Friday, April 21, 2006

Happy Belated 4-20!

What it Do Readership! Happy Belated 4-20! If you didn't celebrate tha holiday, Kick Rocks! Tha BossMack TopSoil is in tha Fuckin' Building, Don't get mad at me if Yo Bitch is catchin' feelings! As Always your MackMan Hero is Relucent, it's a great day out here, I Love Southern California. Tha BossMack would like to thank everyone for tha outstanding response to tha post tha day before yesterday, on "No Niggas for My Moms and Them", I especially would like to thank Miss Amhad for saying "The Controversial BossMack" on her blog, Thanks baby. Oh yeah I wanna shout out Nsane Lee Sane for sending me that Message last night too, I got that baby. Tha BossMack will begin to add some political and social commentary to tha post every now anfd then, My Next focus is going to be a hell of a issue also "Big Homies & Little Homies", stay tuned for that one next week.

I was watching Americans Next Top Bitch tha other night, and I became aware of some shit, I really like that Bitch "Jade" from New York. Readership, If you wanna really see what a really cut throat survival type bitch looks like, she's that. I feel like that Bitch should win based on how she performed this past week. They had some shit on there where those bitches were being heavily shit on by a fake modeling agency representative, and that bitch handled that shit, them other bitches crumbled. I also would like to point out she's not tha finest bitch on tha show either, but mentally, she is getting inside those other bitches heads, and fucking them over. I belive it's going to come down to her and that little African Bitch. I can't wait to see that Little african Bitch shit on her Weenie Ass dude too, Dude looked like a straight CupCake this past week kissing that bitches ass.

This is tha Year of tha Slick Bitch on tha Come Up! Remember what I said about how you can start off like a Mack and end up a Sucka? Well your boy Flavor Flav? Is a Fucking Sucka for letting that Bitch Hoops run circles around him. I knew it was a mistake to pick that bitch, he should have picked New York, New York would have heald him down. Hoops won that contest, then turned around and put that Nigga in tha "Friend Zone", Bitches reading my words you know what that is, Don't Cha! Or should I say "Sucka Zone", LMAO! Now I hear that bitch is fucking wit T.I.! Now that right there is good Macking, T.I. comming through and taking his bitch like that.........It's beautiful, thats what it's all about. Oh and check Hoops int hat New King Magazine to, Clowing that Nigga Flav. I also want to give it up to Kimora Lee Simmons, thats a REAL BITCH right there. She is my Bitch of tha Year Hands down. Not only did she Marry Sucka Simmons and get half, that bitch took Baby Phat and made that shit WAY HOTTER tha fuckin Phat Farm. So now that Bitch has tha Kids, Tha Business and she's still Young and Fly, Expect to see that Bitch chillin with a NBA Nigga of somthing.

Have A Good Weekend!


Nika Laqui said...

Did you puff puff and pass it though?...*lol*

Miss Ahmad said...

thanks for the shout out black man...goodness knows you keeps it controversial!

Zeezy4Sheezy said...

"Expect to see that Bitch chillin with a NBA Nigga of somthing.Have A Good Weekend! "

Bruh i think its already too late.. I heard she been kickin wit Stephon Marbury of the Knicks..

GoBetty said...

What's 4-20? I saw this all over Craigslist. Thanks baby. said...

gobetty...4-20 is the puffer/chockers holiday worldwide. Celebrate if you don't have to drop.

I got to give it up to Kimora...that chick is HOT doing her thang making Russy Poo look crazy as hell. But I'm just think Russ got something on the back burner for her ASS! HA! That's how nigga's be for REAL!

Anonymous said...

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