Monday, April 26, 2010

GURU: Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal (R.I.P.)

Guru (R.I.P.)

"I represent and set up shop like a Tent Boy, You Paranoid cause you a Son like Elroy"
Guru - Mass Appeal

My Thoughts on Tha Passing of Guru

Tha last time I saw Guru was at a club in Hollywood, I can't remember tha name of that club for shit right now. Anyways, Guru was FADED with a glass of Hennessey in hand, I think he was dancing with two or three bitches. I had to give tha nigga some love, he was slipping like a Muthafucka too cause he was nice and Icy, his diamonds were explosive and he was by himself. That struck me too becuase not to long after that I heard he had gotten robbed coming out tha studio, but it was in New York.

Guru was in tha house that night tho, then he blessed tha crowd and grabbed tha microphone. This Nigga free styled over a few beats, then tha DJ found a few "Gangstarr" instrumentals and Guru rocked "Mass Appeal", "Take It Personal", his verse from "DWICK" and "The Question Remains" that shit was a timeless moment in Hip-Hop for me, tha crowd was amped as fuck. He rocked all of those cuts and controlled tha crowd with potent "Call & Response" all while he held on to that glass of Hennessey.

I thought to myself "Guru was a cool muthafucka for doing that for us".

I purchased every Gangtarr album except tha first one. Now here's a few things I noticed about Gangstarr, I think they were pioneers of tha "Blunted" Movement. I also feel that Guru was like an "OK" Rapper lyrically with a great deal of common sense and a BOMB Voice, as a Matter of fact Guru & Q-Tip made me realize that you had to have a Voice that was gifted poetic. Gifted Poetic meaning: Your voice is just dope no matter what, you cannot be a successful Rapper without it.

It seemed to me that thru tha years they could never quite get over tha hump and become "Stars" so to speak, they seemed to always be on tha fringe. This I feel was highlighted to a greater degree by Dj Premier making beats for tha Notorious B.I.G. and tha Mad Rapper skits that appeared on tha Bad Boy Albums from tha mid to late 90's. It really seemed like those Mad Rapper skits were directed at Guru.

Ganstarr Albums were always very consistent but they never had a true hit record, I think tha closest they came was with "DWICK" which was like an accidental hit. Now Guru did find additional shine with tha "Jazzmataz" Projects, However none of those beats were on tha Premier level. Then like I said, shortly after I saw Guru at tha club in Hollywood, I heard he had gotten robbed while leaving a studio in New York. I wondered if some of tha Niggas around Premier had done that. Now what happened to "Ganstarr"? Was it all tha Money Premier made by fuckin with tha Notorious B.I.G.? Was it tha Mad Rapper Skits?, Was it tha "Jazzmataz" Projects? Was it that Niggas was just tired of each otha? We may never know. I know this tho, I always checked for Guru to see what he had going and recently I was questioning tha quality of Music he was releasing. As a matter of fact it looked like something was wrong with him, he looked alot thinner and not in a healthy way. I had hope for that Nigga tho, me and Booty Brown from tha Pharcyde was chopping it up one day about a year and a half ago and he mentioned Gangstarr might get together for "Rock The Bells", I was instantly excited, I said "Brown, What made'em decide to get back together" he shook his big afro at me and said "Paper does Magical Things, them Niggas ain't cool tho and I don't know what happened", Well that reunion didn't happen and it won't happen.

In tha end now shit is still ugly between two niggas that made up one of tha worlds most influential and Iconic Hip-Hop Groups. Guru released a posthumous scathing letter denouncing Dj Premier which in my opinion is some bullshit.


Orange oi the good SE said...

love "gifted poetic" thats some true sh*t, always said that myself in so many words,You gotta have the voice, the cadence, and then the dope lyrical content to match!!!

Guru didn't write that letter, and I see you failed to mention that mofo that did, Solar, who has folks now wondering if they were lovers or some sh*t. Its digusting to think young, but I know how the industry done literally turned out a many a nucca, thats why its much more prevalent than most would think, SMH...but anyway nothing can undo the dopeness that was once GangStarr very pivotal duo for sure.....

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Real Talk, I forgot to speak on that suspect letter, also I was wondering about shit looking kinda gay too.

Anonymous said...

bossmack: great post.

o oi se: i agree, that letter made it seem like guru and solar were lovers.

personally, i'd like to know why gangstarr ended. i'll probably never know.

Anonymous said...

Man I remember being a young Inglewood nigga surrounded by the Bloods and Crips out here and seeing that Just to Get a Rep video. It was over as far as I can remember. Seeing it was dudes doing the same shit in a whole nother region blew my mind. That nigga Guru had on the Adidas Patrick Ewings. Man I tell you it ain't nothing to say bout dude but classic. I remember fuckin with Guru @ Unity in downtown L.A. back in the early 90's. The nigga left us nothing but classics and the brother will never be forgotten. Oh yeah my favorite shit from them, hmmmm? So many but im'a go with, So what's up! And I'm an old school nigga too. Peace Bossmack.

Anonymous said...

Solar's bitch ass wrote that letter.

It's a shame how all these legendary dudes fell out and ain't cool with each other no more.

CL and Pete Rock
Guru and Preem
Eric Sermon and PMD
they say even Run and DMC got a lil thing going on between them.

We'll never know if Guru wanted to squash the beef on his deathbed, cause Solar wrote that fake ass letter.

Anonymous said...

Eazy and Dre squashed that beef on Eazy's deathbed, I bet Guru wanted to do the same thing.

But with a seemingly gay cockblocker like this Solar dude, I guess it wasn't going to happen.

BUNNOBB said...

DAMN!!!STEP INTO THE ARENA...Got the CD @ the house ret NOW!!!Many scratches on it...that says alot about the heavy rotation of that classique.I remember back in 91` @ the O.M.N.I in the O.The ole school GANGSTARR...I was fukkin damn near hypotized and some what light-headed.THEY blessed the crowd w/hip-hop essence!!!"WHO`S GONNA TAKE THE WEIGHT???!!!Niggas gotta remeber U only got one L.I.F.E...its short.Dont wait til re-build a bridge after its been burned...R.I.P KEITH ELAM...