Sunday, October 04, 2009

Anotha Night @ The Conga Room: Jaguar Wright is a Shitty Bitch

Jaguar Wright in rare form

Last weeks show @ The Conga Room with Slum Village & Goapele was much better than this show. My peoples only had a week to promote, so it is what it is, It was still a good turn out. Hosting shows is a very interesting thing. Seeing all of these artist up close and evaluating them has been a bonus for Tha BossMack TopSoil. I have seen high quality unknown artists all tha way up to very famous but shitty in reality artist. This show I hosted recently at tha Conga Room was a study in this. I shall now offer a very clear and concise review of tha show I just hosted which featured Marsha Ambrosius, Jaguar Wright and Aloe Blacc.

Aloe Blacc

Is an artist I learned about a few years ago, I heard him singing over a hell of an Madlib beat on sombodys radio show, it was tight as fuck. This nigga is tha resident host of The Do-Over held @ Crane's Tavern in Hollywood. Aloe Blacc is highly underrated and stikes me as a muthafucka that should be on a much higher level. His music and live show is on some 70's shit for real, he uses a horn section, as a matter of fact this Nigga plays tha trumpet. You must respect a dude that starts off playing tha trumpet, then starts signing. His entire set was crisp and well done, you can tell he's a perfectionist and really works hard on his craft. Now with all that being said, I do not know if tha world is ready for his music, just yet. His songs are thoughtful and clever, yet in this dumbed down world we live in I feel like his lyrics will fly over some ignorant muthafuckas heads.

He is on tha right record label for tha type of music he's making, Stones Throw Records which is fast becoming tha West Coast Motown for underground artist specifically Hip-Hop. Over all Aloe Blacc is a professional and hard working artist, I can also tell he's a Good Nigga.

Jaguar Wright

Off top, I want you to go to tha flyer advertising this concert and focus on tha picture of Jaguar Wright, she's tha dark skinned bitch. Okay tha way she looks in tha picture is how she looked years ago, that bitch looks nothing like that now.

When I arrived at tha Conga Room tha first person I saw was tha homie Big Bert, Bert was playing percussion for Jaguar & Marsha Ambrosius, Bert is always in demand for his skills. Anyways, I was about to get some Hot Wings @ Espn Zone when I heard him yell "Tha BossMack TopSoil" I saw him an ambled over and gave him a pound. I said "Whats Good Nigga How we looking tonight, you doing good?" he shook his head and said "Naw Nigga, shit was good all tha way up until Jaguar showed up for tha sound check, she's crazy, its gonna be a bad night" I said "Come on Nigga, it can't be that bad" He said "Look, She hired us to play last minute, we studied tha music thats on her albums, she wants us to play stuff that don't sound like tha stuff on her album, oh and we didn't get to practice cause she missed two flights, she was supposed to be here last night" I said "Big Bert, it can't be that bad" He said "BossMack, Marsha was WAY cooler than Jaguar and Marsha is tha star, you know how easy tha sound check was with her, Marsha is super cool".

Aloe Blacc went on stage TIME and finished on TIME. Jaguar Wright was supposed to hit tha stage at 11:15pm and Marsha was supposed to go on at 12:00am, Jaguar didn't enter tha building until 11:50pm and tha Bitch was pissed off, I wish you could have seen this muthafucka, I wanted to throw water on her. Her Manager was a Super Weenie/CupCake Nigga that seemed like he took continuous abuse from her on tha daily. I went up and introduced tha Bitch and told tha crowd I was sorry tha show was running late. Jaguar walked up on tha stage and I was like "Wow, that bitch needs to take some new pictures", then I thought "Tha Bitch can SING" and she could. Jaguar Wright didn't get a chance to sing with Jay-Z for no reason, tha bitch is good, however tha bitch is crazy. Jaguar Wright is a Crazy Bitch, I can't tell you tha name of one song tha bitch performed, she seemed to only do demonstrations of vocal agility over whatever her band was playing. Like some Anita Baker type shit but not nearly as good as Anita, feel me? Even tho she could sing, that shit was irritating and wack. After one song or whatever it was she was doing, she kicked off her shoes cause I guess she was gonna really "put it down" but that shit neva happened. She told tha crowd she needed a Vodka with Cranberry juice and muthafuckas sent her about 5 drinks. Then tha bitch questioned a Nigga in tha audience "What tha fuck you looking at? You looking at me like I'm in a cage or some shit" I was waiting for that Nigga to say "I'm looking at a late fat bitch wondering why I paid to see this bullshit, you owe me hoe". Then tha bitch really shocked me when she said "Listen up yall This Funny Looking Nigga wants to say sumpthin to yall" then her Weenie Ass manager grabs tha mic and says after tha show he's got Jaguar Wright live CD's for sale, I just shook my head. This bitch stayed on stage hallucinating until 12:40am at least, I was happy as hell when she finished. Jaguar Wright is a Sour Bitch.

Marsha Ambrosius (from Floetry)

I forgot she had written "Butterfies" for Micheal Jackson, Marsha was tight as fuck and she's a real cool bitch. NoW when I saw her backstage I didn't know who she was cause she use to be kinda fat, I don't know if she got some type surgery or some shit but she's much smaller. I had went backstage to piss and I saw a cute light skinned bitch (which turned out to be Marsha) talking to a familiar nigga that looked gay, so I asked tha familiar gay dude where tha restroom was, he looked irritated and then pointed it out. When I came out tha restroom tha familiar Gay dude hopped up and started dancing and singing, then I realized it was tha singer Mario. I don't know, it seemed like he was kissing that Bitches ass so she could write him a song. Marsha took tha stage and demonstrated why she is one of tha top singing bitches in tha game today, if she hadn't taken tha stage so late, I think tha show would have been better. Marsha has a future in tha music business, I'm not sure if she will blow up as singer. Her show was very laid back, not alot of dancing and action, she basically just a pure vocalist. She lacerated tha tired crowd in tha Conga room and created a spiritual/mystical connection with everyone in tha room. She closed tha show with "Butterfies" which threw me off until I realized tha bitch was second only to Micheal Jackson in tha performance of that song. Then she gave an emotional speech about meeting and working with Micheal Jackson and how he changed her life. Marsha is tha shit, she will definitely flourish as a song writer and producer, I don't know about being a pop star, but she will shine in tha neo-soul universe strong.

This is a few looks from tha Conga Room


bleugod said...

Peace God!!!

Yea J. Wright has gained weight. I have thoughts just like you do; wanting to throw water on folks. Lol too funny.

Peace God!!!

Anonymous said...

hold up.what you mean marsha ambrosia was kinda fat,but now she much smaller? she still a fat ass bitch WTF!.and how you let faggot ass mario diss you AHAHAHA!!!

BUNNOBB said...

LMBPAO....GOOODDAAMN TO$$IZZLE...Nigga yous A fool sayin that gay lQQkin nigga was Mario.Maybe He was mad cause U didnt know who he was?Jaguar seemed like she was on one...Some surreal shyt to me...A b@tch askin a mofo "who U lQQkin @"?!!!Whut the hell...b@tch U MRS.Snufflelupikas ass..

Ashley The Great said...

I am so disappointe in Jaguar Wright. I am a fan and it's a good thing I live in Florida and not in California for I would have certainly been at this show. Cursing her from the front row. For someone who has NO new shit she ought to be happy that people are singing her old shit and actually paying. Marshia has lost a lot of weight. She looks good. I would love to see her live. Dammit Im moving to L.A. Love ya.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

If i would have known the show was going to late i would have came thru since we got out of the Nokia Club at a little after midnight.

I should have just came thru to have a patron with you.

thats too bad about Jaguar Wright, shitty acting bitch aint what you want 'em to say about you...period. dot.

E's said...

"...she kicked off her shoes cause I guess she was gonna really "put it down" but that shit neva happened."

LOL. Yeah, I'm a fan of Marsha's voice...She need to drop some stuff soon.

Boogie said...

Yeah Jaguar Wright is on some Millie Jackson shit... bitch can blow though... "Self Love" is my shit! Aloe Blacc, he dope... I heard "Bailar" a few years ago and still bump that to this day. And Marsha...MAN... that voice is truly spectacular... I hope she gets with the right muthafuckas to help her get some more shine. I'm starting to think fuckin wit Dre was a bad look for her career... shit don't match...kinda like Janelle Monae fuckin with Bad Boy.

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Anonymous said...

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