Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Uncle Imani Of The Pharcyde + Tha BossMack TopSoil + The Kick It Skate Shop Art Show

Imani Relucent
Uncle Imani Of The Pharcyde (Relucent) @ Roscoe's

Big Smootche (Pharcyde Management) @ Roscoe's

@ Roscoe's B4 Art Show Smootche @ Roscoes

I for got her name too


The Kick It Skate Shop

Barry + Imani
Barry (Owner) + Imani

Dj 215 Dj 215

BossMack Streetwear
BossMack Streetwear Mens Tees in relation to otha shit

BossMack Lady Tees in relation to otha shit artwalk#10

BossMack and Friend

Candice & tha BossMack


Ipod X FatCap Ipod & FatKap

The Kick It Skate Art Show
I Liked these Joints

This One Too Art @ Kick It Skate

More Art

Erything was cool

Uncle Imani X Tha BossMack TopSoil X ?

Imani + Tha BossMack + ?

DSCF4496 A Battle

BossMack & Barry DSCF4541

Yeah I know, A Nigga has been posting many Pics around this muthafucka. Don't trip tho, Game is comming. This past weekend we was @ The Kick It Skate Show for an Art Show, tha event was lovely. My peoples Imani and Big Smootche came down to hold down BossMack Streetwear. Too much Kush & Patron that night tho.


bleugod said...

Peace God

Ya white shirt with the silver Monkey face is that fire. Is that for sale?

I love The Pharcydes first album I still trip on that "ya mama" song...cat said "Ya mother be eating daytons like now & Laters and shit"...that was hell of funny.

Peace God

nicki nicki tembo said...

I likes the metallic logo bossmack tee and...what is this, Barry sportin' the RUN DMC tee OMG!

chavita!!! said...

fuckin siiiick!

Robyn said...

hey i love the t.shirts
but am too far to get me one.
Ho are you?

Hadassah said...

That T shirt with the silver monkey is nice!