Wednesday, April 12, 2006


"Niggaz Game be weak as a Pack of Kool Aid in 3 Gallons of Water"

Tha BossMack TopSoil

What it Do Readership! Tha BossMack TopSoil loves tha Sun, My Bitches Love Me cause I gets tha Job Done, Nigga! Tha Sun is shinning and tha BossMack is reclining, it's a great day in Compton, USA. Tha Pic above Yessina at Cold Stones in Belmont Shores, California. I'll be doing a bootleg movie review soon, I just picked up "Inside Man", Niggas keep telling me it's a good film. I saw "16 Blocks" yesterday with Mos Def, I must say I am becoming more and more disappointed by that Nigga Mos Def. I'm starting to wonder what kind of Nigga dude is, for real. Tha character he played in "16 Blocks" was a fuckin' buffoon, I guess Niggas got a get they paper but damn! Tha Voice he was using was ridiculous, I could barley watch that shit, I give that film a strong thumbs down. I read some other shit about Mos Def, I read that Nigga is comming up short on tha Child Support Payments, I didn't know that Nigga had so many kids. Dude don't seem like a concious rapper anymore, that nigga seems like a Hollywood Nigga now. I guess he had to be in "16 Blocks" to come up on that BabyMama paper, LMAO!! I'm a Mack, but I still Love tha Kids.

When I finish writting this post, I'm a get in this 13 Mile run today, ya know, just to loosen up my legs, I got another Marathon comming up next Month, The Palos Verdes Marathon. After my run, I got some new type of greenery on deck, I got that "Strawberry Purple", that shit is mind blowing. I'll be on that while I go shopping this afternoon, I need a couple a shirts and some new sneakers, ya dig?

I was posted in My Hood tha otha day choppin it up wit Niggas, I do that pretty much everyday, but this day we were discussing "Tha Game". If you didn't know "Tha Game" is supposedly from a Hood around tha corner from my Hood, his Hood is called "Cedar Block Piru", His brother is one of tha Main OG Niggas from over there. Tell you how money fucks Niggas up, this Nigga Game and his brother aren't even cool anymore, ain't that some shit? Niggas damn near hate each other. Game is out here doing Gay shit, this Nigga went and got a fuck "Butterfly" Tattooed on his fuck face, this Nigga says tha Butterfly symbolizes change, Nigga what!? Niggas think tha symbolizes Gayness. Not that I'm Homophobic, But Nigga this is COMPTON! Niggas must up hold that to tha fullest. When you represent Compton on a Gangsta level, you representing Thousands of Psychopathic Killaz, for real. Have you seen this Niggas new Sneaker line? Tha Hurricane 310? This Nigga has the exact coordinates of his Hood, on his shoes, Brazil St./Wilmington! Don't you know Niggas and Mexicans roll through there daily trying to catch Niggas out there slipping? Oh and you best believe that Nigga Game is no where to be fucking found, that Nigga lives in some gated community over there "Safe Bloodin" Ya dig? Readership, GangBanging is hella real out here, Niggas will Murk you with a quickness. So now a days Niggas from Ceader Block hate tha fuck out of Game, his brother has declared he's not from they Hood anymore. Niggas in Ceader Block that had viable Weed Spots and other illegal businesses up and running are all fucked now, everybody knows where they are, including law enforcement, so now they get raided on a regular basis, Thanks for helpin Your People Game! Then this Nigga gets on tha cover of Sister Sister Magazine and gets to talking about he's abstinate, or celebate or whateva. That is futher adding to tha belief that this Nigga is Gay, Gangstas ain't abstinate, A Gangsta might have just one bitch, but neva abstinate. Niggas is outta they fuckin' Minds. Readership! Did you know that Game use to be a Stripper with blond Hair? Did you know that tha Game was on that dating show "Change of Heart", and he chose to stay together with a bitch, and tha bitch had a change of heart? Did you know that up until 2000 tha Game was from a Crip Hood called Santana Block Crip? Readership, when you GangBang out here, it usually begins when you are 12 - 13 years old and never ends until you die, and you don't change Hoods, ya dig? Suge Knight has pics of Game when he was representing Santana Block Crip, wouldn't you like to see tha Game dressed as a Hard Crip Nigga? I heard that Jay-Z has purchased some video with Game performing as a Stripper, Jay-Z is getting ready to go to war with a lot of Niggas this summer, FYI, ya dig?

Shout out to My Nigga Big T-Ru just got home, It's all love Nigga! You know we talking Bompton, Oh I mean Compton world wide on Muthafukkas.


Clarity-The Rarity said...

oh boi--i mean, oh grown Boss Mackman, what is really good!

butterflies, abstinance, A STRIPPER WITH BLONDE HAIR-what part of the GAME is that?

oh please, please, i beg let someone release the footage
anyhoo, just dropped bye

BossMack said...

CTR - Where you been Babygirl? Thanxs for comming thru.

Nigga Puhleeze...... said...

Man...I've known GAME was a cake every since he dropped!!! That fool claims he was shot all those times and in a coma, when in fact, the nigga came to school the next day after the shooting(LA Harbor College) When was he in a coma?? All he had was a bangage and a sling on his arm! Get the fuck outta here!

Yeah, this fool's Compton pass has been straight revoked. Why you think he squashed that beef with Lil Eazy? He doesn't want to have BOTH hoods against him! Have you seen that friendly ass DVD he did about 50? 50 could SO easily come to Compton and do the exact same thing! As ballin as Big Fase was...his trucks are getting repo'd messing with Game!!

Oh and a big SHUUUUUUUUUUUUU to Big T-RU coming home!!

eb0nie said...

man I felt Game was a twinkie from day one. Nigga had pics of him and 50 kissing and shit, then the tattoo, then the change of hearts show, then the stripper thing. How a gangsta gone be a stripper? What kinda fruity ass shit is that? Dude is in a thong all up his ass. If I find the video Ill send you that link. Smh

Clarity-The Rarity said...

U know i had to get my dose of "Life as a Boss Mack", The True when i feel like Hollyhood story!

Anonymous said...

Instead of worrying about stupid nigger shit slipsoil you should be trying to make some real money. Who gives a fuck about stupid ass rappers or niggers killing each other. Niggers killing each other in coonville I mean compton only means more ot for the SO.
Go to this link and read about a real black man doing something.

That Girl Tam said...

NIGGERS? Wow...umm...I'm not sure what to even say to that one...I can't even comment on the subject of today's blog because I'm so distracted by the word "NIGGER"

Nika Laqui said...

Ummm,yea everybody out here be roasting Game gay ass butterfly cheek having ass....
Yea, even out here if you flip, you gets no respect.....but that gangbangin shit is played out here, but niggas be beefin ver terriority, GDs against GDs, Stones against Stones, its bout paper not colors no more out here.

Gangbangin is so played you have niggas thats opposition, getting money together, riding down on niggas together, that they have beef with, regardless of the gang affliation.

Niggas need to wise up and see that is only another method of conquering and divining an already separated nation.

TheGod said...

Mos Def:
Yeah, my homegirl was in Brooklyn back in like 98 and she and Mos Def tried to become an item. She was meeting all the rap dudes from N.Y. because she had got a job working for Russell Simmons.
She says she couldn't fuck with Mos Def because he had way too many women and kids. I don't really give a damn..because that is ol' boys business. I didn't see the movie you are talking about, & I don't think I can take no coon acting niggas.

I saw GAME on U tube. He admitted to be down with the crips before he became a blood. Here is the video url I found...he talks alot about being a blood and his come up:

Speaking on transformers...I knew a dude who thought he was blood and switched over to being crip. The funny thing is...dude never been to the west. Born and Raised in Rome GA. It is funny to me how rap music and movies give people heart.

There was like 30 something negroes out here in GA claiming blood. How stupid these niggas were...they all claimed different sets, but ran together saying they were one gang. You had one saying he was from Crenshaw Mafia, another one saying he was a Rollin' 20, all the way to Pirus. They were running around doing dumb shit..until some of em got shot, and the one I spoke of previously transforming got Life in Prison for murder.

I went to visit him in county before they shipped him to jackson..and he was crying and scared. I was like I thought you was hard and shit. He wasn't and I knew he wasn't.

Niggas want to be hard until they understand what hard is.

I never been to Compton..I have friends from L.A. and Growing up in Denver..we dealt with that gang I know it ain't no joke. I don't see how GAMES brother let him transform. If he knew he was affiliated with crips..why let him bang blood?

It will be interesting to see how it all turns out.

brwn_eyes_brwngirl said...

thats funny about the game...honestly, I've never had respect for anybody down with g-unit, like I use to like m.o.p...but after they signed with g-unit, I gave them two thumbs down...I like rappers who act like grown men, and the game, 50, and the rest of them never seemed to be that way, I don't think I'd even pay to see the game stripping with blonde hair cause thats one thing I can believe without having to see it.


Anonymous said...

Do you talk funny all the time?

You talk like a cartoon character.