Monday, October 30, 2006

Check A Bitch Monday: BB King's Club on Sunday Night

"Thats a blogger Bitch right there"
Tha BossMack TopSoil (last night)

What tha fuck it Do Readership! Tha BossMack TopSoil is Evah Muthafuckin living, Inspiring Bitches to keep giving and giving, Ya dig me? Tha BossMack TopSoil is tha muthafuckin way Nigga, What! Man, Your MackMan Here is extra Relucent right now, I woke up this morning feelin' great, My energy was crackalin, I went out on my balcony in my Boxers and inhaled tha fresh saltwater tinged Long Beach Air, and said to myself "I'ts Good to be a Mack, and not a Weenie as Nigga like some of you muthafuckas out there reading this shit".

You see that Pic above? Thats where tha BossMack TopSoil was at last night doin his thissle. Thats BB King's Club at tha Universal City Walk. Tha person that you can't see on tha stage right there is Elle B, she also has a blog, many of you reading this probably fuck with her, I think she left a coment on my blog before, once or twice. Anyways, I feel off in that spot last night wit one of my Mack Buddies D-Scrilla. I was extra toasty off that good purple, niggas was chiefin big time. I must say that atmosphere was extra lovely when we fell in, Bad Bitches, Minimum to no rat presence, it was flavor, I hit tha Bar and copped tha Grey Goose Dirty Martini with four olives. I posted by tha bar surveyed tha scenery, there was a extra booty Rap Group on tha stage, It was amazing to me that they would be alowed to touch tha stage, I remembered my promoter peoples who got me tha complementary entry to tha event telling me that particular group was his business parterners peoples, thay was wack. Tha scheduled headliner was Jaguar Wright (I hope I spelled that right), we were to endure several opening acts. D-Scrilla disappeared upstairs, I thought I saw a familiar bitch, I kept observing tha scenery, I felt a lite tap on tha arm, I turned and I was facing a beautiful bitch. She punched my arm litely, then said "Nigga you don't even remember me" I said "OOh shit babygirl forgive me, I know you are one of Tacoya's people, I remember you from that party at tha Skybar, Whats Good witcha, I'm bad wit names" She she rocked back on her leg in tha flyest manner, I really remembered that bitch then, I really wanted to get at that bitch then, But Tacoya would have killed that bitch. She said "My Name is Haqia" I was like "Oh yeah, I remember now, thats was on tha tip of my tounge babygirl, I see you tho, You fly baby, I feel blessed to bump into you" She said "I see you to Nigga, I'm feelin' your little Monkey shirt, I like that color green, what's that say 'BossMack' I ain't neva heard of that" I said "This is my shit, I'm tryin to get some shit crackin, I'll show you sometime". Now Haqia was petite, no more than 125, with ass tho, Big almond eyes, with the near flawless Cocco complextion, and her shinny brown hair seemed to cup her simean face as it lay on her shoulders. She rocked tha Antik denim with yellow material woven throughout, I was feeling that shit. She also rocked some black peekaboo toe stilletos that where hot as fuck, my dick dam near got hard like a sucka, I wished it bwck down. She saw my drink was low, she offered me another, I let her do that, we went to tha Bar. I immediately noticed we were surrounded by three other bitches, they were her team, I didn't know them. She ordered my drink, I noticed anotha team of bad bitches, they were observing Haqia. I got my drink and Haqia had her's, we were making our way away from tha bar with her cru of bitches in tow, when on of Haqia friends turned around and said "What did that bitch say?", Haqia was instantly petulant, she said "One of them bitches said somthing?" Another friend said "She said somthing about Haqia's boots" Haqia spinned around and made her way back to tha bar and said "Umm, forgive tha intrusion, did one you have somthing to say about me?" tha bitches loooked puzzled and one of them said "Yeah, she thought your boots were cute" Haqia said "Oh, well you did'nt have to mumble that, If you want to say somthing speak up" then she turned and left tha stunned bitches at tha bar, It happened so fast I was speechless. I remembered that Haqia was one of Tacoya's friends, all of them bitches is wild. She asked could she put her number in my phone, I let her, I asked if she had spoken to Tacoya lately, she told me they weren't ever really that close, and that they hadn't spoken in almost two years, I was like "Cool". At that moment tha Wack Unkown rap group left tha stage, tha next act was much better, A confident Nerd with Back up singers to stage, tha name of tha group BreezyLoveJoy. Tha Nerd lead singer came out into tha crowd and put down a surpisingly good first cut, tha rest of tha show burnt me out, I left Haqia I didn't wanna see her anymore, she felt tha vibe and said her goodbye's. After a breath of fresh air, I re-entered tha club and behold Elle B was on stage, I suddenly remembered her from this Blog shit here. I posted up so I could get a good view, then suddenly D-Scrilla was standing next to me, I said "Aye Nigga, Thats a Blogger Bitch right there, she left a comment on my Blog before, and now that I think about it she sent me an Email about this", D-Scrilla was like well lets evaluate tha Bitch, I said "Yeah, I was already doing that". So here's my evaluaton of Elle B, I shall do nothing but keep it real. Elle B is not Bullshitting about tha singing, she had a real band out there with talent and she had good beats. Tha only problem with Elle B is Elle B. I really don't know how her studio recorded music sounds, but here live show, was not tha business. Now her crowd control skills need serious work, she has not stage presence. Also I hate to say this, but that bitch is a marginal singer, She seemed to have that sing-songy Angie Stonish type voice but not nearly as strong as Angie Stone's. She had tremendous support tho, A huge crowd stood in front of tha stage and cheered while she performed all of her taxing material. I got's to keep it real, I couldn't believe they let her be on stage that long, it was unbareable. That Breezylovejoy group crushed her in my opinion and they had started giving me a headache. I'm a tellin ya, she was on stage so long I Could take it anymore, I knew I wouldn't even make it to see Jaguar Wright. I saw my promoter potna, I said what's up with this bitch right here? He said "Awww Nigga shewas talking shit to me too, can you believe that?" I said "Nigga, I didn't come to see all of this opening act bullshit, I can't take it, I'm about to shake" He said "I feel you nigga, but we got to have these opening acts like this, we make them sell at least 50 tickects a piece just to git down" I said "Oh, yall opening Act Pimpin! Okay I feel ya". Well, a Nigga just shook tha spot, fuck it, Elle B knocked tha BossMack TopSoil out tha Box. Hey I know muthafuckas like Elle B, I hope yall don't take my shit as hating on her, I'm tellin tha truth.

I dropped D-Scrilla off at his spot in Bompton, Oh I mean Compton, then I Made my way to tha tilt. Soon as I touched town I got a call from BossBitch, I authorized her requset for a vist, 15 minutes later I was eating a heft plat of Greens, Mashed Potatoes, Lemon Pepper Chicken and a Ceasars salad, I't's good to be a MackNigga.


Dr Flav said...

So was it Elle B or Haqia that was checked, Lol, Im just poppin farts before the shit start, cause I predict some of them Elle B folkers gonna be questioning your review. Good recap of the night but from a loyal reader, this episode lacks the usual mack venom. Glad you put somethin down though. said...

Good to see you posting! I'm sure Elle B is not caring about no one's opinion. She's doing her thizzle. Boss his doing his.

TheGod said...

Peace God!!!

I am glad to see ya posting again.

Haqia said in part: "That little monkey shirt". That shit was funny to me. Again, I am glad to see you taking off with your clothing line.

Elle B is doing what she needs to do. Hopefully she can see your comments as constructive criticism; because it doesn't appear to be laced with hate. If not oh the hell whatever...glad you keeps it real!

When is the next Boss Mack Podcast coming?

Peace God

Valuptuous said...

BB King's is notorious for having a gazillion opening acts that take up all the time so that either I leave early or the headliner (who you really came to hear)gets their time cut. Their food is disappointing and they serve some cheap ass wine as well. I've been three times and that's enough for me! Done...

Anonymous said...

Good to see the Mack back. Seems to me like when you tell people that something is bad, they'll feel compelled to go see what you talking about. Elle B is gone rock regardless.

"That little monkey shirt" (Haqia words). You gotta be able to take the same criticism.

Elle B. said...

thanks for reviewing - there is a lot that goes into putting on a good show, alot of which has to do with the venue, getting a proper sound check and going on when you're supposed to - not 6 hours after you arrived at the venue. In my opinion, I hated that show, but I got mad love so I chopped it up. I guess you could sense my frustration. Glad to got to catch me - hopefully next time you get catch my shit under better terms.

(also...I sing much better than Angie Stone - but you couldn't peep that which the sound fucked up in the place. No disrespect, but that's one place where I have to put my foot down.)

B said...

Breaking this up into paragraphs woulda made this a lot more readable.

That said, this was a disappointing review. How are you gonna review a show when you didn't stay to see the headlining act? A friend told me to check for your blog, but I did NOT expect this much hate. Or lame writing.

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