loves you like Fresh Money.


TheGod said...

GotDamn! That view is lovely from here. Do your thang TOP.

Peace to you God.

Ladynay said...

I just read about the game last ight? lol

I don't watch college ball so I am not gonna talk junk or nothing like that. I just thought of you when I read about it. said...

Damn! I was thinking about you this morning when I heard UCLA didn't win. I hope you didn't lose too much. Whatever...I know you will recoup it.
Thanks for the movie review. I will go ahead and get the bootleg from the hair shop this weekend instead of going to the movies.

Loving me like Fresh MONEY! Damn. I feel the love all the way here in Iowa. You just made my day. Now I'm about to go to this interview and get that professional Money. You know how we do! HOLLA!

TheOneandOnlyInsanely said...

Yea, the movie was more for kids, I thought it would be on some grown man shit. I'm mad too that all them niggas my age playing like they in highschool.

Evan Ross is a lame but he did a very good job in the movie, he's a young Terrance Howard...*lol*

I found my new love Esquire (Jackie Long)

Anonymous said...

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