Thursday, April 27, 2006

One Year In Tha Game: 10 Things I've Learned About Macking!

"Fuck everything and feel this, Cling to the following truths, Remember that a Nigga only lives in the present, in thisFuckin' instant: All the rest of A Niggas life is either past and gone, or not yet revealed"

Tha BossMack TopSoil 2003

What tha Fuck it Do Readership! You are reading tha words of a Vociferous MackMan clowing bitches daily on Bompton, Oh I mean Compton Soil. I go Big on Bitches unconsciously Nigga, as soon as a bitch says something slick, I respond slick, ya dig? Mackin' iz as Mackin' does Nigga, what YOUR most recent Oblation from a Bitch? Nigga you gets NATHAN, you know why? Cause you a Weenie Dude, You a CupCake, You Square, You kick rocks when your one and only bitch shits on you. Nigga you need to add up your Oblation vs. You Suckaism, what's tha score? You spend thousands on that bitch, and she gave your Ass a single stem rose on Valentines Day Nigga, Yous a Sucka! Never fear tho, Your Mack Man Hero is here with tha Light, tha Guiding lite for Niggas who need game to follow!

Today is my One Year Anaversary as a Blogger, I remember when I created tha "TopMackNigga" Blog, Just like it was yesterday. I went on tha internet and was like what tha fuck is a blog? Let me start some different shit that has never been seen before, some real shit, ya dig? I post some shit everyday, I make sure I outrage a Muthafukka here daily.

Now in honor of my First Year Passing I shall lace tha Readership with Some Heated thoughts!

10 Things I Hvae Learned About Macking As Tha BossMack TopSoil!

1. It's always better to have more than one Bitch!

I don't give a fuck what anyone says, it's always better to have several bitches on deck, even if you not fuckin them all. Even if you are Married you had better have bitch in tha cut, Bitches are guaranteed to trip on you at some point in time, when a bitch trips, what tha fuck are you going to do? Jealousy will always bring a bitch back to you!

2. If you steal a Bitch from a Nigga you will create a life long enemy!

A Nigga will sooner forgive you killing a friend of his, than forgive you for taking his bitch. This is why family members and real friends should leave each others bitches alone. Once tha damage is done, it's DONE!

3. Bitches Love Excitement!

To hold bitches on your team, you must be exciting. You cannot be a corney ass Nigga that never does shit or hasn't anything new and exciting to say, daily. You must be able to tell your bitches exciting things every fuckin' day, New and Confusing shit, if you don't Your bitches will find someone who does. I can write a book on this issue alone.

4. As A Mack You Must Be Healthy!

This is really common fuckin sense. If you a sick muthafukka you won't have any bitches. If you are grossly out of shape, you won't have any bitches. As A Mack you must pursue some type of physical fitness. Skinny Macks that are skinny and healthy, have the most Bitches. Body Building Muthafukkas don't have as many bitches. Six Pack Abs send a strong signal to bitches about you level of fitness, thats why an old nigga like me can take your bitch. I run Marathons what tha fuck do you do?

5. As a Mack You Must Stay Krispy!

When you fuck with a great deal of Bitches you must project an image of success. There is no better indicator of that than your wardrobe, jewlery and vehicle. You must stay kripsy at all times, Your Sneakers must be fresh out tha box, your style must be current and appropriate for your age range. You must be well groomed, Manicures and Pedicures are recommended. You must be clean shaven, and you must stay smelling good, at all times, never lapsing for any reason. When bitches see you stay Krispy, they help you stay Krispy, cause when you are out and about with a Bitch, you represent yourself and her. A bitches pride is a valuable tool in her contribution of Oblation.

6. As a Mack You Must Be in Total Control Of Your Mental Faculties!

Certain Controled substances undermines you ability to control your Emotions (i.e. Cocaine, X, Meth, Heroine etc.). I blow that good purple as you know, but I don't fuck with hard shit, and I don't walk around preaching to otha muthafukkas that use all of those drugs I mentioned. I have a drink ery now and then but thats it, I seem to drink more than I do, and sometimes seeming like you do somthing is better than actually doing it, ya dig? A drug like X for instance, makes a Nigga to Nice to Bitches, thats not good for Macking.

7. A Mack is Really Tha CEO of His Company!

A Mack must maintain his entreprenurial skills at a high level. Any source of income can enable you to be a Mack, Still being a good Mack takes hard work and vision. If a Bitches gives you money in tha hopes of making more money, you cannot be and idiot. Bitches will not trust you with money if you fuck it off. So just like a CEO you must make tha shareholders of your company wealthy, if not, they need a new CEO, Oh I mean Mack.

8. A Mack Must Never Get Friendly and Totally Confide in his Bitches!

A mack must know all of his Bitches thoughts, but tha Bitches cannot know his thoughts, ya dig? Tha BossBitch has to know more than tha rest of tha stable, but for tha most part, your thoughts must be secret. It's like if tha United States Government knew Osama had Nuclear Weapons inside tha United State for sure, the could not tell that shit to tha general population. Same philosphy here.

9. As A Mack You Must Be Able To Thrive And Excel in thas face of All Adversity!

Your Bitches can never look at you and see Fear in your Eyes, I don't give a fuck if facing life in Prison or looking down tha barrel of a Gun. It's okay for you to be in a fetal position on tha inside, but you can never let that fear surface. Bitches Need and respond to security, so you have no choice, you must be Stoic!

10. As A Mack You Never Really Have any Friends!

If it is a known fact that you have a great many bitches, Niggas will be jealous, and Niggas will hate you. How can you expect a Nigga with one bitch to not be jealous of you on some level. Even otha Macks will be jealous, especially if they losing bitches.

Yes, Yes Yall! These are hard words to read for some of tha Suckas thats come to my site. I hope they burn into your soul Nigga. To tha Niggas that Need some game, I'm here for you Nigga!

In a shop appreciation, tha BossMack TopSoil will be giving away a few shirts and hats to some of tha female readership. Email a Nigga if you are interested, I'll need your size and some coordinates, ya dig?


Tam said... blogrolled me...too bad I had to take the page down...ThatGirlTam is gone forever...but thanks for the love!!

The Staff said...
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TheGod said...

Peace God!
Thanks for adding a link on your page that can bring cats back to me.

I don't understand it at all...Man you got jewels out the ass to help alot of these dumb ass dudes out here. Why don't you create A series of digital e-books to sell. Them joints would sell like crack. You have a gift that speaks to the souls of cats.

I am telling you ...I have read a number of blogs...but nothin' compares to the adventures of The Boss Mack Topsoil...This shit is that fire. It is the consistentcy of your entries that builds that persona of a true.

Its rare that another black man gives props to another black man..but I believe in giving props where props are due.

Peace God

Nika Laqui said...

3. Bitches Love Excitement!

To hold bitches on your team, you must be exciting. You cannot be a corney ass Nigga that never does shit or hasn't anything new and exciting to say, daily. You must be able to tell your bitches exciting things every fuckin' day, New and Confusing shit, if you don't Your bitches will find someone who does. I can write a book on this issue alone.

This is the realest shit, my ex was boring as hell, and fa damn sho I found someone exciting.

TheGod said...

Peace God...

Bruh...I got one of your insane folks leaving cowardly messages on my blog.
They are going by the name truth.

They failed to leave a way for me to holla back at them...but let me slide you some info..and if you have the same IP address as I do...they stay in a city next to you..."Pasadena".

I am working on getting their name and address..hopefully that phone number.

Cowards get found out.

Just giving you heads up, so if it turns out to be one of your Anom can actually go knock upon their door.

Peace God

Doc Flav said...

YEAH MY NIGGA, THIS THE ONE I WAS TALKIN BOUT! Classic Material... Learn About It Cup Cakes.