Wednesday, April 19, 2006

No Niggas Available for My Moms and Them

"Niggas that can survive in the environment within America are extremely valubable commodities to Bitches"

Tha BossMack TopSoil 2001

What it Do Readership! Tha BossMack TopSoil is way innovative, CupCakes & Weenie Dudes wanna make you hate it! Hate Me and my Game that is. Oh Shit it's great day in Compton USA, once again your MackMan Hero is relucent. Tha Summer is upon us all, I'm Ready, I'm doing big traveling this summer. Most definitely a Nigga will be in Chicago, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Memphis and Las Vegas to say tha least. As a matter of fact I'll be in Vegas soon. You know a Nigga like me has to roll out there every now and then, snatch me up a suite at tha Wynn, blow purple and lay up with a bad bitch all day, ya dig? Then I'll blow purple and eat lavishly like an awful Tyrant, excpet I'm you MackMan Hero, Nigguh!

Tha Pic above, thats Tha BossMack TopSoil and his Uncle Bobby Handz of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is My Pops Brother, My Nigga is a Well established Barber with a Couple a shops on Deck. Bobby Handz is a Mack, with a Massive Stable, Dude has to be 56 Years old, Bitches worship my Peoples. In a depressed enviornment like Milwaukee, this Man is a Legend.

Today's post is a little different than normal. I'm going to address a Social issue that is Major in tha Black Community Nation wide. Tha issue is tha absolute lack of sucessful African American Men over 50 years old. All of my Niggas and myself basically grew up in Single parent homes head by our mothers. I mean ALL of my Niggas. I have also notice that ALL of our mothers have great difficulty finding a African American Man that at LEAST has a Job, is not on drugs, is not in and out tha Pen. I'm telling you Black women look around, there are no Men. Take my own Mother, she had been dealing with tha same Nigga for 12 to 15 years. This is a Nigga who in his prime, was a hell of a Gangsta, His glory days are behind him now. All thats left is his addiction to Crack, memories of greatness, A bad Hip, and a mind full of simple crimminal schemes that send him in and out of prison. Why did my Mother put up with this? Well this is a Nigga who use to be a great Pimp, he knows what to do to get over, He cooks, cleans, runs errands for her, and he never hits her or raises his voice, in short he's a slave, well sort of. He still is able to get over now and then, since he's thinking like a smoker (A person that smokes Crack) he is very clever and always on tha watch for an opportunity. Lets say my mother falls asleep and has a loose $40.00 in her purse, he'll get that, and she'll be confused on what happen to it, then he'll of course lie about it. This has went on for years, She's tha Man of tha house and he's tha Bitch. Now of course he has gotten her for more money but, thats neither here nor there, tha point is it's kind of like a trade off for all of his duties as her slave. Oh, of course Men like this don't have cars, it's to difficult to pay registration, and impossible to maintain a valid driver's license because of failed child support payments. So, Men like this drive tha Womans car all day while she's at work, and while she's at work dude is feet up status, but, he does have dinner on tha table when she walks through tha door. Now you wonder why doens't tha BossMack Beat his ass and put him out? Well, it's not my house, if I do threaten him on tha low, he's just like a bitch, he'll tell my mother, then Moms gets to tripping on me. So all I can really do is monitor tha situation, and make sure shit doesn't get out of hand. My situation is one situation, this scenario is being played out all across America. I know Muthafukkas in Atlanta going through this shit, Muthafukkas in Texas going throught it, this is a side effect of tha 70's and 80's for real.

So now there is an entire generation of Successful African American Women over 50, with no Niggas available. What does this mean? How does this play out? Well in short, a Nigga over 50 that looks decent with a good source of income and his own residence, can have as Many Bitches as he fuckin' wants. Muthafukkas wanna say when a Mack gets old it's over? Please Nigga, I know a few dudes that have Super Stables, like 15 Plus bitches. All of his bitches break they fucking necks for that Nigga, they know they lucky as fuck he is in their lives, really. I gotta tell ya, I'd rather see my Mother go out with a Nigga that has shit, and a few bitches on tha side, than a total fuck leach loser bring nathan to tha table. I was talking to my Nigga Brazy Nella tha otha day, he was kicking rocks, I said "What's wrong Nigga?" , he said "Top, it's fucked up Nigga, I stopped by Moms today and that Nigga Delvert was over there braiding her hair, like a bitch, smiling at me and shit" I was like "What Nigga, ain't Delvert that smoker that use to be up there on 135th/Avalon working at that car wash?" He was like "Yeah Nigga, thats Moms Dude Now" I was like "Man, I feel you Nigga, we all going through it". You see is a fucked up situation, Oh and it really trickles down to Young African American women also. Tha only difference is, there are more available men for younger women, also young Niggas are or apt to really get involved heavily in illegal business.

I like tha statistics, African Americans make up what 13% of tha United States Population. African American Men make up tha majority of United States Prison population. African American Men are the most unemployed. African American women earn more money overall than African American Men leagally. Thus tha African American Man is humiliated in front of his woman, therefore it is difficult to keep tha family together. Lets be real here, if your woman makes for money than you do, there is going to be a problem with who is rocking tha pants in tha house. I don't give a fuck what anyone says, there will be problems.

In conclusion I wanna shout out My Nigga Big Lee who just past away at 57 Years old. Dude was a straight Mack, He had a Home & Good Job, which enabled him to be a Good Mack. At his funeral including Babymamas dude had SEVEN bitches on deck, tha Main Bitch put on tha Biggest show, A Nigga was Macking even in Death. Lets be real, a Nigga has to be superman out here to have nice shit. Bitches are not giving you a pass for being broke and struggling, and I'm not giving bitches passes either. Look around you, Look at what tha fuck is happening, Real Niggas are extremely valuable, thats why Macking works.


Anonymous said...

Yeah this shit is really true, too bad that this is something that his been going on in the Black community for years, and I don’t think that it will be able to stop until the media stops promoting the ideas that our young black men are respected if they are a gangsta or a rapper. The problem in the community starts from too many males thinking that the quick dollar is the best dollar. They lose all sight of the big picture; they have the mentality of I need it now in the next 2 years instead of looking to where they WILL be in 10 years. Most Caucasians and Asians already know that the real success comes after educating ones self during the early years in your 20’s and then reaping the benefits for the REST of your life, but after the Crack game everybody in the community saw how quick a NOBODY could be somebody over night. Unfortunately that money never lasted and the person was never the same after they lost it all, and most people who did make it that way DID lose it all within 5 years of making it. Now we have a new generation that looks at videos and listens to 50 Cents and really thinks that is the way to make it. Being a man who started off the wrong way because of the illusion and then luckily finding myself in time to make a change and get an education, I can now pull up with just as much money as anybody in the hood and feel good that the police can’t take anything from me. I am married now but when I was single I tripped on how many women would love to hear about what I did for a living. The trip thing is when I go to black clubs a woman will just ask if you HAVE a job, but in a white club they ask what career are you in. Black women almost have to lower their standards to BE with a Black man, because if they do get someone who is handsome and successful they then have to worry about the sharing him factor. I do feel for the Black women’s plight, but I sure do love how the brothers that do got it together get to play the game like a 20 year ALL STAR ;-)

That Girl Tam said...

hehehe...@ anonymous...spoken like a true "MACK"

I would have to agree with the anonymous comment. Although I am married now, during a time when I was single - finding a decent man, with an education and a decent job was hard to find. Now being in my 30s, if a man doesn't have his shit together by the time he's 30 - there's a problem.

My stepson longs to be a rapper because of the bullshit that's glorified on tv and videos. And although my husband and I try to discourage him from making this prospect a TRUE DREAM, he thinks we're talkin out of our asses. My college sweetheart was an aspiring (and incredibly talented) rapper/producer who ended up securing a deal with Priority Records...but when THAT shit didn't pan out like he had hoped, he had a 4.0 GPA and a college degree to fall back on. He had a plan and a BACK UP for the BACK UP plan.

Society and the media perpetuates the bullshit that's fed to this younger generation of children that lack the "go get 'em" attitude that we all were drilled with as children. We went outside to play with our friends, rode our bikes, skated our asses up and down the streets. Boys played football in the street or basketball at the park...our of this NEW generation, they sit in front of the television, play video games all day or sit on wasting their little lives away with their heads filled with fantasies of being famous one day.

I'm one of the lucky ones. My husband (once a fallen angel), redeemed himself. He's educated, has a wonderful career and earns a FANTASTIC living for our family. He has truly earned the right to be the head of our household...and since I'm the "ride or die" kinda bitch that I AM, he knows I've got his back...and I'm down for whateva!!

Great post today... said...

I think that’s why Black women put up with whatever type of man they get. They don’t want to be alone, so they take whatever nigga that is willing or able to walk up into they house hold. Then they wonder why he ain’t no good!

I have to give it up to my Hubby! He changed his lifestyle dramatically and decided that he has more responsibilities other than the street. You know I’m a heifer who likes to do me, and he does what he does. All I say if you kick it with another chick…I GET HALF! And If I see a nigga, you get half. Now if someone gets cut in the middle of our situation, that’s what you call a consequence. It’s just better to stay monogamous! I think square dudes now a days see the consequences in their actions so that helps them do right.

Anonymous said...

You are a prime example of the reason the black community is a mess. Self fulfilling prophesy. More worried about smoking weed jewelry and cars and eating in nice restaurants. You talk about getting money from women but how much money are you really getting? If that is your retirement plan you are in bad shape. You are nigger rich, all your money in your pocket and nothing in the bank. How much are you worth? A man your age should be much further along in the money making department. Having a ghetto house in Compton and a condo in long beach is not a big deal. If you would put more time into making money then being a so called mack I am sure you would be rich. You could be rich but I doubt it. In a few years when you are closing in on fifty you will probably end up like most of your friends and family. But of course growing up in the ghetto you had no real role models. Having a barber shop is great if that is all you want. Like many people today you are nothing but a consumer, buying the latest fashion or ipod or phone. Why in the fuck would someone buy a fucking phone with a camera? But millions of idiots have one and don’t really need it. I know many multi millionaires and not one of them have a fucking blackberry. Of course many people with money have them, but if you are riding the bus and make 50k a year what the fuck do you need a blackberry for when a .99 address book will do? Black people always pick the losing team and go for the okey doke. The information is out there it is not hidden but we don’t seem to be able to gleam it from the vine.

Miss Ahmad said...

as painfully aware as i am that we live in a disenfranchised community, i think allot of "real" topics have been hit on here.

the true divide is socio-economics, not just money class, which then dictates the circles your roll in.

uptight middle class black men who do nothing but hate themselves thru their hatred of other blacks are a dime a dozen, especially where i'm from.

the fact that black men and women have been pinned against each other since slaverly has continuously taken its toll on the black community.

middle class people get married, to protect their assests, pass along their wealth and reap the rewards of dual income.

women with long term goals seek men who have pension and retirement and long term financial goals and solutions.
these women seek providers, not just bed warmers or "company"

men who are taken out of the role of providers suffer from the illness of's a damn damn shame

P said...


Everything that everyone has said is so voluminous I'm overwhelmed.

(And it takes a lot to shut my piehole up).

I could go on and on about this, but I won't.

For the black male.

There is so much that I want to say regarding my beloved black men. I won't make any excuses for them, but I do agree with Tam and "Anonymous" (First Post) that there are so many negative images displayed and depicted, that must reach deep down into their psyches. Similar to the elements that occur when someone becomes anorexic or bulimic - trying to obtain the unobtainable.

Though I did graduate from college let's not get education mixed up with social status, responsibility, and success. I do NOT believe that college is for everybody and everybody is for college. However, I do think that you do need appropriate skills sets for how you want to make a living in your life - And more often than not that includes a college education. However, I must say that being educated DOES not solve our problems. We have More BS's in this world now, that is full of BS (pun intended).

With that said, I don't think that our men our equipped. Is is their fault? That's debatable. I'm into personal responsibility, but I also know that there by the grace of God, there goes I. Any one of us could have taken the dark road, and it appears as if "Anonymous" was down that road a time or two.

But I do know that they can recover and get it together. The question is, where are the resources and tools to make that happen, particularly in a culture that has voted in the Higher Education Act, which prohibits financial aid from being dispensed to folks who have been convicted of selling controlled substances.

You start running into theories such as Anomie Strain, where a person can't win for losing. I am reminded of the song "What Can I Do" by Ice Cube.

Bottom line, we are all ultimately responsible for our behaviors. We can't keep blaming society. But WE CAN identify some of the obstacles that are occuring in order to keep cycles running. It only takes one time/incident/traumatic event to send someone spiraling into the depthts of despair.

Tam: You are RIGHT on with what happened when we were younger. You couldn't GET us to come in the house. Now these kids are obsessed with video games, computers and the like, and we are NOT even going to mention my space.

All of my information sounds convoluted, but that's actually how I feel regarding my mourning of our men.

I find it often amusing that everytime a female has an issue, it's addressed:

- Girls need separate math classes because they don't learn like boys.
- Girls are anorexic because of society.
- Women in jail need special care.
- Women who kill their kids are psychos.
- Women who have sex with underage children are bi-polar.

Where are the special needs for our men? They do have them, you know.

Okay, time for me to shut up.

Nika Laqui said...

Real shit...

That Girl Tam said...

@ P: Didn't you say you could go on about this, but won't??? What the hell happened??? DAYYYUUMMM GINA!!!

chris said...

Hi, I just read your post and as much as i hated to read it I know it is true. The black family is in jeapordy. Every other race knows that when there are two parents in the home the kids are much better off, even if they don't have alot of money. When mothers and fathers play an active role in the children's life the kids are better off. We are a generation of single parent children and the cycle will continue unless WE do something to break it. Yea that "playa for Life" thing sounds good, getting as many women as you can sounds good too. Using men for money sounds like a good idea at first. The ones who really suffer from our selfishness, lust, and greed are our children who didn't get a chance to live in a house hold with a mother and father, and who didn't get a chance to see what a marriage looks like. I have alot of friends who don't know their real father....all they know are the many boyfriends their mother had. There was never a positive role model of a man. Now we have MTV and BET teaching our young boys how to be men...and we know what problems that is causing.

BBB_0202020 said...

hopefully things will get better for our quality of life...soon!

Ladynay said...

Can't say anything that hasn't been touched on already.

Wonderful post!

BossMack said...

Anon (Mack) - I know you have got to be Tam's husband. What's good peoples, I know you have commented before. I know if Tam if Real YOU are Real or yall woulnd be tight. I appreciate that comment, very on point and insightful. I appreciate dude who really ran them streets then switched up.

Tam - I agree with you on that shit about them Video Games. I put this on everything, One day I looked at my PS/2 and realized I was wasting my time playing that bullshit. I gave that shit away, I also try not to watch BET and MTV too much. I tell Niggas everyday, BET has sent Niggas to tha Pen and tha Graveyard, Thats why that Nigga Robert Johnson and his Ex-Bitch is so fuckin' paid.

Mrs Tj - Thanks for your input and REAL insight. You understand this survival shit, Thats why I fuck with you baby.

Anon Fan - You are a smart dumb person, ya dig? You make assertions about me and you don't know anything about me, thats dumb, you seem old so YOU should be smarter than that. I say you seem old because you are out of touch with Real Niggas, you have to be old and square.

Miss Ahmad - It seems like that anon I just responded to fits tha profile of tha middle class African American that hates himself. Good comment loved one.

P - You just flowed and glowed on this one baby.

N/L/S - Thank you baby.

Tigerkiss - Hey baby, it's about time you came back to see yo Nigga!

Chris - Thanks for tha time and effort you put into your comment. I feel you on all of your points. Man, Come back again.

Ladynay - You beautiful all day!

Anonymous said...

There is a lot to be said about this topic. The state of the black family is definitely in jeopardy. It is tragic. My thing is this. We all know that there is a shortage in quality black men or brotha's with the total package (and I dont mean perfect, nobody's perfect). This may be why so many black woman are choosing to date outside of their race. I think they are tired of having to coerce a MF to work hard so they can have something (shit what man in his right mind doesnt want something in life?) after she busted her ass to get where she is. It isnt fair to the black woman to play momma to her kids and a grown ass man. Me personally I'll have to end up alone before I fuck with a crackhead b/c I dont want to be by myself. This is so fucking sad but it was a post that made you really think where the fuck are we going as a people?

TheGod said...

Peace God!
Another Great Entry.

This was some very good reading. I did not grow up in a single parent household.

But My dad remarried and so did my mom. My stepdad was just like ol boy at your moms joint. He would sit around on his ass all day and sleep, drink up all the kool-aid, but wake up & clean, cook her dinner and what not.

After 20 something years of that bounced. He couldn't survive without her and followed her. He tried slangin'..but got popped and had to serve 2 years.

Men today are not men..but they do like to pretend. They are just bitches with dicks.

Man you motivated me to create a similar post. I will do it sometime in the near future..but I will link back to your site. You deserve your just dues...

Great damn Topic

Peace God!

eb0nie said...

Im late and every thing I will say this is a good post, I feel you on the old dudes thats getting in their 50ies and aint got shit going. It depresses me to see the men in my family like that. Theyre old they use to have jobs, Now their on drugs or have some kinda dependency on alcohol or some other substance. I look at em and I be like what the hell did you do with your life? If they dont have a woman in their lives they dont even have a place to live. They run back to their mothers house. How you be a 50 y/o man still living with your mother? Its a vicious life. I'll be a lesbian befor I settle for some crack head man that braids hair and Iron my cloths just to have a place to stay with nothing of his own. That and Ill put the local pleasure store outta business, and invest my money in Duracell/Energizer Stock!

Anonymous said...

James you are correct, I know nothing about you except what you write on your blog. And from your blog is what I based my post on nothing else. You didn’t read my comment when I said you could be rich but I doubt it. A brother that brags about taking money from women most likely is not a man that has it going on. Also why would you think I hate myself? Most intelligent people would think a man such as yourself has self hate not I? You are making assumptions. Based on my income I am not middle class, not bragging just telling it like it this. Real niggas? And who decides what is real and fake ? How many black women have you hurt and used? How many black families have you lifted up out of the ghetto? Well if you are old then I guess I would be considered old. I may seem old to you because you act very immature for a man your age. Grow up brother. Square come on brother that is a pretty played out term you can do much better then that. Because I don’t talk about the struggle I am not real according to you! Understand you are part of the problem you posted about what an oxymoron. My post must have hit close to home for you. Don’t worry this will be my last post. James you still have allot to learn and brother I don’t have the time or inclination to teach you.

Paula D. said...

Just like Chris said....I hated to read it because it is so true. Good post!

TrinaBeingTrina said...

Hey you, what it do...I see you got everyone talkin' about this one. I won't leave a long drawn out comment. I just want to go in sort of a different direction...We are all agreeing that the problem stems from the home and the fact that most of our men didn't have a father around and that even goes for our women not having a father around that they put up with anything, but that is a different subject...What about my boyfriend who grew up with BOTH parents. He had a wonderful upbringing. His mother and father were married exactly 26 years before he passed. His father had a good job for the Board of Education, which he held down for about 20 years. His mother is a nurse. He grew up in the church. He actually know the bible. Eventhough he grew up in the city he had every opportunity extended to him, but he still wound up right in the streets. It doesn't matter what he does the streets are always calling his name and he answers.

How can he grow up in that type of environment with all the love and support in the world and still become the father on 4 illigitimate kids, have a record and still refuses to turn his life around?

Doc Flav said...

I See Folks Like Me Check Out The Mack's Site And Post When Compelled. Let Me Just Say, Be Proud Of Yo Shack In Compton, Be Proud Of Yo Condo In Long Beach, If You Got A Chance To Cop That Video Phone With The Bluetooth Get That Muthafucka! Why Settle? Some Other Folk Spend That Type Of Bread To Buy They Dog A Sweater. Brothers Face Background Checks, Drug Tests And Various Obstacles Just To Get A Job Pumping Gas! So We Hustle Get Another Charge, Fill A Cell, Get Out Maybe And The Cycle Continues. I Got 3.5 Years Of An Accounting Degree @ Fisk Univ And Cant Get A Clerical Gig. I Gotta Compensate My Income From A Bs Job Somehow, Taking Risks. I Know Better Than To Quit Striving To Get Right, But Its Hard Yall, Thinkin Bout This Shit To Type Almost Bring A Tear To My Eye. I Dont Want To Be That 50 Yr Old Dude Man, I Mean Im On Probation, No Felonys, Quit Getting High And Still Getting [Black]balled Plus Add On Im In Nashville Tenn Also. **Smh** Thats All...

Anonymous said...

As a young (white) woman I was verbally attacked by an older black man who accused me of being a "F***ing racist" because he was buying cajun seasoning for his crawfish boil and I said, as I checked him out (I worked for a grocery store) that I hoped he had a great boil and I wished I could come but I had to work. It was all light and free and just casual chit chat as I checked him out. He literally followed me around to the back of the store and verbally assaulted me - called me every name in the book - and stood only 2" from my face. He was much bigger than I. An older (white) man witnessed everything and I was thankful for his presence (not because he was white!!) because I was sure the crazy (black) man was going to beat the crap out of me.

I marched to the front of the store and told my (black) manager that the black customer called me a nigger-hater and my (black) manager rolled his eyes, had me escorted upstairs, and called the police. I could have filed charges, but I didn't.

For the past 10 yrs I've been afraid to even look a black person in the eye because I'm afraid they will take it the wrong way and accuse me of being a racist, which I am not. My sister-in-law is black, and we have talked about this many times. She did not realize that some black people are as racist as some white people.

That Girl Tam said...

@ Trinabeingtrina: Good angle to look at this scenario. From that perspective I think it's about CHOICE. People sometimes CHOOSE to do stupid shit and live their lives in a stupid manner - which results in such things like 4 iligitimate children - at that point, people have to take responsibility for their own actions. THAT simply cannot be blamed on being a product of one's own element (which often times is a crutch for black men).

Miss Ahmad said...

Now I don't know if Anon is a middle class hater, but coming from a middle class environment I have seen so many folks one generation out of the ghetto, or the south, or from poverty, who swear they can't stand niggaz...mean while their kids still worship the streets.

their sons wanna be "hard" their daughters date, dudes with "street cred" and I think that folks are being too naive to believe that your own mom, sister, daughter, or nieces could end up with some sub par dude just behind the numbers alone.

i don't always agree with boss mack, but this was a damn good topic to post!

I can't say that I think Macking is the answer, but I'm not here to convert anyone!

GoBetty said...

Burning up the posts. That's the sign of a great entry. Love the provocation. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

To the anon white woman that had a bad experience. Thats sad, but oh well sad, worng and bad shit happens and you cant hold all black men accountable for what one black man did. So get over it. Black people experience racism every damn day just about but we have to keep on living, besides that is not the topic at hand. The topic was the shortage of older black men for older black woman. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

I said I was not going to post again but. Miss A I am not a hater at all. I am not one generation removed from poverty the south or the ghetto. You have missed the point of my posts. Being a Black Man in America you can’t help but be affected by racism and it doesn’t matter how much you have or where you live it will touch you. We have a couple of choices when we get knocked down either stay down or get back up. I prefer to get back up! Doc Flav you sound like a real brother, a young man like yourself should be making money and not have to look over his shoulder. Tell you what I am about to set up a new LLC down south before the end of the year. It depends on how things work out for me in the next couple of months. If things go my way I will post an email on the macks site if that is cool with mack and you can contact me.

Miss Ahmad said...

Anon~I once again I wasn't saying that you were that "hater" I was speaking of the environment I was raised in. Our backgrounds all differ. My Great Grand Mother was a college Graduate and her father owned extensive property in the South.

What I see are my own cousins, and friend's kids and folks I grew up drawn to the street life over and over again..looking for something "real" looking for something outside of the Middle Class Cloud they live on.

As a race I am simply saying we are it or not, we're all connect!

i like liquor and tv said...

wow@the mack still having powers beyond the grave

Zeezy4Sheezy said...

Much respect for the knowledge you just spit.. Very much needed.. keep it up pimpin

Al's WIfe said...

Marry. Marry like your life depends on it. Do not wait for an accountant with a six figure income or a ___ball player who makes millions, he is NOT coming. He does NOT live in your neighborhood. He does NOT know who you are. Marry that guy at the Department of Water and Power, that Probation Officer, The Manager at Ralphs. One plus one is always going to be two.

The problem you speak of happens often becuase we wait and wait and wait and then look up and realize that what we have been waiting for is NOT coming and so we snatch whatever is left.

We need to school our sons and daughters early on that the boy at church, the girl on the soccer team, that is your wife. She is growing up in a stable two parent household (more of this is happening today, thank god), she is studious, NOT fast, and kind. Or that boy who likes science so much but might be a little geeky in school - THAT is your husband.

We are taking to many of the early opportunities to make an impression on our children about what is beneficial and acceptable, and throwing them away (and YES you can influence your children when it comes to what is acceptable. We still have that power. Your mama did!)

Let's make some good,solid decisions that will put our lives in forward motion (and turn off the GD television!)

We will be better off for it. Trust.

Temp Whore said...

Boss Mack I though I was real and hardcore but you are on some whole other shit. You definately hit it on the head. I look at my mother's generation and it bugs me out because a lot if not most of these 50 year old grew up with two parents. My grandfather worked two jobs had 4 kids one wife no jail and always had a nice car, a nice house and happy kids. His sons are a whole other story. It bugs me out that a whole generation is worthless. You can not blame it on Hip-Hop either these disgusting ass coons were raised on Al Greene and Marvin so entertainment was pure. I feel those motherfuckers just dropped the ball. They had the ability to vote go to any school of their choice and instead they fell into crack ad heroin.

Anonymous said...

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