Saturday, March 01, 2008

Tha Hawthorne State Of Mind

Burnt SUV

My Grandmama told me "Keep my heart froze, don't die from an overdose of Hoes Nigga", now thats real spit right there, Vintage spit, I love my G-Moms so much. My G-Moms breaks down bitches for me when we talk somtimes, she has seen everything and done some things. Perhaps I should listen more carefully?

I went to see Germonica tha otha night, a new bitch I've been working with here lately, Quite tha ratted out bitch I may add. I made tha reluctant journey to tha Hawthorne side of town, If you are not familar, Hawthorne is a little city in between Inglewood and Torrance. Hawthorne is a city where most Southern California Niggas & Bitches find their first Apartments and such, so the city is actually like a conglomeration of Niggas from different hoods trying to maintain autonomy. I call it "Tha Hawthorne State Of Mind", real muthafuckas usually live in that area for a year or two then they shake.

Germonica was a new Hawthorne resident, just getting on her feet, she's a Sophmore at Cal State Dominguez Hills, with a nice little job working for a Law Firm in tha Arco Building in Downtown Long Beach, you know them White Dudes love to have a bad bitch throwing that ass around tha office. Despite all of this, Germonica is still a ratted out bitch to a degree, but she has potential. She grew up in Long Beach, so ery now and then she likes to bang on tha BossMack since I'm from a Blood Hood and she's from "Babies" or Baby Insane, which is the new Gangbang movment in Long Beach, they are a little more active than tha older Niggas from Long Beach Insane and tha Twenties.

I can't front tho, G looks like a half white cream colored version of Megan Good without the weave & fake eye brows. She blows purple continously and is extremely good at math, as a matter of fact she beyond math, she nice as fuck at calculus, real talk. This bitch is talking about getting a PHD in Math, it's the weirdest shit you ever seen. I went up to Domiguez Hills to kick it with her and one of her homegurls in tha dorms a week or two ago and them bitches were blowing big purple and knocking out that calculus homework, all while speaking in Hoodrat.

Anyways, I pull up at her tilt, the street was devoid of people but parking was shitty, Parking on them little side streets in Hawthorne is very difficult. I made my way into her maze of an apartment complex and arrived at last at her front door, I could smell the purple and pork chops wafting through her kitchen window. She opened tha door and greeted me with an electric smile and full body hug, she smelled like fresh flowers, she spinned around and jogged back into the kitchen, I could hear somthing frying, she yelled from tha kitchen "Tha blunt is in tha ashtray on tha coffee table", I looked up and saw that new Jay-Z video featuring Zoe on her flatscreen. I plopped down on her green suede couch and grabbed tha blunt, I picked up her lighter and she yelled from tha kitchen "Don't steal my lighter Nigga" I laughed cause I was gonna put it in my pocket.

I love visiting bitches and watching threm in their environment, but on tha flipside, I don't like visiting bitches in Hawthorne, I can't explain it, It's like difficult to relax, Im not tha type a nigga that likes to ride around with guns and shit, but when you in Hawthorne, you kind a need to be on that page, and on this night I wasn't. G brought me a steaming hot plate of pork chops (yup I eat pork somtimes), Sour Cream mashed potatoes, Mixed Vegi's and a lovely salad that had sliced apples in it. I love bitches that can cook good. She put in a bootleg version of "No Country for Old Men", I saw the case for tha DVD and said "Didn't a Muthafucka win an Oscar for this film?" she said "Oh yeah, this movie is extra gangsta". Side note "No Country for Old Men" is tha most Gangsta film of 2007, fuck "American Gangster". We watched tha film, G snuggled up nice and cozy with a nigga, we blew more purple, I ran my finger thru her hair and felt her scalp, I don't know why but that shit is stimulating to a nigga, tha movie ended. On to tha Lubricities, in an hour or so we accomplished great things right there in tha living room, I was drainned, I contemplated leaving, My domicile seemed so far away, I went against my instincts, I fell asleep right there. I was awoken suddenly by a violent shaking, I opened my eyes and looked into G's eye's which were now as big as golf balls, she was scared, I said "Babygurl, what's tha buisness", she said "Get up and go to tha closet, please, just do it", I was like "What!?" she was pulling me toward tha closet now, she said "Just do it, be quite and I'm a tell you what's up just do it James", the raw fear in her eyes made me follow her lead, I now assumed a Nigga was comming and I of course was slipping. I made sure my phone was on silent and stood poised in tha darkness with the hangers from her clothes sticking me in my back. There was no way to see what was going on, but I heard tha Nigga enter tha house with KEY, then the arguing began. It was kind a muffled at first then it got louder, I felt electric currents running thru me, I really didn't know what tha fuck to do, If he started beating her ass should I help? Or should I just run tha nigga over and leave? I just stayed posted and cursed myself for being in this situation, even if I had brought my heat I really didn't want to enter no gangsta shit, This wasn't even really MY bitch, we had no contract. Next I heard a door slam, then silence, I heard footsteps comming towards tha closet then tha door opened. G then launched into a tearful and detailed explaination of why a Nigga had just entered her tilt with a key and why I had to hide in tha closet. Well, I listened to her story while I gathered my belongings in preperation to leave, I was extra pissed off from tha experience. I pride myself on knowing as much as you can possibly know about a bitch and I didn't know about a Nigga with a key. She explained that when she had first moved into that apartment it was with that Nigga, she since had put him out and she had thought she took all of his keys, she took his keys while he was sleeping one night. Tha bitch didn't get'em all apparently. That bitch was begging for forgiveness when I left, I made sure she was extra uncertain about our future.

Ahhh, Hawthorne at 3:02am is very a quiet and desolate place. Can you imagine my surprise when I exited her apartment building and saw a truck parked about 3 cars from mines completely engulfed in flames? With absolutely no people around AND there were no sirens in tha air? Just tha sound of burning flames, crackling glass and buckling steel. As I drove away in my Truck I couldn't help but wonder, did that nigga think that truck was mine and set it on fire?


The God said...

Peace God!!!

"If he started beating her ass should I help? Or should I just run tha nigga over and leave?" That part right there had me laughing my ass off.

Reason my youth My younger cousin and I were in a similar situation. The result of us being in the closet went deeper. I ended up with a broken ankle and the girls pops we had up in court soon after that. We lost the case though.

So will this "G" broad be his-story or your story? I honestly feel she should have let u know the situation about dude before you laid all up in her tilt.

Peace God

Anonymous said...

Waddup BossMack... I was just readin the archives, and I miss the good game you was choppin up. Please bring it back my man.

Anonymous said...

As usual one never knows if this is true or just some bs from your mind.
Hawthorne aint really as bad as you made it out to be. I am sure this is for readers that don't know the la area and you do tend to hype shit.

Thats what your stupid ass gets. Do you think you are the only one fucking with a ratted out bitch? And if she is working the Arco building( which i doubt) then rest assure some old white dude is nutting in her mouth.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

the god - I don't know what is gonna crack with babygurl, you neva know.

Anon fan #1 - I try to shift some of tha game tha podcast show these days.

Anon fan #2 - Check Game, Im glad you like to come thru and read my shit. I really don't give a fuck about Anon folk, thats why I keep so you can comment like that, but it's a trip when dudes talk shit from behind that. I neva said I was tha only one fucking with tha bitch, Oh and I gives a fuck if a white dude is nuttin her mouth. Cowards like you that talk shit sould man up tho and identify yourself.

As usual huh? Bitch ass muthafucka reading my shit everyday, yous a fucken weenie.

SacTownGuy said...

Anonymous player haters!? Takes me back about 20 years and I believe it was Ice T who was one of the first to say... "don't hate the player... hate the game."

Anonymous said...

LMBPAO...daaamn BOSSMACK...G-MONICA`S swift cranial..thinkin and of course the MACK-GOD was lQQking down on ur ass again!!!Only that story could be told the way U tell it.A nigga with a KEY...whut the fuck? me rollin over here...stay mackin...nigga...BUNNOBB

Atl_Mack said...

Damn BossMack! u r right, you were slippin right there...

Aunt Jackie said...

the way you describe Hawthorne is the way I always thought of Downey. We I was in Carson and Compton everybody wanted to get a spot in Downey...I didn't get it.

I saw your shit with Tone Loc on the Delicious Vinyl spot..good work!

Anonymous said...

Anon fan#2 is right nigga you stay putting extras on shit!!! Like you told your BIG homie "too make it more interesting for the readers"!!! LMAO

Oh and I KNOW your scary ass didn't fix your lips to say "coward"?!!

If these people REALLY knew the business they wouldn't even read. I read to see what you can make up on a daily. It's more like comedy to me. You should consider writing for a sitcom or something! You have a great imagination!

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Anon Fan #3 - So you speak like you know me? But you Anonymous tho? Then you say you like to read everyday, right? So you's a fan then.

Tha shit I write is funny, because life is funny. But trip tho, I wouldn't read no bullshit everyday, how tha fuck do you do that, how do you have time for that?

Oh and I call muthafuckas cowards who talk shit anon style like you doing, cause you see I'm not anon.

Niggas is funny as fuck to me, my BIG homie huh? Right.

Monie said...

LOL @ him possibly setting the car on fire thinking it was yours.

That Girl Tam said...

Damn man, that was some straight "trapped in the closet" shit right there! I figure that's a bit unusual for something like that to happen to YOU of all people.

Wonder if he had a hunch that someone was over at the tilt...over there burnin up the wrong nigga's't you glad it WASN'T your shit that was on fire?

Oh...and Hawthorne is NOT the business...hoodrats, fake ass gangsta niggas and ghetto apartment living. Cheap rent gets you cheap-rent-living kinda people and shitty parking.

There is NOTHING FLY in 90250.

Anonymous said...

Hey topfool this is anon two. So nigga am I supposed to get a blogname to post here. Thats some stupid nigga logic for you.
You write shit because you like attention just like a bitch.
I read your shit because I like the fiction and it is funny.
You are mad because I just peep your game thats all.
People that are not from Cali may think they shit you write about is real. You are like one of those fake ass authors that write fake books about life in the hood.
You are a hood nigga that is fact.
But that is just a chance of where your family lived. You are not known on the streets fool. I never heard of your ass before this blog.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

@Anon#2 - Check Game, I'm not mad at you, I'm glad you read my shit everyday, I love fans, weenies like you keep my comment section tight.

As far as knowing me on tha streets, Who tha fuck are you? Are you from Cali? Are you a Bitch or Nigga? I can't tell.

Nigga yous Bitch, You are Anonymous, if you was real muthafucka you would stand behind that shit. So keep reading, and keep it Anon.

Mizrepresent said...