Friday, May 21, 2010

Vast Air: My Balcony

Kush Rope

My Condo has a Vast balcony, I can sit in my living room and look out at the street. I love blowing Kush and doing just that. People can also look from the street outside right into my living room and for some strange reason that doesn't bother me. It doesn’t bother Bitches either, I think with tha exception of two or three bitches, Every Bitch that has come to my tilt has stripped naked in front of my balcony and performed. I find that shit fascinating to tha fullest, I think my alabaster neighbors look forward to my lubricious episodes.

A Lubricious episode happened tha otha night now that I think of it. A Late night fall thru by a Long Lost Bitch whom I'd given up on over a year ago, A Pat on tha Back from tha Mack God indeed. I was awoken by my ringing phone, I started to ignore that shit as it was past 1am but I said "Fuck it" and decided to at least see who tha fuck it was fucking wit me like this, Tha caller I'd indicated ole Trichelle. I answered that shit, she was happy as fuck, but I acted like I didn't give a fuck, she screamed in my ear "AHHHHH NIGGA I LOVE YO BLACK ASS!! You answered tha Phone, Please Tell me it ain't no Bitches over there" I said "Sup Baby, Ain't no Bitches over here" she spoke up in a calm voice "Well can a Bitch come and Blow Kush wit a Nigga" I said "You sure can baby, whats your ETA tho, I'm not staying up all fucken night" She said "Nigga gimmie 20 minutes".

I have always had a taste for Bitches that come and see me after they been out at tha Club or a Bar or some shit. Tha Lubricities in those moments have a certain passion, it's difficult to explain. She arrived at my tilt close to 2am, tha sound of her stilettos on tha concrete outside my balcony announced her arrival. She entered my abode white a blast of energy, Her dress was Achromatic, that bitch looked like she jumped outta "In Style Magazine", Tha Merlot Peek-A-Boo Stilettos were crucial, When she hugged she smelled of White Diamonds. She produced two previously rolled Kush Blunts and gave me a Loose Ends CD "Look How Long" to bump. Trichelle was looking Bomb as fuck in my living room, Tha Bitch just looked radiant or some shit, her skin looked super healthy, she looked more toned. I said "Baby, You look Great, What tha Fuck have you been doing? Whatever Nigga you fucking wit, that shit is working" she smacked her lips and said "Niggas ain't got shit to do wit it, I just decided to get off my Ass and work tha fuck out before it's to late" then she hit tha Blunt, I said "I'm loving that shit baby, But whats good tho, To what do I owe this visit?" She slowly exhaled a white rope of smoke, then smiled and said "What, A Bitch cain't come and see you? You Married Now Nigga? One of these little Bitches ain't gonna get upset is they? Smh" I laughed at tha Bitch, I love when Bitches talk like that. I said "Baby, Whats going on tho, I know your Nigga is looking for you" she said "Boy is he" She ashed tha blunt and hit it again, I said "Yous a Greedy Bitch still, pass that shit" She gagged and said "Oh my Bad baby, I'm sorry".

A few Moments later Loose Ends "Hold Tight" was bumping softly, We were seated on my living room couch facing my wide open balcony, Lighting was provided by tha T.V., The Nag Champa Incense was lit and tha Kush smoke hovered in tha air between us like a apparition. I love these moments, she had put on one of my T-Shirts and was sitting cross legged and barefoot. She lit tha Blunt, hit it once quick and passed it to me. I said "Regale a Nigga with you adventures" She said "Fuck you and them words I need a dictionary to understand" We both laughed, I said "Where is your Nigga Baby"? she said "He's either at my house or he's at his house, either way I gives a fuck" I said "Speak on it" she laughed and said "You know what this Nigga did tonight?" I said "No Bitch I'm not a Mind Reader" she threw a pillow at me, I said "I'm just playing. what happened" She said "You know, Me and my Bitches is about to go out tonight and this Nigga knows this shit ahead of time, so he comes by right before I'm about to leave and get to trying to talk me outta going" I laughed and she continued "This Nigga talking about have your gurls call they niggas and lets all go bowling on Saturday Night" I laughed harder and she continued "I said Nigga fuck that, I'm going out, I don't say shit when you wanna go out" I'm trying to regain my composure now, she continued, she said "Then when my Bitches was outside this Nigga gonna run and BLOCK tha door, like he stood in a Big X and tried to stop a Bitch from leaving, can you believe that shit?" I was having stomach cramps from laughing. I caught my breath and said "Baby, He just Really Loves You" then she threw anotha pillow at me and said "Fuck You", then she attacked me. As she pampered my swipe with great enthusiasm in front of my open balcony window, a car came and paused at tha stop sign infront of my house for quite awhile, but I couldn't tell if they were watching or not.


CashmereBill said...

Wdup Bossmack,

Lol. Just goes to show you when you act like a weanie in front of a broad most likely you will be someone's entertainment huh man.

Also, I remember you posted some Lose Ends on here before. I'm in here downloading all their stuff now. Good look.


Anonymous said...

Bossmeezy what's good witcha? Inglewood niggaz in the house. Man I'm checkin and checkin and checkin for a new episode of that good game doggy. Either you just a busy ass nigga or I don't know? Its all good though. When it comes it will. Anyways I'm just stopping through giving you a shout out my dude. Be easy.

PoCrizzle said...

quite humorous...

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

@CashmereBill - Thanks for falling thru, I had forgot about that particular Loose Ends album my damn self. Bitches always be giving me Game.

@Adman - Real Talk? I didn't know Niggas gave a Fuck really, I kinda was waiting to see if anybody was gonna say anythang. I'm do sumpthin this weekend tho, I'm add some shit.

@PoCrizzle - Was it?

Anonymous said...

That's what's up Bossmack. These are the tales, the freaky tales. These are the tales that I tell so well.

smak said...

yeah bossmack whats the hold up on the show big dog?

Anonymous said...

White Diamonds?!!! LMAO I hope this bitch is over 50 rocking that old shit!!!! LMAO


Anonymous said...

yo wat up bossmezzy good post tho. ay that bitch on tha pic wasting hella dank lol. whenn the next podcast comin thru? peace

Charlie Mack Baby BonEz said...


ya bootchie gon kick it wit the next if ya show fear of her stepping to the next guy

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

I'm Glad i discovered this site.Added to my bookmark!

Gandreygmh said...

yo wat up bossmezzy good post tho. ay that bitch on tha pic wasting hella dank lol. whenn the next podcast comin thru? peace \/\/\/REZ