Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tha Good Game Colloquium: What To Do When A Bitch Leaves You!

What Tha Fuck it Do Readership! Tha BossMack TopSoil is for ya Soul, I'll still have bitches when I'm hell Old, Nigga! Anotha absolutely great day in Compton, California. Tha Sun is shinning and I'm reclining, You need to catch tha Good Vibes and stop kicking rocks. I woke up this morning feeling well rested, I let Yessina roll over on a Nigga in tha A.M., them morning sessions do a Nigga good somtimes, ya dig.

Tha Good Game Colloquium: What To Do When A Bitch Leaves You!

Well Readership, I must Make an anouncement, It's official, tha BossMack has lost A Bitch. My Bitch Katera has jumped ship once again, this time she's moved in with her new dude. Tha BossMack wishes that beautiful bitch Much Love, and may she prosper in tha future. I am sheading tears on tha inside, All of tha Oblation she brought tha BossMack TopSoil is well appreciated. Well readership, this brings me to today's Good Game Colloquium focus: "What To Do When A Bitch Leaves You". This is a very difficult thing for many Sucka Ass Niggas reading my words. What can you do? How can you save face? Hmmm..... Well my personal Philosophy is taken from a Rick James Song on tha "Street Songs" Album called "Cop N Blow". Cop and Blow means you cop a bitch, meaning you add her to your team, and then you always Blow a bitch, meaning you lose a bitch from your team. There is nothing you can do about it, except to keep adding bitches to tha team, and staying on top of your management skills. It's a cold game, ya dig? Now take a Bitch like Katera, she left because she wanted to be TopBitch, She also needed help financially, which you know I couldn't help that bitch with, so she left. She found a better situation for her, where she had a place to live and financial support. I'm not a Resthaven for Bitches type Nigga. Thats just one reason tho, there are many reasons bitches leave niggas, tha reasons are not tha focus here, it's about what to do when it happens.

When a bitch leaves you, you let her go. Plain and simple, nothing fancy. You should maintain composure, you basically should wish a bitch well in her decision and choice of action. You never let a bitch see you have a strong emotional reaction, Stoic is tha word. Tha strength you need to to this lies in your other bitches, if you have a nice stable, you hardly feel it when a bitch leaves, you feel it if it's tha TopBitch, but tha otha bitches, it's easier to deal with. This is why a Nigga needs to always be adding new bitches to tha team. You keep adding bitches, keep them bitches on they toes, keep tha oblation flowing in, and when one jumps ship, you keep that shit moving foreward.

Now I have noticed some fall out from these methods I use here. Most of tha time when a Bitch leaves, and you are Ice Cold about it, tha Bitch ends up wanting to come back, which can be good or bad, depending if you still want to work with tha bitch. If you still want to work with tha bitch it's a good thing, you can use her leaving as leverage for more oblation. If you don't want to work with her, it can get ugly, tha bitch might turn into a stalker. It's also good for tha otha bitches on your team to see you deal with a bitch that wants to jump ship in an Ice Cold manner, so they can learn from tha experience. Remeber if a bitch wants to leave you and you kiss her ass and beg her to stay, you loose power instantly. All bitches reading my words know what I am saying here is true. If they see they dude break down and tearfully beg for them not to leave, they rejoice inwardly! On tha flip side of that, if you are Ice Cold about it, and let tha bitch go, then that bitch see's you with a different bitch, that looks better than her, and you are happy! That is tha greastest thing you can do.

If a Bitch wants to leave, let that Bitch Go Nigga!


TheGod said...

Peace GOD!

You telling the truth right there god.
Let her kick rocks. Once you break down, moan & groan, cry and beg...the broad becomes your god and you spend the rest of your days paying tithes.

No one can respect a brotha if he don't respect himself. Control your emotions.(energy into motion; e-motion) Stay calm, cool and collect. Don't be in business of trying to keep a broad who don't want to be kept.

You did it again...Top..another great post.

Peace GOD!

Anonymous said...

I cant wait until you find that one woman who is going to be above all the rest and you decide you want to get married. Aah well until I'll just enjoy the anecdotes.

Nigga Puhleeze...... said...

"Tha BossMack TopSoil is for ya Soul, I'll still have bitches when I'm hell Old, Nigga!"

WHEN you hella old? You are already hella old. LOL

Let me stop before you come knockin on my door, since you know who I am and all!! said...

nigga puhleeze be cracking me up...messed up my train of thought.

Basically all I was going to say was she will be back. They ALWAYS come back!


BossMack said...

TheGod - Peace God

Thanks for comming thru!

Anon #1 - Kepp Reading it might happen, you neva know? But wait, Then I won't have any material.

N/P - Fuck You Bitch! Naw I'm just playing Baby, I am Old. But you know I mean when I'm like 60yrs Old Tho LMAO!

Mrs Tj - Hey babygirl, thats what I always say to, but you neva know.

James Manning said...

Man, you're funny as hell.

BossMack said...

Big James Manning - Whats Good peoples, long time no see,m I'm glad you came through.

Doc Flav said...

This Is The Type Of Truth That Got Me Hip To This Blog. I Was At A Low Point Where My Macking Needed Some Oil. I Started Kickin Myself Like Damn How Could I Have Forgot That! For Real Though. Boss Repost That Wisdom About How A Mack Should Present Themselves, Next Thurs Maybe?

Anonymous said...

True, True, True. Our ancestors in the Nile valley said something to the effect of "Emotions make wonderful servants but poor masters". I love this blog. Even though the mack lifestyle is not for every brother, there are essential elements present which diminish a man's conditioning toward being a simpleton. If only he chooses to find the strength within. Anonymous Detroit.

GoBetty said...

I love this blog too.

That Girl Tam - girl, your blog was down at 9:15am eastern time today. And I wanna borrow an image from your site - I hope that is ok. If not, tell me. I will honour what you say.

Nika Laqui said...

You're right, when a nigga sobs and shit, we know we got you in the palms of our hands...

Women too, need to play it cool when a nigga wanna jump ship....they always come back, but then it may be too late for them....*lol*

Frog Kisser said...

Wasn't it Regina King who said in Juice...I ain't in the business of keeping niggaz that don't wanna be kept!

i guess that sums it up. It's not a party if no one wants to stay.

Anonymous said...

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