Friday, October 09, 2009

Suzerain Perspectives

Suzerain & Bitches

I was choppin up game wit my peoples Black Wally tha otha day, we was speaking on bitches. Know those conversations are entertaining because, I speak from a MackMan Philosophical perspective and my peoples was speaking from a square perspective, so of course we have conflicting views.

Tha Conversation began with a story of a Nigga who had a fly bitch, a Nigga named Young Ralph. Young Ralph and tha bitch in question were tight, That Nigga Loved that Bitch, However he still had bitches on tha side, which is tha way to go. Tha mistake he made was giving tha Bitch a key to his tilt, while he was still having bitches come through. Long story short tha bitch came thru and caught him slipping, while fucking a different bitch. Tha relationship exploded and tha bitch sought vengeance. Vengeance came in tha form of tha Bitch fuckin with one of his associates, overtly, that nigga Kev. Kev was manipulated by tha bitch into appearing with tha bitch in a place where Young Ralph would be, resulting in much uncomfortableness for Young Ralph & Kev, not tha bitch tho, she rejoiced.

Now tha question was put to tha BossMack TopSoil "Was Kev wrong?", I said "It depends on how tight was Kev and Young Ralph". Tha way I saw it was if they weren't friends to tha point where they confided into each other about relationship issues, then fuck it, tha bitch was fair game. Then I preceded to say this to that nigga Black Wally, I said "Check Game, You could have any of my former Bitches and I wouldn't say shit, however on tha flipside I would never fuck with your Babymama" That nigga Black Wally was shocked when I said that, he said "Why" I laughed and said "I have never confided in you about any of my bitch problems, but you have confided in me about your Babymama, so I kind of have an advantage" I watched that nigga soak that in then I continued "Also no hard feelings but I don't think you would be my peoples anymore if I added your Babymama to tha team. And tha value of that bitch does not equate to tha value of our association".

Black Wally smiled and said "Okay Nigga, well what about this scenario" Then he went on to say what if a Nigga, Nigga(A) has a Flip and brings her to a function as a Flip, and introduces tha Flip to his peoples Nigga(B) as a Flip, but tha Flip doesn't Flip unless Nigga(B) takes her seriously and Wifes her. Now after Nigga(B) Wifes tha Flip, tha Flip still creeps and pampers Nigga(A)’s swipe on a regular basis. Now what kind of Nigga is Nigga(B)?

I told Wally this “I can always use a bitch that brings shit to tha table. Now I know yall are square dudes so, we think about bitches differently. You see I haven't met a bitch that didn't pamper a few swipes in her lifetime, I am interested in survival out here, so I like whores”. I paused then I said "Well, it's like this, Speaking for myself if I was in that situation, If a Nigga brings me a bitch and tells me she's a Flip, he tells me I could fuck her tonite and she'll drink tha babies also, I'm going to have to pass, cause I don't do one night stands, I have to know a bitch somewhat, I also have to receive oblation. I don't get hyped up for pussy on tha spot from strange bitches" I paused to let him soak that in, then I continued ruthlessly, I said "See, yall niggas are moved by pussy alone, I'm not, I'm moved by bitches kicking in to tha cause, now perhaps a Nigga sees no value in a bitch so he gives her to me, I talk to her and find out tha bitch is of value, I see tha bitch has plenty to bring to tha table, so I except that" I paused then continued again, I said "Now just because you are unenlightened and you and your people think a bitch is only worth fucking tonite only, thats on you, if I find tha bitch is bringing real goods and services to tha table, I'm with that, so if in tha long term I find out tha bitch is creeping and pampering anotha Niggas swipe on tha side, then thats cool, as long as I am still receiving oblation and getting respected like I'm tha king of her world, when tha respect and oblation stops, then we have issues" I paused and dead panned my nigga, then I said "Oh and you know how I feel about maintaining a team, Never be out there with just one bitch and you can't see all them bitches, all tha time, if you SEE NO signs of disrespect, what can you do? Save let tha Bitch keep kicking in lol”


BUNNOBB said...

DAAAAAMN TOP$$IZZLE...A lot I say alot of game in that there tale.I need to re-re-read.This shyt ret there needs to be CD-ized and spread throughout.Real-talk.Oh yeah is that rule #5 a b@tch will fukks with one of ur close peoples/folks/ erruhmmm "FUKK WITH YO MIND"!!!Yeah that str8 from the 10 THINGS A B@TCH WILL DO TO FUKK WITH YOUR MIND!!!Yeah weenies back to the ole` chalk/drawing board...soak it up and let the shyt marinate...

Rell said...

o shit you have done it now....this right here is going to miss some game


wally a fuckin WEENIE.and bossmack,nigga u aint gotta pause cuz u talk slow iz FUCK! nigga u talk slower than don cornelius!

forreal nigga this how u sound


A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

I should have been a dude, sounds like waaaay more fun than a female.

i don't always comment on your shit cuz i don't like to expose my business but i will say this, as a woman it's a dangerous game to play when you the game is pay to play....

Men are certainly having it their way, and all kinds of ways but for a chick to mess with a dudes friends, she is really exposing her own self and letting him know he messed with her head.

the world is too big to fish in small ponds she should of been on some new new instead of making her intimate life conversation.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

BUNNOBB - Thats a Goodlook my Nigga, thanks for tha fall thru.

@Rell - I had to release this post, been sitting on it for a few days. Thanks for tha feedback.

@FREDDY RUGER - No Doubt! It's good to see Muthafuckas like U is listening tho. I talk like that so Cupcakes like U can hear a Nigga lol.

@A.u.n.t. Jackie - Yeah Babygurl was like extra on that nigga. I always advise Niggas to leave they peoples Bitches alone. WHen a Nigga takes his homies broad, oh boy, tha damage is forever.

MR ETHER said...

Nigga didn't I tell you about posting BULLSHIT? I see you tried to write some real shit about a concert and I let your bitch ass alone, but there you go again. Posting bullshit fake soil shit again. How the fuck you going to try to talk about macking or running bitches. Nigga I have never ever seen your ass in a vip section of anything when I am out and about nigga.
Your thinking is what I call nigga logic, shit that only makes sense to simple ass niggers.
What the fuck are you getting bitches to bring you? Nigga I am talking about real shit with real value, what the fuck are those hood rat run over bitches with high ass mileage able to bring you?
And nigga the only thing you know about most bitches is what they tell you. As if you wait a week to fuck her that means something. Do you think every bitch is stupid, Nigga you are so fucking transparent a fucking crack head can see through your bullshit, a real slick bitch sees your weenie ass a mile away.
Nigga a real bitch is not going to give your stupid ghetto ass the time of day boy REAL TALK NIGGA!
You slow talking country ass nigga need to quit. You have no fucking game nigga, your shit is weak as fuck. And any real motherfucker can see your bullshit.
Nigga I am going to call your bitch ass each and every fucking time you post some bullshit, which is about 90% of your blog nigga.
You better stick to posting about concerts, because nigga you don't know shit about bitches. Niggas man niggas

Anonymous said...

Man you done it again Bossmack. Dropping that venom for us. I got a question..What about messing with one of your peoples sisters(who happens to have value & willing to bring things to the table)?

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

@Mr. Gay - Lol, Hate Daily, I need it.

@Anon - Thats a tuff one right there, especially if you's tha type a Nigga that has a few Bitches on tha team. Your peoples might be afraid for his sister down tha stretch. If you do it, be mindful of how you regulate otha bitches in your peoples presence, if you get dowen like that.

If you just a one bitch type dude, then you straight.

bleugod said...

Peace God!!!
Your insight is impeccable. I totally agree with your philosophy or way of life on this point: in part "as long as I am still receiving oblation and getting respected like I'm tha king of her world, when tha respect and oblation stops, then we have issues".

I am 100 with you on this. I don't see a relationship as ownership of another. It is about how the two relate. That agreement is the foundation of that relationship. If people cheat or whatever it really ain't that big of deal as long as the basis of that relationship does not get violated. Unless that basis is total monogamy. Lol

Great post as usual God.

Peace God!!!

Anonymous said...

aunt jackie shut up bitch.none of that shit you typed made any sense.

Anonymous said...

bluegod you's a disrespectful mothafucker.theres only God up above.

Anonymous said...

and bossmack omg you talk so fuckin slow,nigga you put bitches to sleep.after you finish talkin to a bitch all you hear is crickets an shit.mothafucka you need energy drink.

Ashley The Great said...

I enjoyed this post as usual. I'm a little surprised to see all this hate though. I've always used it as motivation. Im a square chick in a square long term relationship but if I were not I think I would have to agree with you. Thanks for the knowledge!!! Peace and Blessings King!!!

Anonymous said...

ashley the great shut your oh big fat ass up hoe,and give mr. ed his hair back you washed up bitch!

MR ETHER said...

@ Anon, you are funny as hell.
Fake soil keep posting your bullshit, what I bring is not hate fool, ITS FUCKING TRUTH SERUM NIGGA, DRINK IT UP BITCH.

tagskie said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

@Bleugod - I appreciate tha feedback as always my Nigga.

@Ashley The Great - Thanks for tha feedback baby. Hey, I'm always happy to see ya.

@Mr. Gay & My Hater Nation - Keep that Hate going ;-)

LA FIRE said...

ROTFLMAO @ MR ETHER and Anonymous.

BossWACK pretty soon ur gonna be out numbered nigga! hahaha

MR ETHER said...


When ever this nigga posts his bullshit I will bring the truth serum!
Look for this bitch ass nigga to shut his blog down soon with some bullshit excuse, or just to post about sucker shit.

Orange of da good DisKrit said...

I like this site,it have me LLS and your perspectives on some things SMH.....the west coast slangauge lesson on the humble ain't bad either...

Anonymous said...

First, I didn't understand this post at all. Nigga A? Nigga B? Babymama C?

Second, why would you call the commentor Mr Gay? Is that some kind of insult? Because it's not. Unless you're all into that no homo stuff. Come on.

smoking guns said...

Your haters must be bitches or bitch ass nigga's cause real peeps don't go out like that. Keep doing ya thing homey.

SacTownGuy said...

I come from the white ass suburbs but at least in my area there is no higher form of flattery than to be a player hater. Bossmack, I think you have some major admirers there with these haters. They even come back and read what other comments are made and then comment again. That is straight out admiration right there! Keep up the good work.

Crown Vic said...

That was a real ass dialogue right there, Top. I hope he walked away with something.

LA FIRE said...


Yeah u do spit that true shit tho,and fake soil knows it.I'm sure bosswack gon shut it down,cuz he can't block us HAHAHA!.These other ASS kissin niggas on here eat up everything he type.Oh gullible ass BITCH niggas!

LA FIRE said...

smoking guns and SacTownGIRL.Yall ain't nothin but a couple DUMBASS DICK ridin ass niggas.Yall get on here like "oh bossmack,hehehe,good post,much love"..mannnnnnn SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Willie D said...

Listen, these haters prove 1 thing. This nigga is who he say he is. Niggas tryna find little holes in a nigga stories. Fuck outta here!! This man spittery is powerful. U see how these lames gettn riled up with just words. Now imagine what affect he having on the bitches he spit at. And thats real shit. Real Recognize Real my nigga. Ms. Ether and Anon some sucker ass niggas. You could tell these niggas just give to bitches all day. Reminds me of how some of my very own niggas be actin when they get a glimpse into my shit. LMAO. Niggas really be throwin tantrums.

LA FIRE said...

@Willie Dumbass

Nigga u just copied n pasted that same tired ass shit on other blog.Dude u's a fuckin WEENIE!

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

@mr. CupCake & la bitch - Lol

@Orange of da good DisKrit - Thanks for tha Feedback

@Anon Gay Activist - You are right, I shouldn't call mr. CupCake, mr. Gay, my bad, I know some cool Gay dudes.

On your otha issues tho, Fuck you ;-)

@smoking guns - These dudes are bitchmade, But I appreciate'em tho. I neva seen suckas wit so much passion for hate.

@SacTownGuy - Tha hate is beautiful peoples. Thanks for tha fall thru.

@Crown Vic - That Game will float ova most niggas brains fosho, but I had to put it out there.

@Willie D - Tha Hate is Good Peoples, Thanks for tha fall thru also.

MR ETHER said...

Fuck all you dick riding bitches, did fakesoil call you to come to his aid.
Nigga I don't give a bitch shit. I just point at the fucking obvious, this nigga is not a fucking player. This nigga is a small time blog so called player.
That nigga talk all the gay shit because he would rather suck a dick then get paid.
If fake soil was real that nigga would not be blogging about it, he is nothing but some trick ass nigga trying to cop some pennies from his bullshit t-shirts.
I like pointing out and breaking down his bullshit, which he can never answer.
I say again, bosspunk what do these bitches give you nigga? You fuck with bottom of the barrel ghetto bitches nigga. Anyone can get those hoes nigga.
Your game is wack and fucking stolen anyway.
Nigga I will continue to bring fucking truth serum to you nigga, drink it up like bitch, a nut sucker like you has plenty of practice.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

mr. CupCake loves me lol

LA FIRE said...

Hell yeah light they asses up ether!.Bosspunk? LMAO true dat.That nigga gotta bunch of male hoes comin to his rescue like he dolemite an shit.

Yo BossWACK,ur reverse psychology don't work dawg.You know u be over there feelin insecure nigga!

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...