Thursday, March 20, 2008

BossMack Streetwear @ The Kick It Skate Shop in Long Beach

The Kick It Sk8 Shop, Downtown Long Beach

Tha BossMack TopSoil would like to present to tha readership yet anotha place to purchase BossMack Streetwear OTHA than online, Kick It Skate Shop in Long Beach, California. Kick It Skate Shop is located in tha Downtown Long Beach Art District @ 509 E. Broadway on tha corner of Broadway & Linden just West of Atlantic Blvd. This area in Long Beach is on tha rise fashion wise, this area in Long Beach is quickly becoming a serious hot spot for Streetwear fashion, don't sleep.

Also Tha BossMack Streetwear store is officically open for business, we switched up tha name from BossMack Clothing to BossMack Streetwear. Anotha change is we are now doing business with Amazon so you can feel better about use your credit cards online and such, we are not fucken with paypal, to many complaints. We will be adding new Merch daily so keep comming through.

We will be announcing 2 new locations on Melrose Blvd in Hollywood, California that will carry BossMack Streetwear brand, so stay posted.


dejanae said...

pimpin entrepreneur
good look

SacTownGuy said...

I am still ready to model your gear up in SacTown!


SUP TOPSIZZLE...I was wondering if u got THE Black BIG faces long-sleeve in XXL/XXXL?Or short sleeve...n hoodies...Oh yeah Good podcast...if ya can squeeze in more mack lacin that would be da bidness!!!Stay mackish

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

@dejanae - Thank you babygurl, you would look lovely in one of my Tees.

@SG - Yours in being sent today peoples.

@dick bastardly - I got you on tha XXL/XXXL Long Sleave joints, no short sleave hoodies right now tho, I'll check into that. I felt that too with tha shows recently, I'm gonna extend tha shows to 45 min, with more emphasis on game.

Anonymous said...

Does the skate shop for your brand also sell Kr3w shirts..I'm always looking for exclusive streetwear fashion spots..I like to be FRESH from select urban shops..