Tuesday, January 16, 2007

BossMack Streetwear Excellence


That Bitch! said...

Mmmmmmmm BossMack

Anonymous said...

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mrs.tj said...

that's hot.

Anonymous said...

Nigga did you paint your face and use it as a silk screen?

Still keepin it weenie in the 07!

sink sink socks said...

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Anonymous said...

Errrr for some reason I'm missing the creativity behind this gear. I get the concept and I think the logo is cool but the design on all the shirts I seen and this Hoodie is kinda boring.

From a designer standpoint... I think you can improve your sales by incorporating different designs but still having that Bossmonkey on the tag or on the sleeve or something. Cause a shirt with just a monkey on it is not that appealing.

You want people to look at your shit and be like THATS THE NEW HOTNESS! I don't see that when I look at that hoodie :/ What your friends say is pretty useless cause they don't wanna sound like haters or hurt your feeling but Im gonna anonymously keep it real.

Getter done player!

BossMack said...

that bitch - What's Good Bitch? Thanks for tha Love ;-?

mrs. tj - Thanks Ma!

Anon Fan #1 - How do my Nuts Taste?

Anon Fan #2 - Thanks for that look, BUT, Please believe them hoodies is moving. I have additional designs comming, I had to start with tha foundation tho.