Sunday, May 02, 2010

Bad Pimpin: Danny Mo


In Tha Then

I remember when I seen Danny Mo's one and only prostitute for tha first time. It was an unusually cold and windy Compton Night, I met her @ Stepper's Shoe Care 3 years ago. This was before tha owner of Stepper's at tha time my close homie Big Fabe got cracked for serving Kush and was sent to Prison. China was tha tha unremarkable Bitches name and Danny Mo was eager to introduce tha Bitch to me, As if he needed to validate tha beginning of his Pimp career and to impress Tha BossMack TopSoil lol. Big Fabe had given me an overview of Danny and his Bitch, he had also told me of tha desire of Danny to show me his Bitch, Fabe was also unimpressed.

Tha story goes like this, Danny Mo pulled tha Bitch after seeing her Strip at some Niggas Bachelor Party, She was one of 4 otha raggedy bitches. Danny Mo with his Iced out Necklace and Pinky ring was flashy enough to catch tha Bitches eye, He took her to his apartment that night and put her on tha team. He took tha Bitch to Vegas a few times, she managed to come up on a few regular clients here in L.A. and tha next thing you know it seemed like he was on his way to something. However, he never was able to add a new bitch to tha team.

To me Danny Mo was a Nigga I never really paid attention to, You know, One of those Niggas you see and say whats up to, but never really chop it up wit, ya dig? Big Fabe before he went to prison was an avid supporter of my podcast show, he always bumped it in his shop, so niggas was always vibing to my shit. Danny Mo hears my show and wants to demonstrate to me that he was indeed a "Real Pimp" on tha rise.

I was posted in Steppers on this cold and windy night evaluating several pairs on mens and womens Nikes he had on deck for sale when Fabe got a call from Danny, he was said he was pulling up in a few minutes with his Bitch. Danny Mo entered tha room 10 minutes with full swagger followed by his one and only Bitch. I shall offer my thoughts on her, she was short, a five footer if that, Tha first thing that caught my attention was her Weave, it was Indian Hair, it was super long and it was everywhere. It looked as if it could touch tha ground. She was light skinned with freckles and Grayish eyes with hints of green, she seemed to be some type of hybrid bitch, African American mixed with something else, She more cute than beautiful and she had a sinister silly vibe to her. She chewed gum as she said "Hey Fabe", her voice was melodious, she then looked me up and down, then looked me dead in tha eye, Danny said "What it Do BossMack" he gave me a pound and he said "Baby this is Tha BossMack TopSoil, Boss This is China" she smiled and said "I like your Show" I said "Thank You Baby". She wiggled her way around tha room and positioned herself in front of tha Nikes and picked up a pair of Pink & Green SB Dunks, She squealed with excitement as she showed them to her "Pimp" Danny Mo, she said "I need these Daddy they would go with that outfit you bought me tha otha day" I smiled inwardly and glanced at Fabe, Fabe was smiling and shaking his head slowly. Danny said "Fabe, how much for these Pink Joints" he said Shoot me $45.00 those are limited edition nigga", Danny produced a significant Bankroll and broke bread wit Fabe. China seized tha nikes, plopped down on tha couch and flipped open her Sidekick. Fabe then constructed a Kush Blunt and put fire on it. At least 3 times during this episode I caught China staring at me while Danny ran his mouth oblivious to his Bitches actions.

In Tha Now

Tha otha day I went to go take tha Bootleg Dude my most recent episode of BossMacknosis Live so he could get it to those Street Niggas that don't fuck wit computers lol. And lo and behold coming outta Nix Check Cashing was ole Danny Mo, I hadn't seen that Nigga since that Night at Steppers. I said "Danny, Whats Good Nigga" he said "Im Good, Just doing me and what not" I said "You heard about Fabe?" He said "Yeah Nigga, I heard they gave him some digits, I got to get his info and put sumpthin on his books" he paused and said "Nigga I just got out my damn self" I said "Boy, Yall Niggas Love tha Pen, What happened Nigga"? he said "A Bitch caught me slipping and cleaned out my Apartment when I was OT, I mean ALL of my shit, Flat screens, Furniture, Kitchen Utensils, Nigga it looked like I moved" We both burst out laughing, he caught his breath and continued "As a matter of fact it was that little Bitch China that you met that night, Anyways I caught her and tha Nigga that put her up to it about a month later and pistol whipped them both, they snitched on me and I did a lil ole 16 months".


Brilliance said...

Man... that bitch was so out of pocket for all of that shit.

1. Asking for shit
2. Looking at you.
3. General attitude and behavior.

What the fuck is that bitch doing at you? You should have put that bitch in pimp arrest.

That dude was out of pocket as well. The game is to be sold.. not told. What the fuck was he doing braggin about his business.

BUNNOBB said...

OHHH THE HO-Treachery....damn...utensils too?

PoCrizzle said...

very interesting lessons all around...

mzahmad said...

Can you really call yourself a Pimp if you only have one broad?

I mean for real for real! i mean that's just having a hoe for a girl friend at that point isn't it?

Silly guy!