Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Check A Bitch Monday On Tuesday: Tha Stinking Rose

What it Do Readership! Tha BossMack TopSoil is always in tha Game, Even when I lose I still does my Thang. Yeah, Yeah, You-Klah got fucked up last night what can I say, you MackMan Hero lost $350.00, My bookie was laughin at me. Niggas been calling me all morning talking shit. My Nigga Big Miami called me up as soon as tha game was over, Niggas was yellin so fucking much I couldn't even hear what tha fuck he was saying. Oh well, I still came out ahead overall. I gots to give it up to Florida, that Noah Nigga is ready for tha NBA period dot. I could tell in tha first minute of tha Game UCLA was about to get handled, and they got handled.

Well other than that beat down I saw, I great today. I woke up to see that it was raining like a muthafukka, it's like tha sky was crying for YOU-Klah, LMAO! My number one Zee took care of a Nigga well last night, she hooked up tha Salmon and steamed veggies, I love that bitch down to tha puzzy stains in her panties. I like when bitches see you pissed and they try to make that shit better.

I was listening to tha News this Morning, Fat Boy (Suge Knight) has to file for Bankruptcy protection to keep from getting turned into a broke muthafukka. I wonder is tha judge going to let him keep his Diamond encrusted handcuffs? Fat Boy has fell a long way from tha top, dude should get tha Idiot of tha Century Award. I remember vividly how this Nigga had Tupac, Dr. Dre & Snoop Dog on tha team, and fucked it off. I could never understand why that niggas couldn't stay in tha background, like he was in tha "G-Thang" Video, you know he was in that, but tha Nigga was so low key you couldn't tell who he was. I thought that was tha shit at tha time, but over time I could see he wanted to be in tha front. Funny, I remeber my Nigga Big Jake (Jai Hassan Jamal Robles, you can google that name and see tha significance of my Nigga) told me how Fat Boy was with bitches. He told me one day him and Fat Boy were rolling from tha Death Row Office in Westwood, taking tha surface streets instead of tha freeways back to Compton, when Fat Boy noticed that they were in tha neighborhood of one of his Many, Many, Many bitches. He got on tha phone and called tha bitch, he told her he was stopping by right quick. They pulled up at her house, Fat Boy jumped out went to tha door, Tha Bitch came to tha door with a Bathrobe on, He grabbed tha bitch right there at tha door, bent her over and fucked her doggystyle right there in broad daylight in tha door way for tha benifit of Big Jake. He then busted a Nut on ber back, wiped his Dick off with her bathrobe, turned around and came back to tha car, tha whole episode lasted 5 minutes, True Story, that on everything I love.

Check a Bitch Monday On Tuesday: Tha Stinking Rose!

Saturday Night your Mackman hero hooked up with his peoples and did it big at tha Stinking Rose in Beverly Hills. My Nigga Onion had some bitches come down from Oakland to kick it, Of course tha Main Bitch was his, but she brought friends. I was in a good mood, YOU-Klah had just won more money for me, I was happy I didn't fuck with tha George Mason/Florida Game. I love tha Stinking Rose, they have some excellent food in that muthafukka. We always kick it in tha Bar Area. When I arrived Onion was holding court wit tha bitches, they were already eating, and there were several bottles of Moet on tha table. Onion greeted me warmly and smiled like tha Mack he is, his bitch stayed close to him, tha other bitches lit up when they saw me. There were two extra bitches, all of these bitches looked like Keisha Cole diciples, which was cool, but I knew I would be facing extreme Ghettoism. One of tha Bitches really caught my attention, she was dark skinned with a really clear skin, it was like she glowed health, her smile was brilliant. Her hair was medium length but all her's, ya dig. I was feeling her krispy all white fresh out tha box Air Force Ones & Antik Jeans. I love bitches that know how to rock kripsy sneakers. Her Name was Genisha, Her friends name was Rolonda, I wasn't feeling her. Now Rolonda was cool looking, You know, she was rocking lables but it was like thats what made her look at least decent, there somthing about her I just wasn't feeling, I couldn't put my finger on it. Onion was lively, tha conversation flowed, Genisha could tell I wanted to fuck with her, I directed my conversation to her. I noticed Rolonda was getting restless, she did'nt like tha lack of attention. I whispered to Onion, "Nigga, I somebody else comming, we need sombody to distract Rolonda" Onion responded "I know, This Nigga WD is supposed to come but this Nigga ain't answering his chirp". Then Rolonda said somthing tha pissed me off, she said "Uhh, What up Top, What up wit that Purple Nigga, Don't hide it, Provide it!" I was like "Naw babygirl you got that Good from Oakland, I know a Bitch like you didn't come here without?" She was visibly disturbed by my response. For tha record I'm always down to blow purple wit bitches, But I'm not cool wit a bitch asking me to put fire on sumpthin. A real bitch will have somthing on deck and offer that shit, then I'll break out wit mine, ya dig? Anyways after that exchange we was beefing for tha rest of tha night. Onion didn't give a fuck, he had a suite at tha Hyatt in Long Beach at tha Shorline, thats where he was taking his bitch after we ate. I told Genisha we should exchange communication info, I told her I'd might have to leave, that bitch was sad. I said "Look, everything is Velvet, I don't wanna have to Cuss out your homegirl" She was like "I understand". After tha food and drinks, we all went out to get our vehicles from Valet parking, My Truck was pulled around first, I climbed in, I rolled down tha drivers side window, I told Onion "I'm out Nigga Call me later", He said "Yeah Nigga, I'm a hit you", then Rolonda ran up to my drivers side window and said "I thought we was gonna kick it?" I knitted my eyebrows together like "What", then she pulled out her average ass tiddies and said "So you gonna miss out on all this" I busted out laughing, and looked pasted her and said "Genisha, you need to come and get your homegirl" then I peeled off. You see how bitches are?


mrs.tj said...

Hey! You win some, you lose some.

BossMack said...

Thas right Babygirl.

TheGod said...

Rolonda got caught up in energy of the Top Mack. It's funny when people catch them vibes and release the beast inside.

Thanks for visiting my blog Top. I appreciate it.

On another note...In my early days I sat and studied in the ciphers with the Nation of 5%. I studied "circle 7" with brothers and sistas of the Moorish Science Temple. The information became limiting and I sought higher.

I am a Nuwaubian.

Miss Ahmad said...

Mack have one of your broads take to see Common in Hollywood on Thursday at the Cabana Club...it should be a fly little scene. Check my blog for more information if you are interested.

I know how you like to get out and about town!

GoBetty said...

That was a crazy story...

mrs.tj said...

Funny stuff.
I know Suge has to have a back up plan besides the bankruptcy. I'm sure he don't have the 100 mil to give up to chick, but damn. He has been kicking it and not making not too much money. I hope he truly enjoyed it while he had it.
No matter WHO it is, I hate to have to see the downfall on ANY black man.

eb0nie said...

Lol I saw that game...now I can just imagin how you just lost your money. Everybody out here was disapointed in UCLA. AHHHH and this rain is not the business. I'm gone need for you to use your Mack Hero powers and make it stop. K? Anyway good post as usual. You never disapoint me. :)

See Ya

Anonymous said...

I bet your punk ass would not work up to Suge and say shit. Chicken ass.

BossMack said...

theGod - Peace God, You know we straight peoples.

Miss A - I can't promise you nathan, but I will try.

Betty - You know you my Girl, Thanx baby.

Mrs Tj - You know I always like to see you come thru baby.

EB - I feeling you baby, Keep Comming thru.

Anon - Thanks for being a Fan, Come back tomorrow and read all about your MackMan Hero.

Doc Flav said...

Im A Generous Guy By Nature, But I Cant Stand When Folks Male Or Female For Anything, Thats A Trick Test. Simon Got A Plan Though I Think He Got A Lot Of Music In The Vault Plus Some New Artists. He Just Got To Shake The Stress Off His Pockets Like Ms T J Said.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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