Friday, October 26, 2007

Tha BossMacknosis Bootleg Movie Review: American Gangster

"Keeping a Bitch off balance is an Artform"

Tha BossMack TopSoil

I picked up a blockbuster quality bootleg of "American Gangster" tha otha night. Now when I say Blockbuster quality that means tha highest possible quality you can experience, it's a truely rare thing. So me and BossBitch sat down and review tha film in it's entirety In my opinion tha move was okay, just okay. Be sure to check out "Tha BossMacknosis Bootleg Movie Review" above. Every now and then a bootleg hits tha streets at BlockBuster quality level before the movie even comes out at tha theaters, some notable titles come to mind, "Million Dollar Baby" and "Soul Plane". Now "Million Dollar Babyl" I believe was out there like that to make sure that film received an Oscar, cause many folks would never had paid money to see that in tha theaters. "Soul Plane" was such a shitty movie that I believe they made more money bootleging that shit. Now "American Gangster" I don't know? I'm thinking that someone knew that film wasn't as tight as it was supposed to be, so perhaps they could make more money and get the actors in the film more exposure by bootleging it at blockbuster quality. As of right now, every nigga I know has a copy of that move and every nigga pretty much has tha same opinion.

There's a Pink Berry around tha corner from my tilt in Belmont Shores, I'm addicted. I can't believe that shit, fresh fruit and yogurt is tha shit to now, I find myself up in there every other night. It's funny tho, I go up in there with a different bitch almost everytime I go, tha little bitches behind tha counter be tripping. One little bitch tried to dry snitch on tha BossMack, tha night before I was with BossBitch, then tha next night I was with Crecedia, tha little bitch behind tha counter told me "Wow, you come in here every night" I said "Yup, I'm on a Pink Berry page right now" then tha little bitch looked at Crecedia and said "Do you want the Mango Smoothie like last night" then Crecedia frowned and said "I wasn't here last night, Oh and I don't drink smoothies" then Crecedia looked at me and said "She thinks I'm one of your otha females" I looked at tha little bitch behind tha counter and said "Tha one that was here last night, her name is Yesinia, she likes Mango Smoothies" tha little bitch tried to laugh and play it off, she was super uncomfortable. When I went there tha next day tha same bitch tried to apologize, then she flirted with me.


The God said...

Lil Miss dry snitch is a dumb broad

LadyShay said...

Woooooowwww, Dry eyes:)

I love stupid hoes. And then look at her tryin to be a part of your game and shit.

Anonymous said...

LMBPAO...that batch was so molded like fruitcake in the fridge.Krusty-ass boss mack that story got me ova here rollin...I can barely type.Man I tell ya just like a batch try to sabatoge on some silly shyt.She should have skipped that shyt and just holla`d @ ya on da unda!Then gone try to apologize?man u should got some freem shyt from her ass for being so anti-mack/playa.

GoBetty said...

The idea of purposeful, well-made bootlegs being circulated by the distributors to raise awareness and create buzz is interesting. The industry is always biting the hand that feeds it.