Thursday, March 13, 2008

10 Things Tha BossMack Doesn't Like Anymore

Tha Long Beach Shoreline
Tha Long Beach shoreline on a Friday Night

Nothing I read, see or hear suprises tha BossMack TopSoil any more, Nothing. If I heard tomorrow that Hillary Clinton had dead bodies in her back yard, I would be like Hillary's a fool. Or if perhaps I heard that Pope Benidict the XVI had a stable of bitches, I would be like "I knew he had some playa in him". From people practicing Necrophilia to Beastiality, I know that ANYTHING can happen. I can't put no form of human behavior past anyone, Thats why I'm careful who I associate with and why I scrutinize my bitches very carefully. Shit, I just had to dismiss a bitch for low key Meth use (I'll elaborate on that at a different time). For a cold blooded look at tha reality of tha world tha book "Juliette" by tha Marquise De Sade was very insightful for a Nigga, read at your own risk.

Now tha world changes everyday, so thus does tha BossMack TopSoil. So once again I find myself inspired by anotha blogger whom I can't recall, this is my nod to that person.

10 Things Tha BossMack Doesn't Like Anymore

1. HBO

Of course with tha end of tha Sopranos and tha Wire I really have no reason to watch HBO anymore. Tha only reason to even think about tunning in now is because of "Entourage" which is really a good show to watch only after tha Sopranos or tha Wire.

2. Henessy

I don't know what happened, I can't fuck with it anymore. I think maybe through tha years I just focused on it to much.

3. McDonalds

When I was a youngtsa Micky D's was a magical place. As an adult it's a place of absolute last resort and even in those situations I regret purchasing that bullshit. I think Micky D's is designed to brain wash kids or some shit.

4. Chicken (Thighs & Legs)

I use to not discriminate on which piece of chicken I got, until I saw guts and viens one day. I bit into a good looking piece of fried chicken. a thigh to be exact and blood, guts and viens popped out. I haven't fucked with dark meat chicken since.

5. Fucking Bitches Anal

I really use to be down for fucking bitches in tha Ass Hole from time to time. As a matter of fact I had a few bitches in tha past who use to set off tha session with tha ass hole first. Then somewhere in all of that fucking I forgot what I was fucking, then I was reminded and brought back to Earth. One day I was having a session with a little asian bitch I had on tha team at tha time, I was up in her ass hole to my balls, when I pulled tha swipe out, tha Condom, was covered with shit. Shit not mixed with water is very powerful, tha raw fragrence punched up my nostrils, I almost threw up on tha bitch.

6. Spending Tha Night at A Bitches House

When I was a younsta I thought having a bitch with her own tilt and spending tha night there was tha shit. As I got older that shit played out to me. Sure I like to visit bitches at they own tilt, I love to engage in lubricities there also, but 9 times outta 10 is I'm not to drunk or tired, I leaving at about 3am, I like my own bed.

7. Jay Bee's Barbeque

I used to LOVE to eat barbeque at Jay Bee's. Tha hot link sandwiches sold here are tha shit, tha barbeque sausce is unmatched. I don't know what happened to me, perhaps my guts just can't handle tha raw consumption of grease & fire. All I know is that if I try to eat anything from this place, it tastes excellent when I eat it, but tha processing is pure torture. If I eat food from this place I am guaranteed a stomach ache, nausea and headache. Then when thats all over I shit pure Lava.

8. Hood Rat Friday's (Majic Johnson's Fridays)

I use to like to fall through this spot and have a drink ery now and then, until I noticed how worn out tha bitches looked in there on a consistent basis. Everytime I stopped by there it seemed like I was seeing tha same bitches. Bitches that kinda look like Vivica A. Fox, ya know, You can tell tha bitches are old and they taking tha drastic measures to hold on.

9. Tha Lakers

In tha Showtime Era, I loved tha Lakers. In tha Kobe Era, I'ts fuck tha Lakers on mines. I cannot explain it, I just don't like Kobe. I disliked him even more when he snitched on Shak and fucked that white bitch in colorado raw dog in tha ass hole. I also thought he was a weenie for letting his wife get away with letting her ex-boyfriend drive and then total his Ferrari , yeah I bet you never heard about that one.

10. Playstation 3, X-Box or Nintendo Wii

I use to love to play Madden whenever I got tha chance. Me and tha homies always use to meet up and play for a minimum of $5.00 with 5 minute quarters. I never really got into tha other games heavy, but Madden & NCAA Football, that was my shit. The one day I had an epiphanny, I realized that fucking with those games was fucking with my time. All tha time I put into playing those games yeilded me nothing, save talking shit to tha homies, we don't meet up to waste time anymore.


SacTownGuy said...

Good post Boss. I might have to steal that idea from you and I'll also give the guy, whose name you don't remember, credit! Peace.

Mizrepresent said...

You are too funny, but i have to agree with most of your list....

like Mcdonalds, HBO, feel ya on the chicken parts, but dayum chicken cost as much as steak now, so umma have to keep eating...looks you need a better cook though, imo...anal sex, not for me...i was wondering...nice post

Brittany_83 said...

This list is too funny.

Atl_Mack said...

As you grow older, you tend to evolve... if you don't evolve, you die... Good Post BossMack...

dejanae said...

good thing you decided to leave the dookie chute alone
good look on the bootleg visit
dont b a stranger

The God said...

Peace God!

I feel ya on that Micky D's shit. Them nugget taste like cold grease...I am trying to understand how in the fuck I thought McDonalds was the shit back then.

I feel you on that dark meat dealing with that ol' Yard bird. Churchs chicken has all that yellow fat shit in them chickens...that shit makes a nigga wanna throw up just by experiencing the texture.

This post was inspirational I may have to bite your style.

Peace God!

Kasandra said...

Great post Boss!!!

JayBee said...

I'm feeling you on everything except the stuff that seems to be unique to Cali.
1. I'm thinking bout turning mine off too.
2.Don't really like any brown liquor.
3.Definitely a last resort. Ate too much in college cause it was across the street.
4.Don't like thighs, but got no problem with legs.
5.Never done that.
6. Not against this.
7-8. Sounds like some Cali stuff.
9. I don't like Kobe either.
10. Don't play video games. Used to love Mortal Kombat.

That Girl Tam said...

What up Bossmack!!

1. We killed HBO right after the Sopranos went off the air. There's really no need to watch it anymore.
2. I don't fuck with the hard stuff...Tam on tilt ain't a cute thing.
3. I hate that my children both knew how to say McDonalds clearer than they could say anything else while they were learning to speak. That shit is gross...
4. I don't really eat chicken and if I do, it's boneless breast meat.
5. Um...eww...TMI
6. I don't think I've ever spent the night at a dude's spot before...I like my own bed too!
7. I remember passin this place on my way to CSUDH (comin off'a San Pedro where Avalon meets up). It smelled good, but not good enough for me to stop.
8. I have NEVER been to that Friday's. When I lived near there, it was just too crowded with wannabe ballers and hoodrats for my taste. I'd rather just go across the street to Pann's.
9. CHAMPS TO CHUMPS...nuff said.
10. I'm not a gamer, but I LOVE me some Wii...

Great post!

Eb the Celeb said...

I agree with you on most of these...

you havent played nintendo wii with me yet that's why you hate that...

I also see no point in watching HBO no more, have always hated mcdonalds but fries are my fav vegetable so I will stop in there for those from time to time... and maybe pick up a milkshake or sundae too... The only part of chicken I dont like is the breast...but I feel you on the thigh

Ok... thats all I can remember right now and dont feel like flipping back to the post!


DollFace said...

Hell, HBO isn't even TRYING to replace the Sopranos or the Wire with something else.

McDonalds is the devil, but it will do when you don't feel like cooking!

Monie said...

I see I'm not the only one to cancel my HBO when the Wire ended. I only subscribed for that show.