Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Check a Bitch Monday on Wednesday (Colossus Nigga)

"If you hang around 9 Weenie Dudes you gonna be tha fucken 10th!"

Tha BossMack TopSoil (earlier this week in tha Nellas)

What Tha Fuck is Good Readership! Tha BossMack TopSoil is always adding on, Keep your bitch away from me befo you look up and she's gone! I'ts a Great Day out here in Sunny Southern California, Oh and you's a Lucky Muthafukka if you are reading these words right now, for reals. I got some love for tha insecure bitches reading this here, If you keep staring in tha fucken Mirror wishing what's reflected there would change for tha better, that shit ain't gonna happen, so bitch get you shit togetha, ya dig? I just came off a great weekend, an unexpected weekend at that, I'll get into that in a minute. As always I woke up this morning feeling good as fuck, I had a nice restful sleep, then woke up with a bad bitch next to me. After tha morning Lubricites, tha BossMack had breakfast at his favorite spot in tha L.B. "Egg Heaven" I wolfed down a California Omlette with them Hashbrown and OJ, Now your MackMan Hero is Energetic.

You saw them Oscars last night, They was Wack as Fuck like they always are. I hate tha fucken Oscars, I blew big purple and watched that bullshit anyway. Tha Oscars should only be like 7 Awards and thats it, I don't even have to name tha Oscars that count and tha ones that don't. All of my Oscar predictions came through except that one I thought that was "Money in Bank", And that was tha Oscar Eddie Murphy was supposed to get. Eddie kinda reminded me of tha character he played in "Dream Girls", in tha end he just kinda slumped away in ignomity. Tha powers that be shitted on Eddie for some reason that I don't yet understand, maybe it was just to many Black People that were up for awards. Jennifer Hudson crushed Beyonce with tha Oscar, But then when they performed together on stage it seemed like Beyonce tried to come out and serve Jennifer on a Singing level, which was funny. Also where was that Nigga Jay-Z? I think his Bitch needed his support last night, don't ya think. Then finally, Give it up to my Nigga Forrest Whitaker, I hope I spelled that Niggas name right. Forrest put it down in "The Last King Of Scotland", I got a block buster quality bootleg copy of that shit at tha tilt, there are HELLA memorable scenes in that Movie. I knew for sure that Nigga was gonna win that shit, thats why I put up that review tha otha day. Oh and "The Departed" had so many good muthafukkas in that film I watch that shit over and over also.

You don't See what I See, Everyday as Tha BossMack TopSoil

You know as I do my thang and politic off in these streets, I get confronted with so many surprises. One surprise that I got was tha appearance of a Long Lost Bitch that always did a Nigga Great, all tha way up until she disappeared. I have had sooooo many bitches that disappeared and I can't even remember thier fucken names it's a damn shame. Anyway, My lost Bitch Paula, came back into my life Via calling my Mama's house. Tha last time I saw this bitch was in 2000 when we had just finished laying up in tha Belagio for three days. Paula was a cool bitch, Petite with tha fly short hair cut that compimented tha shape of her head perfectly, she use to stare at me with tha prettiest big almond colored eyes, her voice was deep and seductive reminding me of Billie Holiday in her prime. Paula didn't sing tho, Paula had nice flows, I thought she might have had a chance to make it as a Rapper, she had tha total package, her down fall was her lifestyle and living situation. She ended up in Las Vegas becuase she had family there, But, after a while she found herself on tha streets and she became a prostitute. This all happened after tha last time I saw her, I think I may have been responsible for her falling out of favor with her family, kinda. You see when I came to Las Vegas to visit her she was still one of my bitches, she was living with her family trying to get her shit together, everything was good until she showed up where she lived driving my New Lexus which I had at tha time. You see I usually let my Bitches drive me around, long story short, they were cool with her while I was around, then they flipped on her when I left. She didn't even tell me what happened she just vanished. Now perhaps there were other issues involved but, I feel that I still played a part in that whole episode. Fast foreward to this weekend, Paula calls my Moms tilt, I get back in contact with her. She came to see me on Friday Night and whisked tha BossMack TopSoil away to Santa Barbra to a beachfront suite at tha Radison, it was a lovely ride and adventure with a long lost bitch whom I thought might be dead. I had to give it to that bitch for looking out for a Nigga on some surprise shit like that. Tha whole story on her adventures since I had last seen her is very long and included her going to jail facing prison time to absolute exhoneration. She still looked excatly tha same when I had last seen her, except she looked slightly better. She had moved back to Los Angeles a few months ago, she lived in an apartment Redondo Beach and was working as a beautician in tha Crenshaw District. Tha last time I had seen her she was wanting to become a beautician if tha Flows didn't bring any paper. She broke down and cried when we walked on tha Beach Friday Night in Santa Barbra, Tha story she told was so vivid and fucked up, I'm a Cold Ass Nigga, yet I actually felt tha raw emotion. I asked her over and over why she didn't let me know what tha fuck was happening to her, her response was "I'm my Own Bitch, I wasn't comming to you with my hands out like that". Like I said your MackMan Hero felt bad. You see I'm a heartless bastard, But I'm not tha Fucken Devil, I help bitches, I just don't let Bitches take advantage of me, there's a difference, Especially when a bitch has brought alot to tha table, I can't turn my back on a bitch like that. We had a good fucken night for real, Good Purple, Good Swipe Pampering, Laying up looking at that Ocean Water, and Good Food, I tried to just take it all in.

Tha next morning we had breakfast and got back on tha road, that ride down tha 101 freeway is lovely, you should do that sometimes, especially with some good purple.

Tha good vibrations I was feeling on Saturday Morning kinda faded when I got back to my stomping grounds. I got tha word a couple of homies got into a car accident and dam near died, niggas all up in surgery and shit. Next I got a frantic call Trichelle wanting to talk and shit, This bitch has been unstable since she saw Yessina on X-Mass. I decide to oblige tha bitch since I know she won't stop calling me, I arrived at her tilt late in tha afternoon. When she answered tha door she had this strangely happy ass disposition like everything was cool between us, I jsut went along with at shit for a minute. She cut on her flatscreen for me, went to tha kitchen and came back with a ice cold RipTide Flavor Gatorade and a bag of my favorite cheese popcorn. She proceeded to give me tha latest news and dramma from her world, she plopped down next to me on tha couch wearing a G-String panties and one of my old T-Shirts smelling like fresh flowers, she smiled and started to break down some Purple to roll on her elaborate glass coffee table. She finished tha blunt and handed it to me, I had to concentrate to keep from having a sucka swift erection. She asked me what I got into last night, I told her "I was up in Santa Barbra" she said "Oh" then she tried to control her facial expression and asked "By yourself" I said "No, I was with a Bitch", she said "I see" I studied her face for a moment then passed her tha lit blunt, she inhaled, held it for a moment then exhaled, she looked at me with a pained expression and said "James, I'm sorry about what happened, I know I was wrong for that bullshit, I was going through alot at tha time, I just over reacted" I said "Babygirl, Don't worry about that shit, I still got Love fo ya" She said "Really" I said "I sure do, there is no way I could hate a bitch like you" She said "So, I still have my spot?" I smiled inwardly, now was tha time to fuck with her mind, I said "Well Babygirl, I don't know if I'm tha Dude for you, I mean I was really depending on you when you flippped tha script on me, you knew tha business, I'm nervous about creating problems for myself, feel me?". I went ruthlessly, I said "Babygirl, I'll always feel deep regret when I think about us, We gotta do what's good for us all, don'tcha think?" that statement slaughtered her, I could see she was about to lose it. She looked at me and said "You know, you remind me of one of those X-Men characters, you know tha dude that can turn his skin to steel, what's his name? Colossus or some shit, yeah thats who you are", she laughed weakly then said "James, I only had one or two problems with you since we be kickin it, You know I'm a tight ass Bitch, why you gotta take shit to tha extreme?" I said "You know what? I gotta go, I made time for you babygirl, I'm already making Niggas wait for me" I stood up, I offered her a pound, she pushed me and said "Fuck that bullshit, I ain't no Nigga, Give me a hug" I hugged her reluctantly, I could feel tha desperation in her arms, she was trembling. I kept tha shittiness going I said "See you" then I headed out tha door. Tha street was empty, I climbed in her truck and was fumbling around looking for a pen, I looked up and her comeds Trichelle walking quickly toward my truck, I rolled down tha window and said "What's wrong?" she said "We have got to work this out right now, I can't let you leave like this, you not giving me a chance your being a fucken asshole" I snatched my eyebrows into a question mark, then I bombed "What!? You tha muthafukka that started this bullshit, I gots to go, I'll call you later", then she did something that I'll never forget, that bitch lost her inner fight with her pride and she ran and jumped on tha hood of tha Truck and cried hysterically, I was like "Wow". I got out tha Truck and pulled her off tha hood, tha bitch just broke down, I was kinda nervous now, When a bitch really loses it, that shit is kinda chilling, tha only way I got her off tha hood and into tha house was by promising I would kick it with her for a little while longer. That whole episode took a lot out of your MackMan Hero, I stayed with tha bitch anotha half and hour and I left. I put that bitch on tha rack for reals, I'll let her back on tha team tho, she's fly with reasonably low mileage and paper, I'm not a fucken Idiot.

Choppin' it Up with Tha Little Homies (Tha BossMack Off'n in tha Hood)

These little active psychopathic niggas running these streets with big heat don't know shit about Macking. Tha average Little Nigga that talks to me is speaking on Taking Puzzy on damn near some rape shit, Running trains on Ratted out Bitches that wanna be fucked on they hood with no condoms, Niggas having bitches jumped because tha bitch cheated on'em. I'm like Nigga! You's a fucken lunatic thats throwing bricks at tha penitentary. What really lost me was I was talking to a Nigga that was telling me how and why he broke up with his bitch, and how tha shit was killing him. I said "What happened Nigga?" he said "Boss, I was checking her Myspace messages and I saw some bullshit she had written about anotha Nigga" I said "You were checking her Myspace Messages? You got tha bitches password?" He said "Yeah, and she has mine" I fell out laughing, after I got myself together I said "Thats some Weenie Shit right there, We'll hey I must say thats a Bold Bitch right there, she knew you had her password and she didn't give a fuck, in reality tha Bitch fired you, BUT, she did it in a way where you could fell like you handled your buisness". He thought about that shit for a minute and was like "Damn Big Homie, that makes sense I didn't even think a that".

Friday, February 23, 2007

Laid Low Tho

What Tha Fuck it Do Readership! Tha BossMack TopSoil is a MackNigga's Mack, If I hit your Bitch with tha swipe she'll neva come back, come back to you that is, LMAO! What's really good out there? So much going on, So many things to discuss! Where should I begin? Ahhh Las Vegas! I didn't fuck with that, I wanted to get my Show off tha ground so I stayed posted, I needed my camera man. We were scheduled for tha Raggamuffins Festival at tha Long Beach Sports Arena, Then Lo and behold tha didn't happen either, My Camera Man be having some Babymama issues, with regards to who is watching they son, what tha fuck can you do? Needless to say I didn't get that good footage, So were going to do things a little different, I'll keep you posted for tha Jump off of "Tha TopMackNigga Show Live" I was gonna call it "Off'n in them Streets" but fuck that.

I didn't fuck with Las Vegas this past weekend, But, Las Vegas fucked with me. I did outfit several individuals with that good BossMack shit, tha response was lovely, much love to them niggas and Bitches for tha promotions, I see you Big Swivel! like I said Las Vegas Fucked with me, Haqia and Tacoya Bumped heads at tha MGM in tha Casino. Haqia called me up and said "Hey Daddy, that Raggady Bitch is up here with her broke ass friends trying to get it cracken, before tha night is over we gonna have to fade" I said "babygirl, let that shit go, yall out there to have a good time, focus on that" She said "I feel you, But, I can't let that bitch Maddog me and get to close, I'm just giving you tha heads up". Tha next day I got anotha call from Haqia, she said "Yeah, like I said, tha bitch rolled up on me with them bitches again, she didn't even know I was up there with a gang of my family, she thought I was gonna be scared, I mushed that bitch in tha face, then my people came running from everywhere, them bitch didn't want no problems" then she laughed, I said "You's a Wild Bitch, What's tha Vibe out there? Tha Homies say they ain't slept in two days" She said "It's way off tha Chain, I have never seen anything like this, Niggas had a shoot out in front of Ceasars Palace like fuck it" I was like "Dammm" Haqia continued, she said "Yeah Nigga, every hood is out her Deep, I saw niggas from your Hood off in tha Alladin Casino, them Niggas was extra deep" I said "Yeah they Making it Crack, I hope none of them Niggas get caught up in no Gangbang Shit" She said "Yeah, It can happen, Anotha Bitch got shot on tha Strip, but I think her own Homegirl did it, we rolled up right after it happened, people say the were riding in tha car together, then tha Bitch jumped out and dumped off into tha Car" I was again like "Dammmmm". Haqia went on with here observations, she said "This shit is SUPER GHETTO and I'm a Ghetto Ass Bitch, Niggas is Tearing this Muthafukka Up, But it is Cracken!" I said "Look babygirl, Do You, don't get caught up and I'll see you when you get back, Stay away from Tacoya, let that shit go" she crooned "Bye, Bye Baby" then I hung up. That shit is crazy as fuck, I got more reports as different Niggas and Bitches called me all fucken night, Like I said Las Vegas Fucked with Me.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Doing it Extra BIG!


What Tha Fuck it Do Readership! Tha BossMack TopSoil is on some Never Fail Shit, focused on this Scrilla Nigga, Hustle don't Quit! Oh Shit it's a Great Fucken Weekend in front of us at this Moment, Are you ready? I'm thinking about a few thins right now, tha first thing: Should Tha BossMack TopSoil head on out to Las Vegas and get up in my Suite at tha Wynnn? OR should I stay here and fuck with tha Ragamuffins Festival in Long Beach? Of course tha All Start Game would be tha Lick, BUT, My Camera Man can't make tha Trip and my whole reason for going was to get footage for "Tha TopMackNigga Show: Off'n in them Streets". Now I can get footage of tha Ragamuffins Show which would be benificial to a Nigga, My camera man can make that event. Now what to do? Tha NBA All Star Weekend is like this, A Multitude of Bitches trying to Hit tha Fucken Lotto and a Multitude of Tricks paying for Puzzy. This is tha time to send that stable if bitches you got out there to get that Paper, Fo REAL. Alas, I don't have any prostitutes at this moment so I'm not going to be doing that ;} I'm scheduled to do some interviews at tha Bishop Don Magic Juan's Pool Party and Players Ball, which would have been Entertaining to say tha least, I also have tha Plug on several other high profile events, specifically some BMF shit. What to do, What to do? You do realize that if you do go to Vegas for this, as a regular person with no inside plugs, you will be paying upwards of $200.00 a pop to get into jam packed clubs hosted by various celebrities, which may or may not be there. Niggas if you go Make sure you rock all of your Ice, Them Bitches won't see you if you don't. Bitches if you go out there, Now is tha time to make a Killing, especially if you can tap in to your inner Hoe! I know a few part time real Hoes thats gonna work this here event, them bitches if they stay focused can clear a good $2000 - $3000 this Weekend and still have some fun.

One of my peoples is out there in Las Vegas at the Magic Show working with Omarion and Chris Stokes, They told me that Nigga Chris has a new fashion line and that Bitch Nicole Kardasian is tha reprentative. I like that Bitch, even tho she got them Ass Implants, I'll still fuck with her.

An Annecdote if You Will

One of my Little Homies came up to me while I was posted in tha Hood tha Otha day Blowing Purple. I'm like some type of Guru on Tha MackGame to Niggas these days, he asked me in a low key way for some game, he said "Big Homie, I'm loving that Mack Show shit you got going, On tha real Niggas be needing that real spit out here" I said "No Doubt Nigga, I'm just making it do what it do, feel?" he said "No Question.......Let me run some shit by you tho, If you don't mind?" I said "Flow and Glow Nigga" He said "Man, A Nigga ain't no Weenie or nuthing, But real talk, My bitch broke up wit me a minute ago but she keeps calling me, I'm trying to be big about tha shit, But man, a nigga be feeling like a sucka kinda, should I keep taking this bitches calls?" I said "Does that bitch like to mention her New Nigga to you?" He said "From time to time she brings that Nigga up" I said "Do you mention YOUR new bitches to her?" He said "Naw, I try not to do that" I said "Why, you might as well, you see your bitch has demoted you from TopNigga spot to a lower postion, you on tha bench now, you are a cry on tha Shoulder Ass Nigga" His eyes lite up, he blurted "Naw Big Homie, she don't cry to a Nigga" I said "Lissen to me Nigga, You lissen to what that bitch has to say when she calls you, right? Well Nigga you are doing the hardest part of a relationship, BEING THERE FOR HER AND LISTENING TO HER ISSUES, Period Dot Nigga" he looked kinda stunned, like he had a sudden flash of Sucka insight. I continued "Look Nigga, don't trip, you's a Youngsta, If you want tha Bitch Back Mash for your spot, If you don't, Stop being availible for that bitch like that, please believe me Nigga, by being there like that for that Bitch, you are boosting up her confidence so she can deal more effectively with her new Nigga, you are in HER STABLE, she's not in yours". This nigga looked like I threw freezing water on him, I said "Hit this Purple Nigga, Don't kick Rocks Nigga, Get out there and add some new Bitches on tha Team, Do it for me Nigga".

Tim Hardaway

I'm sad that this Nigga is so Fucken Stupid and Ignorant. He just threw his OWN MONEY out tha fucken window, I'm sad for his family and people that depend on him. That was tha first thing I heard on tha radio when I climbed in tha Truck yesterday. I was listening to Colin Cowheard on ESPN sports talk and he just lead into that clip lovely, Oh and here's what Tim Hardaway had to say "I Hate Gay People! I'm Homophobic" I just damn near crashed tha truck laughing at how he fucked himself, what a fucken Idiot! This Nigga had NOTHING to gain by sayng that and EVERYTHING to lose by saying that. After that tha Nigga wants to apologize, Man, If I was dude Fuck tha Apology, You can't apologize after saying that shit, He should had stood on that shit, tha reprocusions are going to happen regardless.

Do it Big!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day to My Favorite Brizzels: Joe's Crab Shack to Cohiba's

What it do Readership! Tha BossMack TopSoil is Macking for Self, If your Bitch chooses me Nigga, Check your damn Self, Nigguh! What tha Bizness Blogshpere? It's anotha absoulutely beautiful day out here in Southern Sunny California, Happy Muthafukking Valentines Day! This Valentines Shout Out goes to all my Female Readers, Thanks for fucking tha BossMack TopSoil, I know it's hard to get through all tha Bitches and Niggas in my conversation, But I gotta say Thanks Bitches ;? Naw I'm just playing, Thanks Ladies, I know you only act like Bitches every blue moon.

Valentines Day! A special day for all of you romantic folk out there. What is tha BossMack Getting All of his Bitches? Hard Dick and Valentines Cards with heart felt words, If Bitches don't like that, Whateva. A whole lot of Weenie Dudes out there reading this, I want to say, Control your Weenie Selves today, Don't get to Tricking to Heavy, If you do, A Nigga like me is going to end up with some of your Shit LMAO! Anotha piece of MackMan Wisdom is this: Niggas just starting out with a bitch, Take it easy on Valentines Day, Don't do to much, Don't scare a bitch away by dropping off tha Iced Out Braclet or that Premature Engagement Ring.

I saw some strange deep Hater type shit tha otha night that caught me off guard somewhat, It mad me contemplate tha Weenieness of Niggas out there, Follow Me Now: This past Friday Night I linked up with my Nigga Big Who and two of his peoples, One I knew, a Nigga named G- Goose, He's namesd that cause he has always drank "Grey Goose" and a Nigga I didn't know named Young Spack, I don't know why they called him that, however the skin on his face did look like Spackel, I'll have to inquire about that. Anyways, I linked up with these Niggas at Joe's Crab Shack in Long Beach, Big Who had a group of 15-20 professional bitches on deck. Big Who is a Fucken Nut, BUT, He does have bitches on deck like a muthafukka. When I arrived on tha scence these Niggas were in full Mack Mode, They were tha only Niggas there and they were spread out working various sections of tha Tables. I notciced right off that Big Who was working on tha Bitch who appeared to have tha most financial resources, this was evidenced by tha huge diamonds that blasted frozen fireworks from her delicate fingers, Big Who greeted me with a snowy white smile then introduced me to all tha bitches. I saw G-Goose and gave me a bear hug, I hadn't seen that Nigga since he touched down from tha Pen, He immediately produced a blunt and demanded that we go put fire on it. He reached over and a touched Young Spack and told him to follow us. When we made to Goose's Denali, We started smoking and he introduced me to Young Spack, I immediately picked up a bad vibe from this Nigga. I did'nt let it bother me tho, I flowed and glowed with tha situation. When we fell back into tha Resturant, Tha waiters were bringing fresh drinks to tha table, Big Who ordred me two shots of Patron Silver to set tha Tone. I went on and posted up between two bitches that looked like they were really enjoying themsleves and sparked up conversation. After and hour and several additional rounds of drinks, We left to hit up Pine Street in Downtown Long Beach, Tha Bitches saw Cohiba's and we ended up playing pool in tha Cigar Lounge. Everything was velvet, I was trying to decided which bitch I was gonna select, At least four bitches thought they had a shot at tha BossMack. I saw big Who still working wioth his Money Bitch, they were conversating on a couch facing a pool table, I surveyed tha room and noticed at Young Spack didn't seem to be enjoying tha festivities, as a matter of fact that Nigga looked upset, BUT, I didn't trip because I didn't know this nigga, AND, I know that Big Who and Goose is both Good Niggas. I saw Bitch Who git up and walk towards me, He said "Boss, You like that Bitch right there? I'm bout to take it to tha House Nigga, I ain't playing out here! I'm bout to Piss and Push Nigga" I said "I feel you Nigga". Big Who continued past me on tha way to tha restroom, I turned and notice Young Spack slide into Big Who's open seat on tha couch next to Money Bitch. I thought to myself "Wow, Maybe this Nigga knows tha Bitch already or somthing" That idea quickly faded when I saw Money bitch Screw her face up and spat "Nigga What!!!?" then I heard Young Spack say somthing about "Aw Bitch you at all that" Then I heard Money Bitch say "Bitch!!!? Nigga you got me Fucked Up, You Bitch Ass Muthafucka You Don't Know me like that!!" at that moment Young Spack jumped to his feet, and said "Bitch, You's Punk ass Bitch, Don't get fucked up!" Now I was tripping, a few Niggas standing close by got in between Money Bitch and Young Spack, Money Bitch was not Backing down, she was pointing over tha Niggas infont of her, Goose made it to Spack and held him back, Tha next moment Big Who was runnning back from tha restroom asking "What tha Fuck is Cracken" thinking we were about to fight or some shit. Money Bitch was like "Big Who, What tha Fuck is wrong wit your Boy, He got me Fucked Up, I will have this Stupid Nigga Murked outside this Muthafukka" Big Who quickly took her to anotha couch, security was swarming tha area, No blows were thrown at tha time so they let us stay. Goose tried to calm Young Spack down in a different room, Big Who ressumed conversation with tha visibly disturbed Money Bitch. After about 10 minutes things seemed like they were settling down, I thought I was tripping when I saw Young Spack come back into tha lounge with a freshly opened Corona, walk right up behind Big Who, I thought he was going to whisper somthing in Who's ear, instead he smashed the Corona Bottle across tha side of Big Who's Head. Then tha Nigga Ran like a Bitch, Tha Blow that caught Big Who by surprise didn't even knock him down or out, It did swell his Eye and Cut him, which looked worse than it really was, Young Spack ran from tha club, climbed in his vehicle and was gone into tha Long Beach Night. I hadn't witnessed such blatent Haterism in a Long Fucken Time. That shit was so bizzare I questioned tha hell out a Big Who and Goose about tha mental state of that Nigga Young Spack and why did they let such a Nigga Kick it with them? Niggas had no answers. Big Who's reward for being hated on to such a degree, was a night of Good Puzzy and Jaw, A Hot Breakfast in tha Morning, and a New Bitch on tha Team.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Off That Patron Silver!

What it Do Readership! Tha BossMack TopSoil is with you ya Peoples, Doing good everyday Nigga you can miss me wit ya Evil, Evil intentions that is! Are you up for this live ass Wednesday we are all experiencing? I am, Today is a Great Fucken Day, I'm getting my BossMack Clothing On, ya dig me? I gots to make a whole bunch of Hoodies and T-Shirts today, Niggas is getting in they issue before that ALL Star weekend comming up in Las Vegas! So keep your eyes open for my Logo out there if you choose to hit Vegas for this Hot Shit thats going on. I have quite a few readers in tha Los Angeles and surrounding areas, BossMack Clothing WILL be in some high end boutiques very soon, until then check me out at my store, I'll have tha new products available later on tonite. If you are really feeling anything at my store and you don't wanna go through tha hassle of being involved with Pay-Pal and using your credit card over tha Net, Send me an E-Mail with your size and colors prefrences and tha BossMack TopSoil or a representative of BossMack Clothing will deliver that to you, provided you don't live to far from tha Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

That Bitch is Insane

I know yall heard about that Astronaut Bitch that went ON ONE a few days ago. What can be said about a bitch that drives 1000 miles in a diaper so she wouldn't have to stop, A bitch that evaluates a Airport Map to figure out tha most likely exit a bitch would take, a Bitch that follows that advisary bitch to a parking lot and sprays a bitch with pepper spray? Oh and this is a Bitch with 3 Kids and was married for 19 years to anotha muthafukka? Bitches be crazy out there for real. All this from a highly EDUCATED BITCH entrusted to be in tha Fucken Space Program. How many more crazy muthafukkas are we sending to space with Taxpayer money? What about some of those Shuttle flights that fucked up? Were there crazy muthafukkas on those flights? Oh and that dude that tha bitch is in Love with, I know he knows tha bitch is Crazy, Why didn't he tell muthafukkas what was cracken? You know tha part that got me tha most about this story was tha Diaper part of tha game, ya dig? If a bitch is willing to shit and piss on herself and still focus on driving, Thats a Bitch to be respected right there, Her insanity is volitile to tha fullest. Thats a bitch that will Kill you right there fo sho, I wonder how that bitches Ex-Husband feels?

This is why you can never underestimate a bitch, especially and educated bitch. You see an eduacted bitch uses her education to enhance her insanity, especially when going after a muthafukka. You see that diaper shit, thats some astronaut shit right there, you see that bitch used her trainning for some crazy shit. It's just like if you was fucken with a bitch that was a Doctor and you pissed her off like that and she lost it, that bitch would probably steal some type of drug from tha hospital to fuck you up with it. Education enhances insanity, Tha mort intellectual, tha more dangerous.

I been fucken with tha Patron lately, that Patron silver is swiftly becoming tha Hood Drink of choice, I think it's creeping up on Henessy. I keep a 5th of that Patron at tha house now, It's smooth tasting and all my bitches love that shit.

Tha BossMack TopSoil is spreading like a Virus, Niggas Love Me! It's a trip now a days, every nigga that I talk to now knows about my podcast and blog. Niggas be wanting more and more advice, Niggas be laying out shit that they peoples do, Niggas be wanting to know is they managing they bitches correctly. Anotha funny thing is Niggas be hitting up every resturant or spot I speak on, also Niggas be bringing me new spots to check out, I got like a list of places I need to evaluate, shit is funny.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Check a Bitch Monday: Strong Piss

What tha Fuck it Do Readership! Tha BossMack TopSoil is collecting Paper from My Folks, You know I'm fucken relucent because I bet Wit tha Colts, Nigga! What a great day for Pro Football, Peyton Manning got that shit done, I must admit at first I use to shit on Peyton, But after watching this dude call plays at tha line of scrimmage and shit on defenses repeatedly, you must respect this dude. If Michael Vick or Vince Young could be an Offensive Coordinator on tha field like Peyton, Tha postion of Quarter Back would never be tha same. Oh yeah, Give it up for Tony Dungy, I damn near shed a Tear when Him and Lovie (I hope I spelled that right) hugged in tha middle of tha field, there was Love there. All in all I was very satisfied with this football season, I think everything happened tha way it was supposed to. Rex Grossman needs to fight for his postion next year in trainning camp, IF, they don't trade his choking ass.

Prince CRUSHED tha half time performance. You know, I can't understand Prince. This Nigga was a Grown Ass Man when I was in elementary school, how in tha fuck does he look younger than me and everyone else that went to school with me? Prince has somehow been forgotten, I guess it goes to show you how fleeting being at tha top of tha Music industry is in reality. Prince has never gone anywhere, yet people seem to HAD forgotten how talented his muthafukken ass is for real. This dude demonstrated pure talent and showmanship skills in tha fucken rain. I don't think anyone has crushed a Super Bowl performance like that, Whitney Houston and Micheal Jackson did good, But Prince CRUSHED. I don't know where you wastched tha game at, but where I was, there were at least 40 loud ass niggas and bitches in that piece, EVERYONE, shut tha fuck up while Prince Crushed. Then tha Nigga did a NEW song and that shit was tight, Prince is tha Shit, that Nigga needs to drop anotha album and go on Tour, fuck it.

I'm still kinda hurting from tha festivities yesterday, that Patron Silver is somthing else, Oh and that Purple too. I tried to split up my time at two spots, It was tough but I made that shit happen. I hit tha southside of Compton first and posted wit my Nigga Big L-G, this Nigga is a Magician and artist when it comes to cooking on tha Grill, I watched tha first half and tha half time show there, I watched tha second half in my Hood at My Nigga Zoeish Dosha's Estate, which was packed wit Bitches. After tha game I blew purple wit a crew a bitches that was on me about my clothing line, a bad Bitch named Mylah and her Team of Bitches took me to Blow with them in her R-series Benz, you know tha one that looks like a big station wagon. While posted with them I got a call from this new Bitch I'm working with named Tondion, this is a bitch I met a few weeks ago at tha Ralphs around tha corner from my house, we had lunch one or twice, no physical contact outside of a hug. Tondion is a cool petite redbone, a senior at Long Beach State majoring in Biology, she lived in my area yet I had never been inside of her house. That Bitch has tha prettiest tiny feet, I only seen them exposed once, when I saw them I was seized with tha impulse to suck toes, I kept that inside my mind tho. Call her tha Vans Pimp, cause everytime I see her she's rocking some Vans I have never seen before. I took tha call infront of tha Bitches, they continued to talk and pretend like they weren't listening to me. As soon as I heard Tondion's voice I knew she was tipsy, this bitch was calling for tha Booty Call already, I smiled on tha inside. She asked a few bullshit questions and then asked if I could come through tonite, I was like "Well, I had some shit to do but, I'll be through there in about an hour" I hung up, and Mylah was tha first to blast "So you just gonna shake us and fuck one of your little Bitches, just like that, I thought we was kicking it" I laughed and said "We are, I just met you, You seem cool, But, this is tha introduction, ya dig me?" she laughed and said "Nigga I'm just fucken witcha, We definitely can talk some otha day". I was faded as I navigated through tha urban streets under that smog blurred California night sky, I made sure I avoided all of tha Super Bowl drunk driving check points, cause I was Drunk Driving like a Muthafukka. I made it to Tondion's apartment where she lived with her roomate, who was never there. I staggered to her door, knocked softly, she open tha door wearing a t-shirt and flip flops. Her smile was bright, her eyes were super chingy, tha interior of tha apartment was murky lit by a few candles. I thought to myself "This bitch is confident about getting some Swipe tonite", I hugged her, inhaled her fresh aroma and then I stepped into her aparment. As soon as I stepped in her place tha overwheelming pungent aroma of strong urine punched into my nostrils and shocked me sober. I thought I was tripping as I followed her through her furnitureless apartment to her bedroom, I sat on tha bed with my eyebrows snatched into a question mark. She left tha room then returned with a wooden tray with Purple and Orange rolling papers on it, she changed tha music with her remote control, then began twisting up a joint. I was still tripping, I could hold back, I said "Babygirl, You have a nice place, But, Your house smells like Piss, Strong Piss" She sighed and said "I know, my roomate has a thing for cats" I said "Cats, how many Cats?" she said "I think there are six of them" I said "What? This is a two bedroom apartment right? Why so many cats? Is that bitch a witch or some shit?" Tondion started laughing, and said "Naw, she just likes cats" then at that moment two huge cats ran from beneath her bed and left tha room. I said "Are those your cats?" she said "They come in here somtimes" I said "Babygirl, this smell is too much for a Nigga, how do you deal with this?" She said "Well, I guess I'm just used to it" I said "Use to it? Babygirl I gots to bounce for real, If you wanna kick it, maybe you could come by or some shit, I'm out" I got up and began to leave, Tondion rushed after me, and said "I can open a window and burn an incense" I said "I'm good Babygirl, Maybe a different time" Then I left.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Reckless MackMan in Downtown Disney

What tha Fuck it Do Readership! Tha BossMack TopSoil is in your fucken area, Niggas and Bitches love me and my gamne stays ahead a ya, Nigga! Whoa, your Mackman Hero is doing Good Today, I woke up feeling great, That krispy cold ocean air called to a Nigga, I had to get in tha 12 Mile run this Morning EARLY! I Love long distance running like a Muthafukka, It gives me so much of an advantage on dealing with tha World, You see I know that only the Disciplined Man can get up when it's dark and cold, Then run many miles when everyone else is sleep in their warm comfortable beds. You see I am stronger than my environment, are you? Of course you aren't, Your environment dominates you like a tyrant Lol. I'm just bullshitting, Running ain't for everyone, tha sedentary life style has it's benefits, I guess.

This Month you shall see tha jump off of "Tha TopMackNigga Show: Off in Them Streets", this will be a Video show that will be edited and will feature "Tha BossMack TopSoil" and Otha VJays that I put on my team, All around Sunny Southern California at all hot events and even not so hot events. Eventually all of my collected footage will be edited together to form a DVD that will of course be for sale. This Month is Big, we got tha All Star Game cracken in Vegas, We got tha Bob Marley Festival or Ragamuffins Festival, and not to mention quite a few live concerts. I'll be interviewing celebrities all tha way down to tha regular Nigga on tha street. It should be good, or at least funny.

Tha BossMack TopSoil and Big Swivel was at Blowing Big Purple Kush in tha Disney Land parking lot wit to bad Snowbunny Bitches last night. Them bitches was off tha hook for real, I clowned them bitches when they wanted to do lines in my Truck. These were two bitches we met when we picked up our guest passes last night at tha House Of Blues in Anahiem, where The Game was performing. These were some bitches that were from Laguna Hills, On some OC shit for real. I went on and exchanged contact information with tha tightest one of tha bitches, A bitch with eyes that looked like a crystal clear afternoon sky in Big Bear, her name was Wendy. She told me she went to UC Irvine and worked at for tha Orange County Department of Education, Oh and she also claimed to be a Sponsored Surfer. After we smoked my blunt, them bitches produced some purple/orange kush and we blew some of that, I love bitches that bring shit to tha table. After tha smoke out we fanned out into Downtown Disney to cure them muchies before tha Event, after an Expensive Ass burger and fries we saw The Game crush tha House of Blues, which was packed with White Folks. I still think his Star is kinda fading, this Nigga is not having tha same impact that he had when he first came out, but then again who does? Oh I forgot Fiddy maintained momentum. We hit a corner before tha end of tha show, tha drive home was rough on tha BossMack, so rough that by tha time I made it to Long Beach I had almost killed myself at least three times, I was so glad I didn't drink that night. Long Story short, I did in fact loose it exactly 2 blocks from my tilt, I fell asleep for a mini instant and ran my Truck up on tha curb and caught a flat, I was definitely awake for tha walk home at 2am LOL.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tha BossMack TopSoil Live!

What Tha Fuck It Do People! Here is a clip of tha BossMack TopSoil responding to some Reader/Listener E-Mail on "Tha TopMackNigga Show" stolen from tha latestest Epsode, Episode #11 "Managing African American Bitches With College Degrees".